Around The World With The Beauties! – (Indonesia) Bali Ratih Body Mist & (Singapore) Que Origin’s Potion Lotion

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As I mentioned a few days ago, starting today, I will have Around The World With The Beauties feature on my blog every Tuesday. And I’m so excited to share more and more posts to come in the beauty section of my blog, even more ecstatic as I get to collaborate with other bloggers too! 😀

So, on the first post of the feature, I would like to share two recommended products from the Equator in South East Asia. On this post, I will cover the recommended local products from my home country Indonesia and our beloved and developed neighbor country, Singapore.

From Indonesia, my favorite product would be Bali Ratih Body Mist while Singapore‘s Yolanda Tan Shi Hui from IreviewUread had contributed with her thoughts on Que Origin’s Potion Lotion.

So, check it out! 🙂

Around The World With The Beauties - (Indonesia) Bali Ratih Body Mist and (Singapore) Que Origin Potion Lotion

Bali Ratih | Body Mist (Indonesia)

The Product

The first time I got introduced to Bali Ratih was back in 2012 when I still worked for one of the low-cost airlines in South East Asia as my boss got a side business as she is a distributor of this product.

Bali Ratih is a brand of home spa package from Indonesia in which they use natural sources as their main ingredients. Their products are varied from body scrub to body lotion, with a lot of natural fragrance from apple to even chocolate.

The reason why I love Bali Ratih is not only because they provide a high-quality home spa package with such an affordable price, but also because there are so many fragrances that I can try for each product. Sometimes they even come in such a handy package with a pouch for the whole set of products.

So far, there are at least 4 (four) products of Bali Ratih that you can try on –body scrub, body lotion, body butter, and body mist– in which all of them are very recommended. However, I personally love their body mist the most, especially the olive fragrance.

For the whole package of Bali Ratih, you can get it for around IDR 125,000 (around $10 USD), although you can also buy the body mist separately for as low as IDR 26,000 (around $2 USD) here.

The Verdict

I have tried several fragrances from Bali Ratih, from apple, white rose, chocolate to olive.

But I gotta say, from all variations that I have tried, I like the olive one the best because it smells so nice and fresh, while the fragrance is longlasting too.

Back when I was flying, I rarely used perfume on flights. I was more like a really cheap flight attendant who couldn’t even afford a decent perfume, but then again I don’t think I’ve ever experienced any problem when it comes to body odor. And thanks to Bali Ratih Body Mist, I never really have to worry about it at such an affordable price.

As a regular user of Bali Ratih products, I think I’d be much happier if they actually have their products in a bigger size.

I mean, it’s a good thing that now they have their products in such a travel-friendly package, but then for those who are regular users like me, I suppose it’s gonna be super handy if they come in a giant bottle to avoid way too many empty bottles in the end. Or a refill package, maybe?! 😉

Que Origin’s Potion Lotion | Body Moisturizers (Singapore)

Contributor: Tan Shi Hui from IreviewUread

More than just a beauty blogger, less than a Youtuber. IreviewUread is a Singapore-based Beauty, Lifestyle and DIY Blogger-Youtuber pushing the boundaries of life. She reviews beauty and lifestyle products and feature DIY tutorials on her blog.

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Singapore Local Beauty Product

The Product

My skin gets dry easily, be it day or night, so using a multipurpose body moisturizer/lotion is a must for me.

My favorite is Que Origin’s Potion Lotion not only because I support local small business, but the products are organic as well. The lotion contains 100% naturally derived ingredients such as various essential oils, botanical-infused water and hydrolyzed proteins.

Although organic products tend to have a shorter shelf life, I love how they are free from harmful chemicals. It’s such a relief to know they treat the skin right. Not only that it’s organic, Que Origin’s Potion Lotion also comes in three variations – Oiless Satin, Potion 50 and Potion 100. These variations are created to adjust different environment and different skin types.

While Potion 50 is suitable for the normal skin, Potion 100 is best used for those who are in colder regions with dry skin. As for Oiless Satin, it’s great for people like us who live in the equator and struggle with the type of skin that tends to be oily.

For the packaging of 200ml bottle, the price is only SGD $17.80 (around $13.5 USD) on their online store.

The Verdict

As seen from the swatches, Oiless Satin is more watery while the texture of Potion 100 is thicker. I love having Potion 100 in the air-conditioned room as it is perfect for my dry skin. On the other hand, Oiless Satin is perfect to use during Singapore’s hot and humid weather. Which is quite often. 😛

I like how the lotions easily spread on my skin, unlike some other lotions. It also has a strong essential oil scent that I love. Besides the Lemongrass scent, it also comes in many different scents. The thing that I like about Que Origin is how their packaging always change based on the local holidays. Additionally, they even provide customization of the bottles as well. You can read the full review on Que Origin’s Potion Lotion here.

If there’s anything that I know of, then I think it’s the humidity we people in South East Asia that get used to, but might be shocking for those who are from outside the region. And I think, a good skin care is a must-have, while sometimes home spa is quite effective when you feel like doing some self-care on budget.

So, are you in shock o the humidity in South East Asia? Or are you in the mood to bring some affordable Balinese home spa products for your beloved at home?! Or do you have some other local product recommendations in the region?

Drop your comment below and cheerio! 😀


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  1. The potion lotion looks phenomenal. I have really dry skin and I’m always looking for new products. Do you know if it’s gentle? Just about everything makes me breakout so I’m really cautious.

  2. That’s really interesting that they have three different types of lotions that are the same but different thickness. For me I would use the Potion 50, something not too thick or thin. The olive scents has to smell great, my skin normally can’t handle heavy scents.

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