Around The World With The Beauties! – (Brunei) Potions & Things’ Elixir Face Oil and (Philippines) Careline Matte Liquid Lipstick

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A little announcement here and there, instead of making Around The World With The Beauties as a weekly feature on my blog, instead I will turn this feature into a monthly feature instead. But no worries, because you still can find some inspiration about local beauty products that you can try next time you travel in some new traveling destination! 😉

Now it’s time to get back to South East Asia region, as I would like to thank Brunei’s Zati to introduce us to Elixir Face Oil from Potions & Things, as well as Philippines’ Surita as she recommends Careline Matte Liquid Lipstick.

As most of you probably know, ASEAN is probably one of the hottest topics in terms of economy. But other than that, ASEAN country members are quite infamous with high-quality beauty products with affordable price. So, let’s check out these two products from two country members of ASEAN! 😀

Around The World With The Beauties - (Brunei) Potions & Things Elixir Face Oil and (Philippines) Careline Matte Liquid Lipstick)

Potions & Things | Elixir Face Oil (Brunei)

Contributor: Izzati Zahari from The October Noble

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The Product

Face oils have changed my makeup game for several months.

Before then, I never really bothered with them because some of the good ones are suuuuper expensive and I am all about living the frugal life. 😛

But it all changed when my best friend told me that her sister was launching her own homemade skincare brand called Potions & Things. One of her introductory products is the Elixir Face Oil and it is super affordable. I was lucky to win the product in a giveaway! 😀

I am crazy about the fact that the Elixir is only $25 BND (around $19 USD) and lasts more than 5 months, as I am still on my first bottle since October. I do wear makeup frequently and I never miss this step in my skin care, so it absolutely a bargain!

The brand also comes with seven types of oil that cater to different skin types, and I use the one for oily skin. And I also love that the elixir are freshly made, meaning that they only concoct the oil once you make an order. So, it is not your typical “stocked” face oil! 😀

The brand is currently still locally bound and I am unsure if they are willing to ship worldwide, however if you’re planning to visit Brunei next time, feel free to give them a support by following their Instagram page here. 🙂

The Verdict

I love to incorporate the Elixir in my beauty and skincare regime, so what I usually do is apply the elixir after my moisturizer. I know that face oils are more known to be applied before moisturizer, but per Nikkie Tutorials’ tips, they are supposed to be applied last.

So, for the past 2 months, I have been applying the oil at the end of my skincare routine and I honestly live for Nikkie’s tip because this leaves my skin so nourished and supple until morning. I do look like an oily mess, but it’s a given! 😛

What I also love is that the Elixir works great as a makeup primer. It keeps my oiliness at bay and this, in return, makes my makeup lasts a lot longer. I also realized that after a month of wearing the oil, my pores are not necessarily smaller, but they are less “open”, a sign that they are very hydrated and moisturized. 🙂

Careline Matte Liquid | Lipstick (Philippines)

Contributor: CJ Surita from From Manila With Love

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Philippine Local Beauty Product

The Product

Careline matte liquid lipstick is a truer ‘liquid matte’ lipstick that is comfortably lightweight and surprisingly pigmented, and not to put the local brand down but it is SUPER good for a Philippine makeup brand.

All the matte colours, leaning mostly to ‘nude’, are all very on trend. There are other ‘non-nude’ colours like Pop (Bright Fuschia), In Bloom (Bright Cherry Red), Dark Matter (Vampy Eggplant) and Wallflower (Blueish Gray).They also have matte metallic lippies for your more adventurous looks.

For PHP 210 with some places even have them as low as PHP 195 (around $4 USD), I can also use this on my cheeks for some blush color. Although for this, we have to apply it really carefully as it is so pigmented and a little hard to blend.To check out more of the shades available, as well as other products from Careline Cosmetics, you can check it here.

The Verdict

The new branding is much-needed facelift for the crowd today as it is still targeted towards the youngsters with the watery consistency that reminisces Colorpop Satin Lips, but delivers 100% on pigment at just one swipe and non-scented formula.

I bought Pop, Normcore (Grayish Mauve) and Gotta Go (Warm Peachy Nude) at Watsons for PHP 195/each and I strongly recommend this product for any of you who haven’t tried any locally available liquid matte lipstick to start off. You can also read the complete review here.

I personally never tried any face oil product, but I suppose good to know that there’s some good, organic product from a neighbor country like Brunei. I mean, Brunei is on my list to visit before I get to hit 30! 😀

And matte lipstick though, despite I heard that the trend nowadays is leaning to lip gloss, I’m still rooting for matte lipstick so Careline seems like one of the products that is worth to try whenever you have some fun in the Philippines! In fact, AirAsia just opened the new route from Jakarta to Manila.

So absolutely yes… As for Brunei, I’ve never tried anything from Brunei since I’ve never been there. But I used to have this eyeliner from the Philippines that became my go-to when I got a chance to visit Manila. The downside is that I only bought it based on the beauty advisor’s recommendation and couldn’t remember the name of its brand. 🙁 

Have you ever tried any other local beauty product from either Brunei or the Philippines? What’s your verdict? 

Well, share your input on the comment section and cheerio! 😀

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