Around The World With The Beauties! – (UK) Beauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil Aroma Facial Concentrate & Organic Shop Nourishing Hair Care

Hello beautravelers! 😀

Back again to my very monthly feature Around The World With The Beauties, and now that we’ve had a few local beauty products reviewed here by the locals from countries like Indonesia or even Malta, you know what’s missing?

Yup, yup… I know, where are the local beauty products from some big countries like England or America?!

Well, although we need to hold on to have some American local beauty products to be featured, this month we will talk about 2 recommended local beauty products from the United Kingdom. After all, it’s the Royal Wedding Week! 🙂

And for this, thanks to Lucy from Lucy Dorling Beauty Blog and Naomi from Beauty Addict Mama to let me feature their favorite local beauty products here. In this opportunity, Lucy would recommend Beauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil Aroma Facial Concentrate, while Naomi has Organic Shop Nourishing Hair Care to talk about.

So, what’s so special about these British beauty products then?

Around The World With The Beauties - (UK) Beauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil Aroma Facial Concentrate & Organic Shop Nourishing Hair Care

(UK) Beauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil Aroma Facial Concentrate

Contributor: Lucy Dorling from Lucy Dorling Beauty Product

Lucy is a beauty junkie and nail polish addict. She loves Instagram and reading other beauty blogs.

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Beauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil Skincare Pick Me Ups.

The Product

Beauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil Aroma Facial Concentrate.

I’ve become a big fan of Beauty Kitchen over the last few months, the Abyssinian Oil range is what I have tried first.

I knew that they did this pouch with generous travel sizes, which include the Natural Cream Cleanser, Facial Concentrate, Five Minute Miracle Mask, as well as Facial Moisture Cream.

The kit is £19.99 (around $28 USD) which also includes £10.00 (around $14 USD) of coupons so you can get £2.00 (around $2.8 USD) off each product in the kit and the Handbag Beauty Balm.

It comes in a cute little pouch and would make a lovely gift and introduction into the range.

It’s available at Holland and Barrett in-store and online, as well as the official Beauty Kitchen website.

So next time you’re going to the UK, you can always stroll around the store, as well as check the ability to get it online.

The Verdict

I am so addicted to oils, and this one has proved to be a real favorite.

As I have tried a few products from Beauty Kitchen now, I could tell you that Aroma Facial Concentrate is my pick of the Abyssinian Oil range.

It’s a light oil, and you don’t need much to apply. 3 to 6 drops is all that I need, as I tend to use more on my neck. It smells absolutely divine with essential oil of Palmarosa and Magnolia. The facial concentrate is suitable for oily and dry skins, helping regulate sebum production and rich in Omega 9 to help moisturizing your skin too. 🙂

The facial concentrate that comes in Pick Me Up kit is in the small size of 15ml, although you can also purchase the regular size of 30 ml for £19.99 (around $28 USD). You can check my complete review here.

(UK) Organic Shop Nourishing Hair Care

Contributor: Naomi from Beauty Addict Mama

Naomi is a UK-based, thirty-something beauty product addict and she loves to read about, test, buy and collect makeup. She’s been more than a little obsessed with makeup for as long as she can remember, which was well before she was allowed to wear it until she was 15 when her mom would let her experiment with dodgy foundation and frosted eyeshadow.

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Organic Shop Nourishing Hair Care.

The Product

Organic Shop Hair Shampoo and Conditioner.

Experimenting with hair products hasn’t always been affordable, as haircare get expensive and hair wash day for me is literally a whole day. Keeping my hair curly is a lifestyle choice.

This is why I was so excited to try these new products from Organic Shop. Each product – in this case, shampoo, conditioner and hair mask – costs only £2.50 (around $3.5 USD).

There are 5 different ranges of products to cater for a range of hair types, each range containing organic and all natural ingredients collected from around the globe.

I was lucky enough to receive the Moroccan Argan and Amla nourishing shampoo, conditioner and mask. This seemed like a perfect set for me as my hair is dry and damaged and in much need of acquiring a healthy shine.

All products can be purchased on the official site of Organic Shop, as well as at Tesco. Yup, it’s so easy to find that you can always get it in the retail shop! 😀

The Verdict

It’s not easy finding compatible products for curly hair, especially Type 3 curly hair which is incredibly dry, like my own. Predictably being mixed race, I fall somewhere between Afro and Caucasian hair and have spent a small fortune on hair products over the years. After years of experimenting with techniques and products, I now loosely follow the curly girl method making sure that I keep everything SLS and paraben free.

The first thing that I noticed about this set was that the shampoo and conditioner both came with a pump attached. I much prefer this as opposed to having to squeeze it out or like some products, having to pour. I just think that a pump is just much easier to use, especially with wet hands.

I’m on the fence about scented hair products as I don’t like them to battle against my perfume and thankfully, I didn’t detect much (if any) of a scent with these products.

After letting my hair air dry and styling it with my usual products, I’m pretty pleased with how it looks. My curls look both healthier and shinier whilst feeling incredibly soft. You can check out my complete review here.

I gotta admit that I’m really interested to try both products.

Beauty Kitchen Pick Me Ups kit comes in such a cute package and I’m sure it comes really handy to use whenever you travel.

As for the Organic Shop Hair Care, this sounds like one great product to try on as although my hair is not curly, but it’s very dry. And the affordable price with organic ingredients are definitely two reasons to try this one.

So, have you tried any beauty products from the UK? Or rather, have you ever tried any product from Beauty Kitchen or Organic Shop? Which one is your favorite?

Let me know what’s your take on the comment below, and cheerio! 😀

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  1. Definitely going to have to forward this to Darcee because like you she is obsessed with essential oils so I think she would love to experiment with the Abyssinian Oil. Though her hair isnt dry, it is very curly so I am sure she would like the Moroccan Shampoo and that price point is very good for anyone who may want to experiment with it.

  2. Wow so many cool products! Like the facts that they come from the UK didn’t know they had so many cool skin products. The skin pick me ups look really cool I would try those in a heart beat =)

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