Exploring Hong Kong Like a Local: 5 Affordable Things to Do in Hong Kong

There is no doubt that Hong Kong is not really popular for budget-friendly travel for a lot of reasons. First, it's known that the city has one of the highest living costs in Asia, only a few lines behind Singapore

In addition to that, the housing in Hong Kong is also really expensive that you need to prepare some money to find some good hotels in the city. Even worse if you're traveling solo to Hong Kong that you've got no one to split the accommodation budget.

Despite that, I was actually pretty surprised that everything else in Hong Kong is pretty affordable. Although you may not be able to get to Hong Kong Disneyland if your budget is tight, it's really easy to find some budget-friendly things to do in Hong Kong for a day. 

This time, Winnie from MillionDollarWinnie will be sharing some of the best affordable things to do in Hong Kong, so you can explore the city without breaking the bank!

Top 5 Budget-Friendly Things to Do in Hong Kong for the Day

Hong Kong isn’t well known for its value in price. In fact, Hong Kong is pretty expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with $10 USD in your pocket.

*begins to start signing Macklemore’s Thrift shop song*

$10 USD is $78 HKD, which isn’t actually too bad. I love a good challenge and I also like saving money so this is right up my alley. Keep reading to find a full day itinerary to spend ONLY $10 USD in Hong Kong.

Wake up to a Hong Kong breakfast like a local – $15 HKD

Hong Kong is a fast-paced city and most people don’t get to enjoy a relaxed breakfast at home. Instead, they grab a tasty bakery treat at a local bakery and a Vita Soy.

You’ll find a whole array of yummy bakery goods that you may never have seen before. Grab one and a Vita soya milk.

Take the city tram for a sightseeing tour – $2.60 HKD

Hop on to the city tram at Kennedy Town or Shau Kei Wan once the morning rush hour cools down. It’s a great, cheap way to travel from one end of the Island to the other side.

Grab a seat on the upper floor and get ready to take plenty of photos as you see various decades of architecture pass you by. It’s also a great way to simply watch locals go about their day.

Source: Pxhere.com

Time for a quick lunch, Hong Kong style fast food- $30 HKD (depends on where you go)

Cantonese food is famous for being fast to cook. So, fast food in Hong Kong isn’t going to be your usual burgers and fries. Nope, it’s actually going to be roast meat.

Go to one of many roast meat stalls in the city to get a lunch box of rice and roast meat of your choice. But this isn’t roast meat you’re used to. It’s Cantonese style roast meat.

Take the ferry over to Tsim Sha Tsui and watch the laser light show – $2.7 HKD

The city’s harbour is world famous for its skyline. And the skyline is something you don’t want to miss when the sunsets and the lights turn on.

Take the ferry from Hong Kong Island and head to Tsim Sha Tsui just before 8 pm to catch the Symphony of Lights show. If you want to splurge your travel budget a little, you can also book a cruise around Victoria harbor like this Aqua Luna excursion.

Street food for dinner – Whatever is left in your budget

From the avenue of stars, head over to Mong Kok and get ready to eat some street food. You’ll find skewers upon skewers of food and meats lining the streets.

A classic you shouldn’t miss out on is curry fish balls. Another is squid tentacles, and pan fried, stuffed veggies.

Contributor: Winnie from MillionDollarWinnie

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