Why Are White Guys That Like Asian Girls Mostly Average If Not Bad Looking? And Why Do Asian Guys Hate Them For That?

Okay, so is the title controversial enough to let yourself stuck on my page reading this post? I hope yes because I can really use some views on my blog just for the sake of my pride as an aspiring blogger. *lol*

Well, the reason why I decided to write this topic was because I just got kicked out from one of the groups on Facebook. It’s very unfortunate because in fact amongst all the groups, this one is actually my favorite. It’s called Shitposting in Asia Ironically.

Pretty much like the name, the group is full of irony and well, shit. You can find some unpopular yet popular opinion about Asia, be it the countries in Asia or its people.

It’s the place where Indonesian roast Malaysian in an open space. The place where Malaysian roast us for claiming things and we wonder how Nguyen pronounced just so we can involve Vietnam too. I mean, you know that Philippines is like the South East Asian Mexico/Middle East nowadays right? 😛

And other inappropriate jokes that you may find ‘too much’ if you’re a cultured lady with a chance of Disney Princess.

Which I am not. 😉 …

Let’s Talk About Sexual Harassment and Why It Has Nothing To Do With What I Wear!

You’ve probably read the news about Harvey Weinstein’s scandal somewhere lately, and how so many women have made the allegation against him. So right now, I would like to talk about sexual harassment and how I see it from my point of view.

Why? Because I’m a woman, and just like other women in the world, I’ve also been a victim of sexual harassment.

From the typical catcalling to screaming at 4AM because some random pervert in the motorbike trying to grab my boobs when I was riding my bicycle on my way to work, sadly I could tell you this sad phrase: been there, done that.

Lately, I’ve always caught in a fight with my Mom because of the clothes that I wear. I’ve gained weight significantly ever since I came back to my hometown, hence almost all of my clothes got a little tighter and shorter to my current size. And according to my Mom, it makes her feel uncomfortable as strangers tend to take time in staring at me and my body just because of what I wear.

No matter how much I love my Mom, I have to admit that my Mom doesn’t know everything about my life. Or how much the trauma I got to hide from her just so she could stop worrying about me when I was away.

The First Date That Led Me To Another First (Also Some Tips To Ease A Blind Date)

I just came back from my recent trip to Malaysia and Singapore, and I’ve come back happily as on this trip, I just got yet another first thing that I’ve done in life.

I mean, sure… There’s always a first time for everything. But I think it’s important to actually explore things rather than just to wonder the what ifs. And for that, I’m quite glad that I’ve got this adventurous soul that opens more chances for me to the idea of something new each day.

I mean, that’s why I’m keeping this to-do-list, so I could remind myself that I need to try as many new things as I can to avoid more regrets in life. So when someone from OKC asked me out when I was in KL, I said yes.

He’s a fine guy. A psychologist who’s running his start-up business, so the fact that we’re both entrepreneurs kind of helps us to hit it off. And the fact that he’s hot… I just couldn’t say no to this invitation.

RIP Chester Bennington (1976-2017)

I just finished shower to get ready for work when I checked Instagram and found some post and instastories of Chester Bennington’s death 2 days ago. It was shocking. But not really.

I’m not a huge fan of Linkin Park, but I couldn’t deny the fact that I grew up with their music in my adolescence period. I bought at least 2 Hybrid Theory’s cassettes (yes, they were literally in the cassette version!), both with and without My December in the bonus track version.