Can I Find a Hookup on BeNaughty?

While this might not be for everyone, for others it could be the perfect combination of casual sex and no commitments. People looking for ‘action’ that works around their work schedule or lifestyle, or they’re new to the game and just looking to experience a new intimacy. And I’m all for trying new things.

There are many reasons why a person would delve into this side of ‘lust’ and love, some of which we will touch on later on in this article, but they aren’t that far off from what we consider ok or normal.

Can I Find a Hookup on BeNaughty? - The BeauTraveler

What is a hookup site?

The overall motto as it were of these sites is what’s known as a hookup culture. Where no matter your sexual activity or preference you are accepted. Read more about it here and get a better understanding of the meaning of sex without dating or non-committal sex.

The process essentially works as a form of instant gratification or to fill an emotional void from the breakdown of a recent relationship. Or to have a novelty encounter with someone new.

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Why People Look to ‘Hook Up'

The first response of most people is because they are bored of the same old person and the same old routines, they want excitement and they feel a couple of months of casual sexual visits will feed this hunger. And this might be the case for some people. Others realize they had a good thing going and now they’ve lucked out.

Then there are those sad stories of decades-long relationships falling to pieces for one reason or the other and each half just wants out and to let their hair loose.

They can engage in a no strings attached one-night stand and leave in the morning without a worry that the other person is going to have their feelings hurt. No walk of shame here than you. You can do your business and carry on with life the next day and have no regrets.

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Self-confidence is a big factor in the bedroom, having a great night of sex can give you the boost you need to get back on the train and carry on knowing you are a ‘satisfier.’

All you need is that one exhausted smile from your partner and you’re walking like you own the place. You aren’t alone in all these feelings either, so don’t worry, watch this quick video chat and listen to the experience of others.

A quickie can be your chance to try something new you’ve had on the back of your mind for a while, if they’re into it great, if not who cares tomorrow is another day. You can speak your mind for them to tune into what you like without tiptoeing around their sensitivity, make adjustments and orgasm like its New Year’s Eve.

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Unspoken Rules of Hook Up Sex

  • Keep it safe and clean. Just because it’s a one-night thing and you most likely won’t see this person again anytime soon, doesn’t give you the excuse not to keep it clean. Have enough towels for everyone joining in the fun, and plenty of pillows for all participants. One major concern is having enough condoms, no matter how you think they feel or don’t stimulate, they are a must. Try every flavor, style, shape or material, but put it on. No glove no love as they say.
  • Keep it simple. Don’t forget or think this is in any way a ‘date,’ it’s not. There are no frills, no decorations and certainly no conversations about your moms’ partner that left her and eloped with a younger model. Stay on the surface while you have drinks and then get down and dirty.
  • Online. Finding the best solution is only a click away, it’s practically the best-guaranteed chance you have of finding what you need and quickly. Check out Breakup Shop-Naughty Hookup Sites for a helping hand into getting you a quick shag to take your mind off things. Reliable, reputable and providing quality service and clients.
  • Round two. If you’ve hooked up with a mate after a party one evening and then happen to be attending the same scene a couple of weeks later that too leads to a one-night affair, it’s time to have a chat. Be clear about boundaries, checking in that both sides are aware it’s just a casual hook up as and when as that’s all you’re looking for right now.
  • Don’t be a freak. Understand from the get-go that this is not serious, you are not dating. Don’t think you have a say in their life or lifestyle, just be aware of your boundaries and work from there. Certainly do not cyber stalk them on every social media platform and please don’t offer to collect family members from the airport. This is a no.

Either way you go about it, be safe. Take your time, especially if you are new to the scene, and have fun.

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