How 2019 Has Been Treating Me So Far in Beau-Beauty-Travel Aspect

In case you don't know… In the past few years, I usually re-read the resolution that I wrote in the previous year to reflect how the progress has been in the mid of the year. The next thing I know, it's June already and suddenly I've done half of the year 2019 already.

I mean, seriously… I'm 30, and still as sassy as I've been usually. But hey, life itself has ups and downs so it's time for me to look back and see what my hope for this year was. Is it aligned to what the reality offers for me? Well, this thing is probably more personal about me rather than something useful for you.

Feel free to skip if you don't give a fuck about me, but it's definitely something that I need for me.

How 2019 Has Been Treating Me So Far in Beau-Beauty-Travel Aspect

How I've Been and What I've Felt This Year

Some people ask other people how they are, without really knowing how they actually are. Well, that's okay. I guess I'm thankful that I've got this blog to actually spill out everything when something actually bothers me. Or in that case, something that I'd rather not to share with anyone.

Anyhow, last month I got terrible news about one of my professors passing. He was undoubtedly one of our favorite professors, and he had been loved by many in his entire life. So his funeral had become some kind of a small reunion because a lot of his former students actually spared some time to fly to Bandung to attend his funeral. I rarely go out even though I live in Bandung, but heck I actually attended his funeral mass because I know he deserves it.

RIP Prof. Bob Sugeng Hadiwinata. 

So I hung out with some of my university friends and we definitely had some chit-chat about how life has been treating us so far. At this point, almost everyone agrees that we're at that stage of life when we feel content about how we are and what we do.

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Embracing the Joy of Being 30s and Other Stuff

One of my friends who works in marketing for some FMCG company in Indonesia, she said that despite living in some other aspects has been a bitch for her… At least when it comes to career, she has nothing to complain.

And she even asked me things like, “Not sure if it's just me, but don't you think that you've reached the point when you just embrace life as it is? Like, sure sometimes you have to deal with some asshole along the way. But at least now you know what to do and you start enjoying it and you become excellent at it.”

And to be honest with you, what she said is something that represents my life in the first half of 2019. This year has become a bliss in disguise, in a way that I start enjoying life as it is. And I'm thankful for that.

2019 for Me in Beau-Beauty-Travel Aspect

As I've divided my last resolution into three categories accordingly, that's also what I'm gonna do for this post. After all, it's easier to niche down so that I don't have to ramble about everything randomly.

Beau – After a few years drowning into debauchery, I finally (try to) settle in!

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In case you don't know yet… I'm currently seeing someone!

Earlier this year, I met my current boyfriend and we decided to try and see how it works. I mean, we're honestly two different people in some way. But then we're quite similar in the other way. It's hard to explain. Haha.

We rarely argue about anything, to the point that sometimes I start wondering whether it's the sign of our compatibility or just a red flag of negative peace where everything seems so smooth yet so many things to rescue behind it. LOL

So far, our effort is just to be honest with each other. There are times when he even suggested me to see other men for a drink or something, as a back-up if things don't work. Of course, I got upset because now I wonder whether he actually loves me or I could be easily replaced with a drink from his side. 😐

If you read my collab post with Shi Hui on Indonesian vs Singaporean guy, forget about the stereotype… But here's my take on dating a Singaporean guy from my side. Dating a Singaporean, IMHO, it's pretty much like visiting the city-state for the first time. Everything feels so nice and well-organized until sometimes you realize that you need some chaos in life.

I'm not complaining, I'm trying.

Beauty – The failure of some DIY attempts

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Earlier this year, I got so excited to do some DIY tutorial that I've found on Pinterest. I even got a box full of some DIY beauty ingredients. I've made a lot of stuff from shampoo and soap bar, bath bombs, body butter, and even DIY micellar water. While some things I've made are a success, so many failed big time. HAHA.

Like, I love how my DIY bath bombs and foot soak turned out. And I actually still use the foot salve that I made a couple of months ago, and it did wonder to my cracked heels. But damn, my shampoo and soap bar didn't even lather. WTF.

Honestly, one of my motivations to try this out is just so maybe someday I could turn this into a business. But well, seeing the result like this… It is either a failure or I'm just too lazy to even make one again for myself. God has mercy for my lazy ass! 😛

Travel – I'm still yet to tick off all the places that I want to visit this year, but I'm getting there!

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Work has been busy lately, and for a good reason. 🙂

Not only does it allow me to earn more money to travel in the future, but I'm at that point where I genuinely consider to hire someone to help me out with some work. My budget isn't much, and I've been talking to my nephew as I offered him a job to help me.

He's still on the 7th grade, and I think it would be a good opportunity for him to earn extra allowance as well as job experience. I mean, I know how utopia job vacancy is nowadays. They try to recruit a fresh graduate with at least a 2-year experience in a specific industry. Like dude, WTF?

I even asked people whether this would be considered child labor, but as it turned out, my friend Ajie just finished his thesis about this and according to him it IS not. Based on ILO Convention 138 and 182, it is not classified as child labor, as long as it doesn't disrupt his basic needs. In this case, his education as well as his playing time. And the job I offer is a simple task that he could do in-between his PUBG games. HAHA.

Anyway, I also got some projects with some potential partner that allow me to travel more in the future. My next trip will be a road trip from Java to Bali. This time, I will not travel alone as I'll take my brother, my cousin, and even my mom too.

By the end of this year, hopefully, I can make it to Laos and Cambodia trip as I've been planning out for so long. 🙂

How has 2019 treated you so far?

So, that was the summary of 2019 for me so far. Now I'm intrigued, how has this year treated you so far? Anything new? Anything excited for you to come up somewhere around this year?

Tell me in the comment section below, and cheerio! 😀

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