couchsurfing for women

5 Safety Tips to Use Couchsurfing for Women Travelers

Being women travelers always come with a set of challenges, and you may get some mixed experience when it comes to couchsurfing. On paper, Couchsurfing seems like a great way to enhance your experience as a woman traveling to a new place. But on the other hand, Couchsurfing for women has a mixed review as you need to be extra cautious since there’s a fine line between finding a genuine host who genuinely wants to help you with your travel on Couchsurfing and the other who wants to take advantage of you.

Now that I started traveling with my boyfriend, I realize how impactful it is to filter genuine hosts on Couchsurfing from some random men who want to reach out to me just because I’m a woman traveling alone.

So, here are some safety tips that I want to share if you’re a woman traveler looking to couchsurf as a part of your travel!

Grand Hotel Preanger: A Historic Hotel in Bandung, Indonesia

Grand Hotel Preanger: A Historic Hotel in Bandung, Indonesia

People in Bandung will most likely know about Grand Hotel Preanger, but the hotel isn’t as popular outside Indonesia despite the fact that this hotel is rich in history, even internationally.

For people in Asia and Africa, they may hear about the hotel from the history books where they mentioned the Bandung Conference in 1955. For aviation enthusiasts or those who are drawn to conspiracy theories, Grand Hotel Preanger was where Amelia Earhart stayed in Bandung just a few days before she’s gone missing around the Pacific.

After having a staycation at Savoy Homann Hotel a few years ago, I decided to splurge a little and book another staycation at Grand Hotel Preanger. But this time, I decided to spend a little bit extra to book two hotel rooms at the Naripan Suite, which is the historical part of the hotel building.

It was good timing as I booked it when my grandma came to town, and my cousin took a break from school. With the staycation experience at one of the historical buildings in Bandung and the fact that the hotel has a mini museum to learn about the city’s history, here’s the story from my staycation at Grand Hotel Preanger!

Skylon Airport Hotel: Accommodation Near Istanbul New Airport In Turkey

Skylon Airport Hotel: Accommodation Near Istanbul New Airport in Turkey

If you’ve traveled to Istanbul in the past few years since the Istanbul New Airport (known as Istanbul Yeni Havalimani for the locals) at Arnavutkoy was opened to the public in 2019, you probably know how far it is to get to the city center from the airport in the European side of Istanbul. The distance makes it worth staying somewhere close to the airport. So in this post, I’m going to share my experience when I stayed at one of the accommodations near Istanbul New Airport: Skylon Airport Hotel!

Anyone who had previously traveled to Istanbul via Attaturk Airport would realize how much they took for granted the practicality and convenience of airport transfer in Istanbul nowadays. But when it comes to facilities and other things, Istanbul New Airport is definitely an upgrade from their old airport.

I booked a room at Skylon Airport Hotel in Istanbul for one night before my Emirates flight back to Dubai last year, because I thought it would make it easier (and cheaper!) to get the airport transfer from the hotel. So, is it worth staying at the accommodation near the new airport in the European side of Istanbul?

Review: Staying At Kule Hotel In Bursa, Turkey

Review: Staying at Kule Hotel in Bursa, Turkey

On my birthday last year, I decided to take a last-minute trip to Bursa from Yalova as I thought it would be worth going to Mount Uludag and getting on the famous gondola (or known as teleferik in Bursa) to celebrate my birthday all by myself. 

I decided to book a room at Kule Hotel in Bursa for two nights, so I will share my firsthand review of staying at this affordable hotel in the center of the former capital city of the Ottoman Empire. 

So, where is the best neighborhood to stay in Bursa? On a scale of 1 to 10, how convenient is Kule Hotel as an accommodation for a solo traveler? Is it value for the money, or is it better to find another hotel in the city? 

Many Great Reasons to Choose a Family Holiday in Phuket, Thailand

Many Great Reasons to Choose a Family Holiday in Phuket, Thailand

Travel broadens the mind, so there is nothing like heading away as a family to a dream destination so that you can all share in an amazing experience that will be remembered for years to come. However, making the decision of where to go can be quite difficult without adequate research.

It is no good choosing somewhere that only appeals to a few, as it soon leads to boredom and disappointment. Everyone needs to be considered along with location, amenities, and of course quality. This is why selecting a family hotel in Patong Phuket is guaranteed to have beaming faces throughout the stay and long after for many good reasons.