4 Accessories For Your Next Beach Escape

Beach season is officially coming! While we plan our days at the water, we also get to pull out our warm weather favorites. It's time to get our favorite accessories out for a fun day at the beach with our friends or family, but of course, they have to be stylish pieces to match your mood! Now that we are allowed out for vacation this summer, it is time to go all out!

Here are 4 accessories to have in your collection for your next beach escape!

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The perfect beach bag

A beach bag is something that you will find yourself reaching for over and over again in the summer, whether you go off to the beach or simply have a picnic at the local park. One of the best styles to opt for is the woven bag, with its summer texture and lightweight fabric that allows you to carry enough without weighing yourself down too much.

For some gorgeous yet stylish woven bags, try checking out sites like Mirta, and see what you find for your beach day. These bags generally if well maintained, can last many summer seasons to come too!

Cat eye sunglasses

Cat eye sunglasses are a must. Sunglasses in general protect your eyes from the sun, bonus if they are polarized, which is a must for the summertime.

The cat eye shape gives your favorite sunglasses a trendy and sophisticated look. A classic black or tortoise color will give you a pair you’ll always be reaching for, and a pair of cat eye sunglasses in a pop of color can add a fun spin to any of your summer looks.

Having a couple favorite sunglasses to wear in the summer can give you the ability to really switch up your summer looks all with one type of accessory (that also doesn’t take up too much space in your wardrobe!)

accessories for beach escape.
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A bucket hat made in terry-cloth

A summer hat is a go-to summer piece for sun protection, bad hair days, and to pull any summer outfit together. A trendy style is the bucket hat, something we have seen all over the runways and fashion world in general in the last year. It makes for the perfect summer hat and is more casual so you can get a lot of wear out of it. Opt for one made out of terry-cloth in the summer so that it is breathable and doesn’t make you too hot throughout wearing it.

Print beach wrap that can be used as a towel or cover-up

A beach wrap with a fun print on it is something that doesn’t take up too much room in your bag, and you can use it as a towel or as a cover-up!

One in a fun print will be even more exciting to reach for and give your looks some summer energy. You can explore fun and stylish towel/beach wrap options in certain online stores to give you an idea. 

This summer it’s time to bust out every accessory that makes you happy, no matter how small or large the occasion! If you are one who hasn’t gotten some sun in a while, make sure to wear lots of sunscreen while oh-so-effortlessly adorning your accessories.


This post is published in collaboration with Hanna Johnson.