Things to Do in Singapore This Weekend

Things to Do in Singapore This Weekend

Singapore could be one the tiniest cities in the world, yet there are plenty of major attractions to get acquainted with, places to visit and explore, and lesser-known spots in this cutting-edge city.

Return home to be a vacationer and soak up the atmosphere at Gardens by the Bay, get ready for the highest double roller coasters in Universal Studios Singapore and become acquainted with Singapore’s rich history in the museums.

Are you unsure where to start? Let us guide you through the most memorable events around, including 101 things to do, food and drink, shop, and have a blast!

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6 Best Spots to Visit with Family in Singapore

6 Best Spots to Visit with Family in Singapore

Viewed as one of the safest and cleanest places in the world, Singapore is one of the top spots on the list of most-visited countries across the globe. There are different spots to visit in Singapore suitable for different activities and age-ranges.

Take in the fragrant aroma of blossoms as you go for a walk through the lovely Gardens at the Bay and appreciate perhaps the most sought-after movement you should do while visiting Singapore with your loved ones.

If you’re going with a gathering of companions, visiting the grand Universal Studios is an unquestionable necessity! For other exciting and energizing exercises to appreciate inside Singapore and with relatives, go to Adventure Cove Water Park and take in the adrenaline-filled rides generally as the day progresses!

With various decisions and activities to do and many family-friendly spots, all things considered, Singapore is a metropolitan region that is suitable for anybody in the family!

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Review: Single Room at Apartmani Amaro Novi Sad

Review: Single Room at Apartmani Amaro in Novi Sad

One thing I noticed when I started looking for accommodation to stay in Novi Sad is that the rate is slightly higher than most places in Serbia, even the capital city in Belgrade. I wasn’t picky when it came to accommodation, so I booked a single room at Apartmani Amaro in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Apartmani Amaro is the second accommodation that I booked through Agoda in Serbia after Apartmani Vasic in Banja Koviljaca. But I found booking Apartmani Amaro in Novi Sad more straightforward than the latter, as Apartmani Amaro allowed us to proceed with the online payment through Agoda.

In this post, I’m going to share a review of my experience when I stayed in the single room at Apartmani Amaro in Novi Sad on New Year’s Eve. I got connected with a girl in Novi Sad through Couchsurfing who kinda gave me some hope to have someone to spend the New Year’s Eve together, but she kinda ditched me so I ended up doing nothing in my room to welcome 2022 there.

So, how was my experience staying at Apartmani Amaro in Novi Sad? Here we go!

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Kafana Pavle Korcagin Belgrade

Kafana Pavle Korcagin – The Unique & Authentic Serbian Tavern in Belgrade

Traveling around Serbia isn’t complete without having a sip of rakija and enjoying the authentic Serbian delicacy in the nearest kafana. And in this post, I’m going to share a unique experience when I had a blast at Kafana Pavle Korcagin in Belgrade.

I found the information about Kafana Pavle Korcagin just a few months before my trip to Serbia. At the time, I was already a member of the group “Expats in Belgrade” on Facebook, and there was this member who shared a controversial post when he posted a link to the Youtube video about what he referred to as a communist pro-Serbian kafana in Belgrade.

As someone who has a particular interest in Yugoslavia’s history in general, I decided to take a look and I was surprised by the existence of this tavern to the point that I made it to the top of my bucket list once I got to Belgrade.

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5 Things to Do in London This Weekend

As the capital city, there are many things to do in London. Whether visiting some historical spots in London with your family or just stopping by the quirky Viktor Wynd’s Museum of Curiosities, there are countless activities you can do in the biggest city in England.

Even if you only have a few days to spare and enjoy the adventure in London, you can prioritize some must-visit spots in the city for the weekend. Here are some top destinations and things you can do in London this weekend!

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