4 Amazing Activities to Add to Your Africa Bucket List

When you get the opportunity to travel to Africa, there are so many amazing activities on offer that truly are a once in a lifetime experience, so dwindling it down to just a few can be quite tricky.

Figuring out which adventures will be the most awe-inspiring is tough as sometimes things are not as they appear on the surface, but luckily there are a few guaranteed jaw-droppers that you’ll be glad you added to your bucket list. What is it there in Africa other than enjoying Tanzania safari

So, if you’re jetting out to Africa and want to make the most of your trip by creating memories you will treasure forever, then read on to discover 4 of the best activities you can organize today!

4 Amazing Activities to Add to Your Africa Bucket List - The BeauTraveler

Visit the Idyllic Beaches

Many African countries, including Tanzania, Kenya and Nigeria, are situated on the coast, resulting in a long stretch of idyllic beaches spanning for miles and miles around the continent.

Traveling to one of these places without taking some time to visit the beautiful sandy shores would be so disappointing, as you can find some of the most tranquil and peaceful beaches that boast some truly magical views. If you want to add some adventure into the mix, you could always book one of the many scuba diving activities that are on offer, and get the chance to go underwater and see the ocean from below, surrounded by exotic fish and aquatic life.

There are some jaw-dropping dive sites littered throughout the shores of Mozambique, so if you’re heading to this region be sure not to miss out on this great opportunity. 

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Go on a Real Safari

When you’re in Africa, going to a zoo instead of on a real safari is unheard of. To see animals like lions, elephants and rhinos in their natural habitat is an amazing experience, and you will never forget the experience of Africa safaris.

There are many companies that offer personalized trips, and they can take you in a private vehicle to perfect location to see every animal that’s native to the area. It can be a dangerous adventure so make sure that you are prepared, and never get too distracted as you will likely have wilderness on all sides.

Always listen to what your guide says, as they will know the area as well as what to do if you find yourselves in a tricky situation. Don’t forget to pack some water, as the heat can be very intense, especially in the desert regions like Botswana and Namibia. 

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Sample the Authentic Cuisine

The food that’s on offer throughout Africa is unlike anything else on the globe, so taking the chance to sample the authentic cuisine will give you a taste sensation like nothing you have ever eaten before.

Each different area boasts its own unique food culture, such as game meat, tropical fruits and veg along with many types of flatbread, so it’s going to vary in each region.

Don’t be afraid to try foods that you might never have heard of before, as it would be such a shame to miss out on something that you might actually love. It may be a good idea to avoid certain street vendors, as though locals can consume the food on a regular basis, your immune system may not be quite capable of dealing with it.

Just check the hygiene situation (dirty utensils, chefs access to handwashing stations) before you decide to purchase. 

Source: Pxhere.

Spend Some Time at an Animal Sanctuary

If you’re an animal lover and want to give back to the community during your trip, then why not spend some time at an animal sanctuary? 

You can get hands-on experience with many different rescued animals like monkeys and baby leopards, as there are several important organizations that exist to offer car for those that are sick and injured whilst using tracking details to help keep them safe when released back into the wild.

Research which sanctuaries are in the locations you might visit and try to plan your trip in advance, making use of the different reviews that are available online to check that the animals are truly in a safe environment, as there are unfortunately some nasty people out there just to make a quick buck. 

Hopefully these 4 amazing activity ideas can help you to make the most of your adventures in Africa – so what are you waiting for? Get packing and head out on your once in a lifetime trip and enjoy yourself like never before!

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