Bogor Botanical Garden: The Solution To When You’re Too Broke To Have A Fancy Vacation ($10 for a day!)

It was all started when we planned out our short trip to Puncak for safari night. The idea came up when my good ol’ friend Roro admitted the fact that she has never been to Taman Safari before when it’s been a long time ago since the last time I went there as well.

At first, we were planning to stay the night at Puncak to have safari night then visit Kota Bunga the next day. My sister, Uun was planning to come with us too until in the last minute before the D-day she told us that she couldn’t make it as she had to rearrange a job interview. As silly as it sounds, she then had to schedule the interview on the weekend.

Long story short, because we have booked a bungalow around Puncak and the rate would be too expensive to be split into the two of us, we were a bit hesitant to actually make it to Puncak. Plus, some of my friends’ suggestion about how bad the traffic could be to get to Puncak has also discouraged us from getting there.

So then we spent our Friday night discussing on where to go. Either we book another place with the lower rate or we change our itinerary. So we chose the latter.

After arguing about whether we go to Bogor Botanical Garden or Kebun Raya Bogor, we started googling only to find out that Bogor Botanical Garden is, in fact, the translation of Kebun Raya Bogor in English. Never have I felt so failed as an Indonesian woman who claimed her fluency in English! :p

The reason why we chose Bogor Botanical Garden to be our destination was because of easy access to get there from my place. We took the KRL commuter line to Bogor for only IDR 5,000 (around USD 0.40) one way. Imagine you only have to pay for less than USD 1 to have a short getaway!

If you’re interested in putting Bogor Botanical Garden on your itinerary, I would suggest you find an accommodation close to any train station that gets passed by the commuter line to Bogor. You could check the rest of the commuter line routes here.

Once we reached Bogor station, we took angkot – a minibus commonly used as public transportation in Bogor – number 02 to reach to Gate 1 Bogor Botanical Garden. It costs only IDR 4,000 (around USD 0.3)!

In fact, if you don’t mind walking, you can also get there by walking as Bogor Botanical Garden is only around 2 km from the station. We walked to the station on the way home. 🙂 

The entry ticket to get there is only IDR 4,000/pax. It is rather cheap as the whole area is so huge that you could totally use the area for any kind of activity. Jogging, picnic, or just have yourself me time reading the book under the tree whatsoever.


  • For someone who gets used to the hectic life in Jakarta, Bogor Botanical Garden is the best place to relax and chill for a bit. 
  • It’s the best solution for when you need a vacation but you’re broke as it’s so cheap! 
  • You could literally do anything in the area. When we got there, there were some group of people doing yoga in the area while some others having a picnic or just having a casual date with their partner. 
  • Easy access from Jakarta. 
  • They also provide cars to get around the area with a tour guide. 
  • They pretty much have everything there, from cafe, museum to even a cemetery!


  • To use the restroom, they charge us for IDR 2,000/pax. 
  • Some areas weren’t well-maintained with dry leaves all over the place. 

We spent around 3 hours just to walk around the garden, some we even spent to just sit down and relax while post some random thing on Instagram! :p

The decision to visit Bogor Botanical Garden is probably the best thing as not only Bogor Botanical Garden, but the surrounding is also something that is worth to enjoy.

After Bogor Botanical Garden, we took another angkot number 08A to Taman Kencana as we found something on google that we were interested to go for lunch. We went to Warung Gumbira for lunch, and then Macaroni Panggang (baked macaroni) for take-away.

Warung Gumbira – Jl. Pangrango No. 1, Babakan, Bogor Tengah
Makaroni Panggang – Jl. Salak No. 4, Babakan, Bogor Tengah


For those who stay in Jakarta, especially if you’re in need for some relaxation, Bogor Botanical Garden could be a solution for you. Not only that you could just chill around Bogor Botanical Garden, but also you could totally have some good food with much less budget compared to Jakarta!

I tell you what, we spent a day in Bogor from morning until late afternoon, roughly we only spent around IDR 100,000 (USD 8) for each with the breakdown as such:

Commuter Line – IDR 5,000 / USD 0.4
Breakfast (Chicken Porridge) – IDR 9,000 / USD 0.6
Angkot (Bogor Station-Bogor Botanical Garden) – IDR 4,000 / USD 0.3
Restroom (Bogor Botanical Garden) – IDR 2,000 / USD 0.15
Angkot (Bogor Botanical Garden-Warung Gumbira) – IDR 3,500 / USD 0.2
Lunch (Nasi Bakar, Kopi Tarik and Iced Tea) – IDR 58,000 / USD 4
Macaroni Panggang – IDR 73,000 / USD 5.5 (split into two, USD 2.75 for each)
Commuter Line – IDR 5,000 / USD 0.4


It was probably my first time to actually explore Bogor as a city, and I was totally satisfied to the point I’m thinking to come back whenever I can. Maybe next time, I’ll make it to Puncak.

That’s a wrap for today, hope it attracts you to give Bogor a chance for your next trip when you’re too broke to go further. Cheerio, and stay safe! 😉

-Marya The BeauTraveler-

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