When You Love Traveling but You Can’t Live Without Makeup

Once I read an article about the girls who travel. I forgot exactly what it said but in that article, it mentioned something about how the girls who travel, they usually love themselves the way they are that they don’t feel insecure to leave the house without makeup. And I was like, excuse me? Am I an anomaly around here?

To be fair, I’m not the girl on the road with my backpack hopping from one place to another constantly for the sake of traveling. However, I suppose I am quite well-traveled as I have this goal to travel to a place that I have never been before at least once a year. Despite getting stressed with work and all that, I’ve succeeded in this goal for the past few years. So I consider myself a girl who travels.

But to call myself a girl who can leave the house without makeup would be exaggerating. In fact, I need to look exquisite with fairly good makeup on my travel because I have to look pretty in my picture and also because traveling is the only thing that makes me happy, and wearing makeup in your happiest state of mind is the best thing I could get as a girl who travels.

I Put Beau in the Beauty of Travel

This is probably a sole reason why I make beau, beauty, and travel as the concept of my blog. Because I actually put beau in the beauty of travel.

For those who have read my post about my sudden date in Saigon, maybe you understand how I had a good time having this random date with Aaron getting around Ho Chi Minh City while eating banh mi. But Aaron is not the only guy I went out with during my travel.

There are a lot of other guys, although Aaron is probably the most special one as I had a good time with him that involved more meaningful conversation than just slobbering each other’s mouth.

From a classic friend with benefits, almost relationship, no strings attached or flirtationship, no matter how you call it, I think I’m good at it. In fact, I think I’m great being it.

Anna’s Birthday: Content and Media Writing Workshop for Our Visual Impaired Friends at Yayasan Mitra Netra

Her name is Anna Karenina.

The first time I met her, I thought she would give me a hard time with her intimidating look. It was during a job interview in the previous company that I used to work for.

I didn’t have any experience as a sales person before, but despite everything, I finally landed the job in this company and she had become my direct supervisor. Never thought that I would find a soul sister in her. There was Om Frans, one of

There was Om Frans, one of our colleagues who actually saved our phone numbers under the name of Anna-Marya just because we were THAT attached with one and another.

On 6th March 2017, she has turned 30. And to welcome her 30s, she’s got a special project that you can participate in and we hope you can!

The Tampon Story: The Savior of My Travel

Traveling may be fun and all, and of course sunbathing on the beach sounds pretty much like heaven when you get stuck at the 9-to-6 routine in front of your office computer trying to find some particular formula on that excel sheet.

But as a woman in my productive years, committing in the office job while trying to find some time for my own vitamin sea could be challenging. There were times when I had to face the burden of being a woman: having my vacation schedule clashed with my uterus call out.

I mean, can you imagine it’s D-3 days before your vacation and you feel like the bra you’re wearing is too tight and your boobs got hurt a bit? Like you need a pair of golden bra or something? 😛

Believe me, it’s easy to blame me for not ‘planning out’ right, because I have this period calendar on my phone to make sure that I still could show some skin in the bikini without worrying about bleeding on the beach. But then again, shit happens.