Review: Staycation at Best Western Premier The Hive, East Jakarta

Last month, I got the bad news about one of my friends getting terribly ill in Bogor. He was one of my ex-colleagues from the first airlines where I worked professionally. For that reason, my former colleagues and I arranged a surprise visit to his place on the 12th of this month.

The universe conspired as I got the invitation from Best Western Premier The Hive in East Jakarta to have a staycation the day before I got scheduled to go to Bogor. It was actually a perfect time, since I'm personally more familiar to get to Bogor from Jakarta instead of going there directly from Bandung.

So in this post, I'm gonna share with you the review of my staycation there. If some of you are currently planning to stop by Jakarta for a visit, you might as well want to take Best Western Premier The Hive for consideration to stay.

Review: Staycation at Best Western Premier The Hive, East Jakarta

Best Western The Hive, East Jakarta

Best Western Premier The Hive in East Jakarta is located around Cawang Business District. It is a 4-star hotel, managed under the international hotel chain, Best Western International.

Next to the hotel is an office building called The Hive, where you could find so many eateries and coffee shops during and after office hours. It is really convenient, especially when you're planning for a staycation like I did.

In the office building, you could even find a mini market in case you need anything from snacks to even toiletries. Location-wise, Best Western The Hive is very convenient.

The Nearest Airport

Wait, it's not just that because Best Western The Hive is also located close to Halim Perdanakusuma Airport. For those who don't know, there are actually two airports around Jakarta area.

The infamous one, one with the 3-letter code CGK, is actually located in Tangerang. Technically, it's outside Jakarta province. However, this airport is the one that connects you to a lot of destinations, both domestic and international.

Apart from that, there's another airport, Halim Perdanakusuma Airport, with the 3-letter code HLP. The latter is technically used for the military, private and Presidential purpose. However, there are some commercial flights that depart from the airports too. Mostly, for domestic flights to several destinations in Indonesia.

So, if you have a flight out of Jakarta, make sure to know which airport you depart from. If the latter, then Best Western The Hive is the best place to choose for your accommodation as it's only 10 minutes drive from the airport.

The overview of the hotel room at Best Western Premier The Hive.

The Nearest Train Station(s)

After making sure the right address of this hotel, I then decided to take the train from Bandung. Since the hotel is located in East Jakarta, I decided to stop at Jatinegara station instead of the main train station at Gambir.

From Jatinegara station, I took Grabcar to the hotel for only IDR 20,000 (around $1.4 USD). The hotel is approximately 15 minutes drive from Jatinegara station without any bad traffic. I mean, it's Jakarta, so traffic jam here and there is expected. 😛

And not just that, because the hotel is relatively close to Cawang station. In fact, I took the commuter line to Bogor from Cawang since I remember the train schedule to Bogor by heart. I could have taken the train from Jatinegara, but I might have to wait forever until the direct train to Bogor passed Jatinegara. From Cawang, the train to Bogor departs once in every 10 minute, on average.

I took GoCar from the hotel to Cawang station, and it only cost me IDR 17,000 (around $1.2 USD) and 20-minute ride because of some packed traffic jam on the way there. FYI, you could take the commuter line to a lot of destinations in Jakarta and surroundings if you're keen to explore the city as well.

First Impression: Staycation at BWP The Hive

The elevator that might take a while to carry the guests to and from the hotel room.

I arrived at the hotel at around 1 PM, so I really thought I wouldn't be able to directly check-in since the standard check-in time is at 2 PM.

The hotel lobby is located on the 5th floor, as the ground floor only consists of concierge and a small cake shop that I'm not sure whether it's affiliated to the hotel, to begin with. There are only 2 elevators that would carry the guests all the way to the hotel lobby or to their rooms.

To be honest with you, the fact that there are only two elevators while there are many guests going back and forth around the hotel, it's become a downside for me personally about staying at the hotel. Hmm.

Thank God, the check-in process was super easy. The staff at the receptionist desk assisted me with the check-in, while she also introduced me to the Best Western app that I've had on my phone.

Despite arriving earlier than expected, I could check-in and I got the Superior Room for my staycation at Best Western Premier The Hive, which was located on the 19th floor of the building.

Superior Room at Best Western Premier The Hive

They provide 2 single beds in the Superior Room, which is unfortunate since I couldn't get anyone to stay with me at the time. I tried to ask my sister to come so she could also enjoy the staycation with me. But she couldn't since she had to work overtime while her office is quite distanced from the hotel's location in Jakarta.

Superior room with twin bed at Best Western The Hive.
The cute towel arrangement.

I was welcomed with two cutely arranged towels on each of the bed that shaped like elephants. They even put on some stickers make it look like the eyes of the elephant. 😀

Apart from that, the room is actually quite nice with a balcony. Unfortunately, the glass door to the balcony is permanently closed so we could only see the view from the room.

As for me, my room view is just a few other buildings and streets around the hotel. There's nothing special about the view from my room in particular. However, it's nice enough since the room is quite suspicious.

I figure the superior room is actually suitable for a family with young children since the bed size is actually big enough to share with a small child.

And not only that, they provide 2 pillows with a cushion in each bed, so really they're super comfy even if you have to share the room with your small family.

The Furniture and Amenities

The cupboard with some clothes hanger and money box.

Apart from the twin bed, there's also a small coffee table and a couch around the corner. And of course, there's also a desk provided. The latter was super helpful as I had a staycation while having so many things to do for work. You know what else that I like about my staycation at Best Western Premier The Hive? Their high-speed internet!

The staff at the front desk actually gave me the username and password for the wifi. But once I reached my room, I could directly connect to the internet. Yeah, I could use the internet through all of my devices. Laptop, smartphones, whatever!

Mini bar, tea, coffee, sugar, and creamers are provided as well as the teapot and cups. The only thing missing is the bathrobe, but then again they provide a lot of towels. From the elephant-shaped to those put in the shower as well.

Moneybox is also provided if you need one to keep your passport or cash. And if yall girls are like me, who like to put on makeup while sitting on the floor in front of the mirror, then worry not… There's an attached mirror in the cupboard door that you could use to groom yourself.

So far, I'm quite satisfied with their facilities, as well as their interior design in the room that is super efficient and helpful at the same time.

The Shower

A glance to the toilet and the sink in the shower.
The shower.

At first, I was hoping that there would be a bath tube in the shower since it's been a while since the last time I pampered myself with a bath while relaxing in a 5-star hotel.

Although to be fair, I frequently have it at home. But then again, the experience is different. 😛

As it turned out, they provide a shower room that is quite spacious. Along with the sink and a complete series of amenities. Yes, they provide everything from body wash, shampoo, condition, body lotion, toothpaste, and toothbrush.

In addition to the toiletries, they also provide a sanitary bag, shower cap, and sewing kit with also a phone attached on the wall. And you know what's more? They provide a hairdryer that works amazing!

The water pressure in the shower is steady to the point that it's actually quite relaxing, especially when I took a hot shower after swimming. FYI, I couldn't speak for the quality of amenities since I used my own toiletries. 🙂

Swimming Pool

(Left) The swimming pool for kids ; (Right) The standard swimming pool.

In case you don't know, I hate exercising. I hate it except for swimming, since it's the only exercise that I wouldn't mind to do for as long as I can. I mean, I hate sweating, and to be fair, you couldn't feel the sweat when your body is wet all over? 😉

The swimming pool at Best Western Premier The Hive is located on the 5th floor, the same as the hotel lobby and the Heather Resto. They have 2 pools, in which one of them is the kid-sized pool that is super shallow and the other one is a 1.2 meter in-depth. Even the latter is also shallow for me, and I'm only 160 cm!

However, the good thing is that the water in their swimming pool looks clean. And I went swimming at around 5, there's barely anyone there so it almost felt like I had a private pool. It was super good that I actually swam back and forth from one corner to another for 15 times in an hour.

A changing room is also provided around the pool, although I couldn't bother to do it there. I went back to my room to do the washing.

The swimming pool opens early in the morning and closes around 7 in the evening.

Breakfast at Heather Resto

Assorted pastries as one of the breakfast menu options at Best Western Premier The Hive.
The various breakfast menu at Best Western Premier The Hive.

The breakfast opens early at 6 in the morning to 11. Located at Heather Resto, you could even go swimming first before having yourself a buffet breakfast with some various menu from traditional nasi liwet to even assorted cereals.

I tried to try as many as I could, even though I ended up being way too full in the morning. HAHA.

Started from the pastry, and then omelet. Even cereal, and then later the beef bacon. Thumbs up for the menu options. Taste-wise, however, was nothing so special.

Among many that I've tried at the breakfast buffet, my favorite would be the bread pudding with chocolate biscuit powder and choco chips spread in the pudding. It was super yummy!

Since I love everything chocolatey, you might also want to add some other toppings like jelly and other stuff. To be fair, you could check on your own and see what kind of breakfast menu that you'd go for at Best Western Premier The Hive! 😉

The Review: Best Western Premier The Hive, East Jakarta

A view from my room.

I had a pleasant stay at Best Western Premier The Hive. When it comes to the location, there is no doubt that the location of the hotel is so convenient. Not only is it close to Halim Airport, but it's also close to the train stations like Cawang and Jatinegara.

If you're keen to explore Jakarta through their commuter line services, it's definitely a perfect place to stay since it's relatively easy to get around.

However, please note that it might be quite distanced from the main tourist attractions if you're planning to travel using a car or taxi. Mind you, the traffic jam in Jakarta is quite exceptional for those who have never experienced it before! 😉


  • The room is spacious and family-friendly. 
  • Great service with easy and fast check-in process. 
  • A lot of breakfast menu options, from the traditional menu to even options like cereal. 
  • It's close to the airport, as well as the train stations. 
  • There's also some eateries option in the next building, with some coffee shop option. Mind you, there's also KFC!
  • I personally loved the cute welcome with the elephant-shaped towel arrangement!


  • The elevator. I had a staycation at Best Western Premier The Hive on the weekdays, and the elevator traffic was quite busy. I couldn't really imagine how it could get during the weekend. 

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I had a complimentary staycation at Best Western Premier The Hive. All opinions are mine. 

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