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Where to Stay in Ho Chi Minh City: A Complete Guide

Visiting Ho Chi Minh City? Vietnam’s largest city has a lot to offer, from interesting museums to some of the country’s best cafés and restaurants, most beautiful colonial architecture and much more. 

Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon, is a huge city with several different districts, meaning it can be hard to work out exactly where you should stay. The guide below covers all of the city’s best districts, hotels, apartments and other accommodation options.

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Review: Two Moons Hotel Kampot in Cambodia

Hi everyone!

I had been quite swarmed up with work in the past few days that I didn’t even have time to start writing about more things for my last Indochina trip. Now that it’s Saturday night and work has been quite slow, I’m so glad that I could finally get back to my writing mood!

So, after my last few post on the mini bus from Ha Tien to Kampot, this time I’m gonna share with you my firsthand experience of staying at Two Moons Hotel in Kampot. The hotel was the accommodation I chose to stay for 3 nights in town.

Well, how was my stay in Two Moons Hotel? Let’s check this out!

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Review: River Hotel Ha Tien, Staying Overnight on the Way to Kampot from Vietnam

After weighing in whether or not I should stay overnight in Ha Tien on my way to Kampot from Chau Doc, with the limited number of minibus going to Cambodia from Vietnam on a daily basis I decided to just stay in Ha Tien for one night.

I created a brief itinerary about some places to visit in Ha Tien, but I ended up not going anywhere except for dinner because the weather was too hot and I found out that Grabbike wasn’t available in the city. So yes, if you want to get around the town in Ha Tien, the best option is to take a taxi.

But since I was traveling solo and on the budget at the time, I decided to just stay in the hotel where I stayed overnight there: River Hotel, Ha Tien.

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Hai Chau, Chau Doc Hotel: A Recommended Place to Stay in An Giang Province

Despite all the travel bans around the world due to Covid-19, I’m not gonna stop writing some of my experiences I had on my last trip around Indochina. It’s better to update it now when I still have a good memory about my journey. Besides, I took almost 2 months that I got plenty of things to write about.

Now that you’ve probably read about my last post about places to visit around An Giang Province, today I’m gonna write a review about the hotel where I stayed for a couple of nights in Chau Doc: Hai Chau Hotel

If you’re looking into the accommodation around Chau Doc, chances are you won’t find as many hotels or hostels as you get in the other cities in Vietnam. I suppose it’s also because there aren’t so many international tourists coming to Chau Doc. If anything, most of them who come to Chau Doc are probably enroute to or from Cambodia.

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How Not to Get Sick on a Cruise Ship

Cruises. They boast luxury and high-end facilities, with breathtaking sea views from spectacular suites. Your every whim is catered for and you get to enjoy sailing from stunning location to stunning location whilst you rest and relax within maximum comfort.

Well, that could be your experience if your budget allows it, and it’s also assuming that you don’t get sick. You see, as well as be ing advertised as floating 5* hotels where everything has luxury in mind, cruise ships also have a bad reputation for disease, viruses and illnesses spreading like wildfire between passengers and crew alike.

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