Around The World With The Beauties! – (Czech Republic/Slovakia) Soaphoria’s Lip Balm & (Estonia) Le’Maagi Highlighting Powder

Hi again, beautravelers! 😀

Now that Around The World With The Beauties has become the monthly feature on the blog, I really hope you still stay tuned for the new feature every month.

For those who get left a little behind, friendly reminder that this feature will be published on the third Tuesday every month. And pretty much like the previous posts, we're still talking about some recommended local beauty products from around the world.

So, if you're a beauty enthusiast who loves to travel the world, get some new knowledge on what beauty brand that you should look up whenever you're planning to go to some new destination! 😉

This time, thanks to Czech Republic's Dana from DFashion who contributed to a recommendation of Slovakian beauty product Soaphoria's lip balm and Estonia's Laura of Oku Moku for her local recommendation, Le'Maagi Highlighting Powder. 

And for those who couldn't take the hint what interconnects one product to another, it is actually the country of origin for both products. Back in the Cold War era. So yes, on the feature of beauty products, let's learn History for a bit today ladies… Because beauty without intelligence is nothing! 😛

As we all probably know, Czech Republic and Slovakia were once under the flag of Czechoslovakia before their peaceful dissolution in 1993. Czechoslovakia was once the buffer state of the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, Estonia was once a part of the Soviet Union. In fact, they were the first republic within the Soviet sphere to declare their state sovereignty from Moscow in 1988.

You know what I'm saying? If you're not really fond of History, then let's skip that and continue to your favorite one: beauty products!!! 😀

Around The World With The Beauties - (Czech/Slovakia) Soaphoria Lip Balm and (Estonia) Le'Maagi Highlighting Powder

Soaphoria | Lip Balm (Czech Republic/Slovakia)

Contributor: Dana Haluskova from DFashion

Dana is a Czech blogger who mainly blogs about sustainable fashion and lifestyle.

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Source: Notino Blog

The Product

Source: Soaphoria

Organic and natural cosmetic products are becoming more and more popular in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

One of my favorite brands is Slovak Soapharia. It is not only made from natural and organic ingrendients, but also vegan, handmade, and ecological.

Testing on the animals is obviously prohibited for this brand.

How can you recognize Soapharia?

Very easy! Even the package is different from others, made from glass or paper. Everything is possible to recycle more than once.

If you prefer vegan ingredients, you can choose one of 90% products. The amazing stuff in glass packages rather evocate homemade jams or chocolate than cosmetic products. 😉

You can buy body butters, creams, masks, shampoos, micellar water, lip balms, natural perfumes, etc. In this opportunity, I would specifically share my thoughts about the lip balm.

The Verdict

I just fell in love with vanilla extract of my new lip balm. Apart from the amazing aroma, it deeply hydrates my lips and makes it smooth and healthy. Use it once or twice a day and that would be enough, so you will have one tube of lip balm for a year or even slightly more! 😀

All products are available in Czech Sopaharia online store, and the lip balm itself only costs 87 CZK or around $4 USD.

 Le'Maagi | Highlighting Powder (Estonia)

Contributor: Laura Alagoz from Oku Moku

Originally from Estonia, Laura is a skincare and beauty obsessed beauty blogger and makup artist based in Belgium. She loves reading and traveling, but most of all she loves spending time with her family.

Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

The Product

Everytime I'm going to Estonia for holiday, I visit Pillerkaar and put together a little wishlist of what I would like to get whenever I go there.

They sell only natural beauty products and all are local products, made in Estonia.

One of the products on my wishlist the last time I went there during Christmas holiday is this Le'Maagi Highlighter Powder, especially the shade of Beach Girl and Champagne Club.

These looked beautiful on my skin tone and I have tried one of their eyeshadows before, which was quite fabulous. Hence, my high hopes for these ones. 😀

The Verdict

I ended up purchasing all the shades, so now I've got Champagne Club, Beach Girl and City of Angles and I bought it for €16.99 (around $20 USD) for each packaging of 2.3 grams.

The highlighters come in a little compact packaging and there are the powder and the mirror inside it. I love the fact that there is no wasted space and the outside packaging looks simple and stylish.

The powders feel buttery to the touch and can be used with or without a brush. It is easy to blend them out with fingertips. I personally like to use a brush.

These shade are gorgeous and I have made it them all work for me. These don't contain any nasty ingredients like talc, synthetical colorants or fragrances and preservatives.

I personally like Champagne Club the most as it looks most flattering on my skin color, although I usually use the other 2 colors whenever I go for bronzer look.

The staying power of these products is amazing, and you can read the complete review here.

I don't know about you, but growing up in Indonesia and being a sports fan, there's always something about Eastern European beauty. Yes, even for me… A straight lady.

I mean, I grew up adoring Daniela Hantuchova. Not only because of her tennis skill in the early 2000s, but also because she's so pretty. And as I wrote this feature, I actually just found out that Anna Kournikova is still with Enrique Iglesias and just welcomed their twins last year. Wow! 😀

Anyway, as for beauty products, I am honestly not family to any beauty product from any East European countries. But it's always exciting to know what to expect when you're hunting some local beauty products around there.

In fact, travel-wise, I am personally more interested to visit eastern part of Europe so maybe if one day I get some lottery to visit Europe, Czech Republic and Estonia will be the next on my list for these beauties? 😉

So, have you been anywhere in Czech Republic, Slovakia or Estonia? Or have you tried some other local beauty product there? Let me know what you think, and cheerio! 😀

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  1. I want to try the lip balm and also the highlighting powder. I love make ups and I’ve always wanted to try somethjng that will be okay to my skin. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  2. Oh the highlight in ‘city of angels’ is my favourite!! It’s such a pretty shade! The others are beaut too but I think that one would be the most flattering for my complexion as well…never heard of this company before so thanks for sharing x

  3. The products looks great! Would love to try it all. Thanks for sharing your reviews ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out the collaborations portal of and connect with amazing brands!


  4. Like the all-natural products. We have been trying to use more all natural products in our household. My wife is using more all-natural makeup (when she wears makeup) and we’re all using all-natural soaps, shampoos, etc.

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