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Stop Calling Me A Whore… Or Don’t Stop At All.

It’s so hard to be a horny Indonesian woman.

I mean, throughout my life I get judged way too many times. Back when I was a teenager and I didn’t show any interests to any guys, one of my friends asked me whether I was lesbian.

Nowadays, when I’m 29 and open to any sex talk because I’m sexually active (well, sort of!), some people start eyeing me and calling me names. I’m totally okay with them calling me names, because I’m too old to get offended by snowflakes.

What I am not okay is someone who would play a ‘nice guy’ and tell me to ‘have some respect for myself.”

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7 Okay Stuff Of My Wishlist On OkayFashion To Turn From Want Into Reality in 2018

It’s only 2 more hours to 2018, and here I am checking out this new e-commerce site that I just got introduced to a few days ago, OkayFashion.

Based in the United Kingdom, this e-commerce offers free worldwide shipping! I mean, everyone who shops online, they probably understand the struggle of having to pay extra for the shipping cost.

Let alone the shipping cost from the UK that is no longer a part of EU since Brexit, sometimes I also have to think twice whenever I shop some stuff online and find out the amount of money I have to pay for shipping cost… That, I would still reconsider even though the price was in IDR. 😛

So, what’s this OkayFashion and what do they sell?

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Re-SOUL-ution 2018

Before we start, Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday everyone! 😀

It’s that time of the year again, when we start creating a list for ourselves so that we start fresh in a few days and know what we need to do more in order to be a better version of ourselves, as well as know what we need to do less for exactly the same reason: to improve ourselves from the previous year.

Yup, resolution time! Aren’t you excited?

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