What You Could Get in Baku for $10 – Things to Do Along the Caspian Sea

If you’re an Arsenal fan like I am, the city Baku is probably still fresh in your memory. It is where we gooners had to be disappointed (again) as we lost the European League title from Chelsea. It is the city that forced Mkhitaryan to stay in London due to some security reason as an Armenian citizen.

From a gooner’s point of view, the city doesn’t really bring good memories to ensure me putting it into my bucket list. But hey, before getting eye-blinded by some not-so-good occasion, it’s always good to have someone else’s perspective about the subject. 🙂

And now, thanks to Ellis from Backpack Adventures who is willing to share her perspective while exploring the capital city of Azerbaijan. This time, she’s gonna share with us how far you could get in Baku for $10!