(Review) Woodpecker Lodge: The Best Budget-Friendly Accommodation in Kuching, Sarawak

My first consideration when looking for budget-friendly accommodation in Kuching is whether they allow me to leave my big bag when I check out to stay overnight in Bako National Park before heading to Sibu by the end of my stay.

I've done some in-depth research before booking the lodging in the capital city of Sarawak, and that's when I found Woodpecker Lodge online.ย 

The top-notch location is one of the main considerations when choosing Woodpecker Lodge as the place to stay in Kuching for 4 (four) nights, and not to mention its affordable night rate. 

In this post, I'm sharing my firsthand review of Woodpecker Lodge as one of the best accommodations for solo travelers in Kuching, Sarawak!

Why I Chose Woodpecker Lodge Kuching

I first reached out to Woodpecker Lodge when I dropped them a message on their Facebook page about my luggage situation. They said that I could leave my bag for free, and when I checked their night rate, it's super affordable. At the same time, their property looked quite decent in the picture too.

So then I booked the room through Agoda. Compared to other properties in Kuching, Woodpecker Lodge has the lowest rate for a single room.

I don't need much for accommodation, as long as it's a private room with the bathroom included. And Woodpecker Lodge has everything that I needed that fit my budget. So, my budget for the whole stay in every city during my Borneo trip is anything below IDR 1,000,000 (around $70 USD).

For the total of a 4-night stay in the basic single room, I could get the rate as low as IDR 537,516 (around $36 USD). Since last year, Malaysia has this policy to pay for additional tourism tax for MYR 10 (around $2.5 USD) per night at the hotel. So, the total amount of money I've spent on the accommodation at Woodpecker Lodge is around $46 USD for 4 nights.

My Stay at Woodpecker Lodge Kuching

As I arrived in Kuching from Singkawang earlier than expected, I had to wait for a few hours for check-in. The check-in time was at 2 PM, so I got around 4 hours to spare. The good thing is that they are in such a strategic location as it's only walking distance from Kuching Waterfront.

I've spent my 4 hours to get a local SIM card from a cellular shop nearby. I also had lunch at a mamak restaurant close to the building. And since it's not so far from the cat statues that have become the trademark of the city, I also stopped by to take some photos there.

The sign pinned on the entry door at Woodpecker Lodge, Kuching.

Their Hospitality and Service

In case you didn't know, so the city name Kuching comes from the Malaysian word ‘kucing‘, which literally means cat. Hence, the city's nickname as the Cat Town. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I really thought that they didn't take the philosophy way too seriously, but when I was about to enter the room where the receptionist desk was at, I was surprised by the sign. Like I felt very much welcomed as a cat lady.

And when I entered the room, I finally understood that the owner of the accommodation has 2 mousekeepers in the house. Two Persian cats that definitely made me feel like home, called Fluffy and Ninja.

Ninja and Fluffy, the mousekeepers at Woodpecker Lodge.

Those two cats were super friendly that they even came to accompany me when I was waiting until my check-in time. Not sure whether they could smell the cat lady situation in me though. But it was indeed super easy to get along with these two cats.

Basic Single Room at Woodpecker Lodge Kuching, Sarawak

The basic single room has everything that I need, the only difference is that it's a room with a fan instead of an air conditioner. In fact, even the basic single room has the air conditioner inside even though I didn't get the remote to turn it on.

It wasn't a major problem for me as I get used to living without a fancy air conditioner. A fan is fine for me, and at least there's a window there for air circulation. That's a big plus.

The basic single room at Woodpecker Lodge, Kuching.

The only downside about this basic single room is that they didn't provide me with any blanket on my bed. I mean, with the hot weather in Kuching, a blanket isn't needed during the day. But during the night, especially with the wind from the fan, a blanket could be a necessity at some point.

As for me, the problem was solved as I brought a batik clothing that I could use as a blanket during my stay.

Apart from that, they provide a towel and toilet paper. The housekeeping service is available by request, that includes the request to get a new towel if necessary.


I loved my stay there, despite the fact that they didn't provide a blanket in the room. I mean, the room is quite spacious. And I had big luggage with me. I also love the concept of the compact bathroom on the side. So simple, yet functional! ๐Ÿ˜€

The compact bathroom with everything that I needed for my stay.

They also provide so many electrical sockets that come pretty handy during my stay there. And I tell you what, while I was in Kuching, I got a lot of things to do in terms of work, and it was super helpful to have so many sockets in the room with such a strong internet connection!


  • The night rate is super affordable, given the fact that they provide a private room with hot shower available.
  • They already use card key in every room. During my stay, I was given 2 cards in which one for my room and the other one for the receptionist desk. There's also a mini kitchen in the same room with the desk, where you can have your meals or get some hot water for instant noodles whatever. Also, there's a computer you can use in case you need it.
  • The location is super great. It's only walking distance from Kuching Waterfront, and you basically could walk to see around places in the area. 
  • A personal plus point for me as I use CIMB Bank for my travel, and there's a big CIMB Bank nearby. 
  • So many eateries around the accommodation. You could choose from mamak restaurant to even some fancy Japanese restaurant. 
  • Their staff is super helpful, from relatively easy check-in to even taking some time to help me carry my big bag downstairs after I checked out.
  • They also provide a laundry service for only MYR 5 (around $1.2 USD) per kg. 
  • The room is quite comfy, and the wifi connection is so on point. Bonus point as they provide a lot of electricity sockets.
  • They have this ‘blessing box' near their mini kitchen, where you can leave some things you no longer need in the box. In return, you can also take something you may need in the box. A solution for when you've overpacked and wanted to leave some unnecessary stuff without having to dispose it. Make it useful for the next person!
  • We can leave our bag free charge for a day. 


  • No blanket provided. 
  • No elevator. As I brought a lot of stuff on the trip, it was such an extra work for me. Thank God the staff was super helpful! 
Fluffy around the lobby.

Given A Chance, Would I Stay at Woodpecker Lodge Kuching Again?

Depends, I suppose if I could travel light to Kuching for a few days, then maybe I would. But if I were on a long trip like my last Borneo one, I think I'd rather stay at some other accommodation with elevators so it'd be easier for me.

However, I'd totally recommend Woodpecker Lodge Kuching in Sarawak if you by any chance look for budget accommodation with a great location. Especially if you wouldn't mind carrying all of your belongings on your own to the third floors without elevator.

Have you ever been to Kuching? Or are you planning to visit the cat town anytime soon? Time to consider Woodpecker Lodge for your accommodation, and cheerio! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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