Beauty on Borneo Trip: What I’ve Packed Beyond the Clothes to Borneo

Hello, everyone! 😀

So, today marks the first week I’ve been on the road in Borneo. I’m currently in Kuching, a city in Sarawak, the eastern part of Malaysia. My trip has been great so far, despite I had to deal with the heavy raining in some places that I visited. But overall, everything has been great for me.

As I made a poll a few weeks ago about whether I should post something about what I’ve packed for a month trip in Borneo and the response was positive, and now that I’ve got some time to kill after strolling around the city… Let me share with you what I’ve got!

Beauty on Borneo Trip: What I've Packed Beyond the Clothes to Borneo - The BeauTraveler

The Stuff I Bring with Me

Well, just know that I’m not exactly a light traveler so in this case, I won’t share the tips on how to travel light. Honestly, if I have to be honest to myself, I have to admit that there are plenty of unnecessary stuff that I’ve got inside my bag.

For example, bras and pants… Like, how come when I packed at home, it looked like I didn’t have enough but then when I unpacked in the destinations, suddenly it seems like the number is so overwhelming?! 😐

But in this post, I will focus on the necessary stuff that I actually use in my daily basis. Basically, they’re the stuff that I’m glad I have in my bag because it seems like there is no way I could leave the house without them. Especially now that I’m planning for a trip for the whole month!

What I’ve Packed Beyond Clothes

And when I told you about some unnecessary stuff that I’ve got inside my bag right now, yesss… That also includes some clothes that I kinda think I will never wear on this trip. I think I’ve been overpacked but there’s no turning back now, because there is no way I get rid of them on my way. 🙁

So, ignore the clothes… I’m gonna focus on what I use other than clothes on daily basis. What have I got?!

Personal Care and Skincare

As you probably know, I’m not the kind of person who would use the complimentary shower cream from the hotel unless it’s L’Occitaine. 😛

It’s nothing personal, I just feel like I need to use something that is genuinely good for my hair and body. And yes, especially during my vacation. Like, I’m a single lady and one of my purpose to go on a trip is to suddenly meet my prince charming along the way.

I know, it sounds almost like a dream but then again one could only hope. And if the impossible turns into a reality, I don’t want that happen with me smelling like a cheap hotel shower cream.

I mean, let’s be clear… I’ve never gone on a trip staying at a 5-star hotel with my own budget. So of course, the amenities that the accommodation provides is not exactly the best. So of course, I just gotta pack a toiletry bag filled with my personal body care. Hmm.

Toothpaste & Mouthwash – Close-up Fire&Freeze and Listerine

My personal care: toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash.

Toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash are enough to save the day.

I bought the 65-gram tube of toothpaste as I suppose it will be enough for the whole month. As for the toothbrush, I also brought the new toothbrush so I could use it for the whole trip.

For the mouthwash though, I’ve still got one from my previous trip to Singapore so I just have what’s left of them. In case I run out of it, I suppose I’ll buy another one later.

Rebrew – The Daily Grind Hair & Body Wash, The You’re Brew-tiful Cleansing Oil, Frappe Go Lucky All Purpose Butter, and Love You A Latte Sunscreen SPF 25

Just a few weeks before I began my trip, I got contacted by Rebrew as they told me that they’ve finished their production and rebranding process. We’ve been corresponding for quite some time before and it was just a perfect time to try as they have a new concept for their new products.

Rebrew Lifestyle from left to right: Love You A Latte, Frappe Go Lucky, You’re Brew-tiful Cleansing Oil, The Daily Grind Hair & Body Wash

I’ve been corresponding directly to the founder of Rebrew, Mbak Lianti, and she answered all the questions about the products in details before and after I got all these products with me.

In fact, their new concept is quite interesting that I’m glad I got the opportunity to try their products in the firsthand. Previously known as Kohvee Story, Rebrew has been rebranded as the name itself came from their basic activity to ‘brew again’ the spent coffee grounds in order to produce coffee oil for our personal care products.

They’ve been partnering with one of the popular local coffee shops in Indonesia for the ingredients, and all ingredients are organic. Well, not just that, because now they’ve got two principles in all their products: upcycling and circular economy.

Upcycling as in they found the innovative ways to use the common things in the market. In the other word, the reusage of the coffee grounds that benefits us in so many ways through their products. And circular economy, as not only do they divert the spent coffee grounds into the self-care products, but also they recycle exhausted spent coffee ground as compost. It’s both environment-friendly and sustainable too!

As if it’s not enough to ensure me trying the products, they’re multifunctional too. For example, the 4 products that I bring with me, it has replaced at least 7 products that I normally use on the daily basis.

Less personal care to have in my bag, the lighter my it is! For each of the products, I will make a separate post for review later. 😀

Vitamins and Medicine

In case you didn’t know, I’ve got facial tic disorder and I’ve been on the therapy for a few months now. Well, my therapist didn’t see any problem with me traveling but there are some remedies that I need to do daily, which I usually do before I go to sleep.

Apart from that though, I also have some vitamins and medicine with me. It’s almost rare to use them, but then again it’s always good to have them… Just in case.

Vitamins and Medicines I’ve packed.

Some Medications for My Facial Tic Disorder

There are 4 packets of medicine that I have with me, and I usually take it at least once a day for each. It helps me quite a bit, especially for my mentality. I usually leave it in my room, and only take it after I have my dinner. So far, so good.

Vitamin C – Takeda’s Vitacimin

The only reason why I’ve got this with me was because I got sprue last week. But then again, now that I think about it, since it has a lot of things going on and I’m not as young as I used to be *lol*, vitamin C could actually help to boost my immune system.

Tolak Angin

It’s all Indonesians’ favorite whenever they don’t feel well, no?! 😛

I mean, it’s basically Vicks VapoRub for us. The cheap remedy that we’ve got at home when we feel unwell to prevent the overspent money just to see a doctor for stomach flu or something. The only difference is that instead of just rubbing it on our chest, we actually drink it.

I swear by it, honestly. I should thank whoever invented Tolak Angin for creating a product that is always there for me even when no one else can. 😀


Well, again… It’s pretty much the Indonesian Vicks VapoRub. I just need to have it just in case I feel unwell and need something to warm me up. *lol*

Hot In Cream

You see, here’s the thing about traveling in my late 20s with the backpain as if I’m 60s… I always need this one.

Also, you’ll never know what happens with the accommodation’s pillow. One time I got the pillow so high that my neck just can’t take it. In that case, this one is for the rescue.

Honestly, though… It is true that I’m not as young as I used to be. 😛


And yes, I don’t care about what people say about never taking our makeup with us during our travel, because they can do whatever they want and so can I. And I stick to putting on my makeup when I feel like it.

I mean, there’s nothing fancy about the makeup line that I use, but then I make sure that I have everything that I need from foundation, concealer, to even a setting spray.

The holy grail.

Well, sorry I’m not sorry… But please refer to the idea of me hoping to find a prince charming along the way.

Yes, I’m sure if he’s the right one, he’ll accept me for who I am even without makeup, but then again I’m sure he’ll appreciate how I look with it too.

My Borneo Trip So Far…

So, those are the things that I’ve packed inside my luggage to Borneo. So far, they have been super handy as I use most of them. I mean, except for foundation or concealer that I could normally skip when I don’t feel like doing my makeup too heavy.

Since I’ve got plenty places to see, there are also some places where I will leave my big luggage at the hotel and only bring what’s necessary in my backpack. I’ll update for this later. But so far, that’s all I have.

So, stay tuned for more stories about me strolling around Borneo. Stay safe everyone, and cheerio! 😉

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  1. To be fair you do seem like quite a light traveller although I try to keep my cosmetics to a low too (I’m going to remember your note about bras and pants as they always seem to multiply by the time I get to my destination too haha!). Sounds like you’re having a fab time and I hope it continues from here!

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