Around The World With The Beauties! – (Indonesia) Roro Mendut Royal Black Spice V-Scrub & (Philippines) Bare Body Essentials Vanity Mask Double Deep Repair

Hello beauties! 😀

It’s been awhile since the last time I wrote my own piece for Around The World With The Beauties series, so as I got connected with Amanda from Filipinow for this month’s feature… I decided to feature my recommendation as well this time.

A few months ago, I featured some other Filipino and Bruneian local beauty products as they’re both ASEAN country members. Now, well… Both Indonesia and the Philippines are also the country members of ASEAN, but other than that, do you know that we’ve shared so many similarities between the two countries?

First of all, both are archipelagic countries comprising thousands of island in each country. Not to mention that they are also republic countries, with both have elected president as their head of government. Although I just finished the other Pramoedya’s books Child of All Nations and I just found out an interesting fact: Philippines is the first republic country in Asia.

Although I’m not gonna talk about it this time, as we’re gonna focus on the beauty stuff. 😉

Around The World With The Beauties! - (Indonesia) Roro Mendut Royal Black Spice V-Scrub & (Philippines) Bare Body Essentials Vanity Mask Double Deep Repair - The BeauTraveler

Did you get the hints on why I chose a pic of my cat as the background for my recommended beauty product?

The reason is that, I’m gonna talk about Roro Mendut Royal Black Spice V-Scrub. The latter stands for vagina scrub, and the picture is supposed to be a joke.

I mean, I’m trying to hint the fact that the product keeps my pussy adorable… Like my cat in the picture. 😛

As for Amanda, she will give you the idea of how Filipino beauty brand, Bare Body Essentials, is something that is worth for you to try on. This time, she will be focusing on their Vanity Mask Double Deep Repair.

Roro Mendut | Black Royal Spice V-Scrub (Indonesia)

Roro Mendut Royal Black Spice V-Scrub and some other products that I’ve tried from their beauty line.

The Product

Roro Mendut Royal Black Spice V-Scrub

Let’s start with the name of the brand first, because if you’re not Indonesian, I suppose you’d wonder about the brand, and why it is called Roro Mendut in particular.

Some short explanation about Roro Mendut, Roro Mendut is named after a woman who was once a symbol of Javanese beauty with her high sensuality in the Sultanate of Mataram. It is believed that once upon a time, so many nobles and kings were attracted to her beauty.

And Roro Mendut that I’m going to talk about this time is the beauty care line that is created with some legendary recipe of Indonesian ancient royals.

Other than the V-scrub that I am going to talk about in this section, I’ve also tried some of their products like facial srub, facial mask, and facial oil. It was all started when I got connected to the owner of @vizaproject through the invitation tournament of Asian Games 2018. And lately, for some reason I just love to try new skincare products just for the sake of trying to see what works with my skin and whatnot.

For this V-scrub, you could easily find it in various marketplace. The one I’m currently using is the variant of Royal Black Spice V-scrub. It is the mixture of lime, lime leaves, yam, betel, black tea, seaweed, spices and even rice.

You could contact Vito and Riza on their Viza Project’s instagram account, or else you could also find the product through some other shops in big e-commerce like Tokopedia or Lazada. The price varies, depends on the shop, somewhere around IDR 14,000 to IDR 28,000 (around $1 to $2 USD) for the package of 40 grams.

The Verdict

I don’t know about you, but what do you do with your beauty ‘down there’? Like, do you shave, wax, or just grow the bush naturally?! Either way, I think it’s important to maintain its cleanliness. Especially with Aunt Flo comes around regularly.

Formerly, I usually shave especially when I have someone around to sleep with down there, as I usually couldn’t stand being hairy. And the problem about shaving your bikini line is that when the hair grows back, you’ll occasionally get itchy. So since last year, I tried waxing and never turned back ever since.

I mean, seriously… At least now I could stand being hairy for awhile until my next waxing session. My only problem is some days after getting my period. I just couldn’t stand my own smell when I’m hairy, so the only way to get rid of it is to wax.

One of the keys to get some good impression after waxing is to not forget to exfoliate. And this is why this V-scrub is essential to begin with… After trying it the first time, I love this Roro Mendut Black Royal Spice V-Scrub to exfoliate my pussy bikini line! 😀

The product comes in sachet packaging with zip lock, so you could definitely use it for several times. And since this scrub is for vagina-used, you really don’t need a lot when you exfoliate. It comes in powder texture, so you need to mix it with some water before you scrub it around your groin. I usually mix it with rose water for the optimal use, but you can definitely use it with clear water. It doesn’t really matter.

Since this is an organic and vegan product with some traditional recipe, please mind that some of you may find the smell a bit disturbing as it’s the mix of so many herbs and spices. But not exactly the kind that you could find at KFC. 😛

However, I personally love the smell of lime leaves and spices in the product. I find it relaxing, and I love it more when I use it to exfoliate my groin and crotch area. Sometimes I mix the products a little more than I need for vagina, but I usually use the excess for my scretchmark. What I like the most is its texture as it’s rather soft, but it still does the job to exfoliate.

I regularly use this once a week, started with 3 days after my waxing schedule to avoid the possibility of in-grown hair. This is important, because I once forgot to scrub not so long after I waxed, and I got an in-grown hair which I couldn’t get rid the mark until now.

Bare Body Essentials | Vanity Mask Double Deep Repair (Philippines)

Contributor: Amanda from Filipinow

Amanda is a 20-something former novelist who is now trying different beauty products because she wants to get married before 30.

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Bare Body Essentials Vanity Mask Double Deep Repair

The Product

Before and after pic: (1) pic of the mask usage, (2) an hour after the usage, (3) a day after the usage.

In the Philippines, Bare Body Essentials are all over the internet and for exactly the same reason, I wanted to know what the buzz was all about.

The brand itself is quite well-known in the Philippines for their sugar wax and oil products. When I first contacted the company, they were the products that I addressed to try. However, the co-founder was so gracious that she ended up sending me some skin care products as well.

And one of them is this Vanity Mask Double Deep Repair. Initially, I love any kind of good green tea face mask. But this Vanity Mask is the first green tea mask product that I’ve tried, in which it requires firsthand preparation. It caught my attention as they claim that this is a face mask that’s infused with amazing beautifying benefits.

Through some research, I find some information about the benefits of green tea for our skin. That includes to reduce acne and antioxidant.

Not only that, as the product only costs 260 PHP (around $5 USD) for the total of 100 grams. A very economical way to luxuriate as the usual price for the pre-packaged face mask usually starts from around 40 PHP/piece, while this Vanity Mask is good for 10 times of usage. You could get the product, or any other product from Bare Body Essentials on their website.

The Verdict

My first impression is their packaging, as it is contained in a plastic tub as the product itself comes up in the powder form. As I mentioned before, this is the first product that I’ve tried in such form.

I personally like the packaging, as I find it quite appealing with some resemblance of a Korean skincare product.

On my first try, I found that 1 bsp of the powder is enough for my face, and it is advised to mix it with water, if not egg white or honey. However, if you happen to have sensitive skin, I strongly wouldn’t recommend you to mix it with egg whites as I got a breakout from egg white. Stick to water, and thank me later. 😉

My first impression of using it with water is that I love the feeling of it on my skin, as my skin felt very tight and it didn’t even feel itchy, even with the formula. It feels so tight and clean, and it definitely delivered a brightening effect, while there was no irritation during or after the process.

I also love the fact that it dried out my hormonal acne that existed on my chin and upper lip area. As the function of the product is to exfoliate your skin, I wouldn’t recommend you to use it in daily basis.

However, I suppose you can use it 3 times a week if you have oily skin. But for me, as I have dry and sensitive skin, I think once a week is fine by me.

Okay, so that embed tweet is a bonus for you, for the sake of some little laugh! 😛

You see, I think this is exactly the perks of living in the region that is not Singapore or Brunei, so many high-quality beauty products with such amazing outcome. These two are only a few of so many.

Have you tried any other beauty product from Indonesia or the Philippines that you like? Let me know about it so maybe I could consider to try it on my own. Cheerio! 😀


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  1. Woah that’s so cool that indonesia actually has beauty products to care for your pubic area. I wax too and often am saddened by the red bumps left behind. Totally going to try and find something like this in the US!

  2. I love all of these products to take care of my face, as they seem to be so exotic. Thank you very much for this detailed review and I hope to find some of these masks here in Poland too! 🙂

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