Brokelings, Definitely (Not) 3 Idiots!

Hello everyone!

It’s Friday and like I posted on my previous post, here comes our first edition of The Wander Lover: Worry. Story. Glory.

The first blog that I want to feature here is the one and only Brokelings, as one the guys behind the blog, Mayank responded when I announced my plan to collaborate with other bloggers on the group we’re in on Facebook. 🙂

Like everytime I check out someone’s blog, the first thing I did when he sent me the link to this blog was to check the ‘About Me’ section. That way, I can slightly judge the blogger just because I can.

So when I checked this one, I found out that this one is not exactly a personal blog since there are 3 of them behind this blog. Mayank is only one of them, because there are two other guys behind it, Ruthwik and Anuj.

My first judgement? What is this, 3 idiots?! 😛

The guys behind Brokeling rowing a boat, as they stayed at on a houseboat in Kerala.

But hold on to that thought, because apparently, these guys are not exactly idiots.

In fact, as a girl who’s single and wonder whether any of them are available, I think they’re kinda cute. Moreover, these guys actually go places because when I wandered around their blog, I could see posts from Nagano, Bratislava to Goa.

It’s a good start because from what I see on their blog, they’ve been to places that I’ve never been. And (probably) vice versa.

So, what’s this blog all about?

Brokelings, In-Between Broke and Lings

When I first checked their domain, I was expecting Brokelings would mean something in foreign language. But as it turned out, like beautraveler, it is not.

Brokelings is a combination of two words, ‘broke’ – as they always travel on a budget and ‘lings’ – the jargon they use for ‘best friends’. Well, it makes sense although I should double check whether this ‘lings’ was taken from some language or just some kind of inner joke in the 3 idiots their friendship circle.

Despite they run the blog together, according to Mayank, collectively they’ve only done a trip together just one time. The three of them.

Other times, either only two of them travel together or they do solo travel separately.

The first wander lover to be featured on Ransel Ungu’s Worry. Story. Glory. : Mayank Nagori in Italy. Funny how things could rhyme accidentally! 😛

One word to sum up what travel means to Mayank: EXPERIENCE

Here’s Why You Could Relate To Brokelings!

First of all, pretty much like me (and maybe you!), these guys are millennials. You see, we’re in our 20s trying to find a place in the world through traveling despite the fact that we’re so close to broke because the baby boomer ruined the economy.

Despite everything, they’ve got the spirit to get themselves out there and explore with the things they have. Hopping on-and-off bus and any other kind of public transportation, as well as staying at the budget hotel. Rings a bell? It does to me. Obviously.

Yeah, except for when they seem to focus on destinations in Europe, I’m focusing on South East Asia. I mean, we gotta start somewhere right? 😉

How Brokelings Started and The Place That Left Marks In Their Journey

According to Mayank, the ability to share stories with friends is the reason why he started to blog. It makes more sense as now he could find a way how to pictorially be able to tell the stories behind the trip not only to his friends, but also with other people who are interested and in need of information about it.

What has inspired them to start Brokelings was the trek they have done in Northeast of India, where there was absolutely no network and they lived in the wilderness located in Dzukou Valley.

Dzukou Valley, Northeastern of India.

The whole reason they started the blog was that they realized that some experience comes only at a low cost.

Personally, as Mayank’s travel is oriented towards great food and culture, he would recommend Italy and Portugal for other travelers who share the same orientation as his.

FYI, Mayank is completing a Master’s degree in Food Production Management and he’s also a strict vegetarian. So I suppose everyone should totally consider Italy and Portugal as your next destination! 😉

You see, if Mayank who’s a strict vegetarian could really enjoy the food in Italy and Portugal, imagine these countries will do for the omnivore like me? And probably you?!

The view from the top of the Ponte Luiz II bridge in Porto, Portugal.

What’s Next? 

I see so many people are falling for Iceland, and so is Mayank.

He stated that he would love to hitchhike on the ring road of Iceland. He’s trying to save money for Iceland, yeay! 😀

Well, it’s totally understandable as I wonder why the countries with Northern Lights just happen to be the most expensive countries in Europe.

I mean, I can’t even afford the trip to the ‘low-cost’ part of Europe, let alone the countries with Northern Lighs. What am I gonna do? Waiting for 50 years?! 🙁

Ransel Ungu on Brokelings

So after judging them through ‘About Me’ section, trying to be as fair as I could, of course I checked out their contents as well to see what’s with the blog that interests me the most.

My first verdict is that I love how they present each blog post with beautiful pictures. As taking picture (and edit it) is some shortcoming that I’ve got on my own blog, I’ve got to give their pictures 8 out of 10 because their picture makes the blog really attractive.

I also checked out some more posts and some of them even provide the video through their Youtube channel. It comes quite handy so there’s no need to open a lot of browser or apps just to check what they have about some specific country. 🙂

Actually, even before I got in touch with Mayank for this project, I actually dropped a comment on one of his posts about Patio Hostel in Bratislava.

I’m not exactly planning my trip to Bratislava, but as someone who’s slightly obsessed with the culture in Eastern Europe, Bratislava is surely on my bucket list one day if I get to Europe. 🙂

I think that’s a wrap for my cover on Brokelings on The Wander Lover Series this week. For more travel stories of Brokelings, please do check out their blog here.

See you on the next series with some other stories behind more and more travel blogs on the internet, cheerio! 😀

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