About The BeauTravel Blog

I have rebranded this blog into The BeauTraveler by November 2017.

Initially named as Ransel Ungu like my Indonesian blog, I realized that the name might be difficult to remember for non-Indonesian speakers while I write all contents in English.

BeauTravel itself is the term that I created as I got the idea to start Ransel Ungu project in February 2017.

The term was taken from 3 (three) basic words that are kind of essential for me: Beau, Beauty, and Travel.

Those three will be the main topics written on this blog, as the contents you’ll find on this blog will be divided into 3 sections as below:

  • BEAU The contents under Beau category are all the posts written related to dating, or life with my beloved ones in general.
  • BEAUTY The contents under Beauty category are all the posts written related to skincare, makeup, and any issue related to beauty and self-esteem as a woman in the 20s. On this section, I also have a monthly feature called Around The World With The Beauties where I collaborate with other female bloggers to talk about recommended local beauty products from different countries around the world. This feature will be published on the third Tuesday every month.
  • TRAVEL The contents under Travel category are all the posts written related to travel, which include traveling stories, experiences, reviews, as well as tips that do the trick to visit some places that I have visited. On this section, you can also find a weekly feature called What You Could Get In The City For $10 where I collaborate with other travel bloggers to talk about what recommendation(s) to do/purchase in the city of their choices for what’s equal to $10 USD. This feature will be published every Wednesday.

Blogging has been my hobby for as long as I remember.

I started blogging since I was in junior high school, from the crappy LiveJournal to the then-so-exciting multiply. Since I was in university, I have been blogging on tumblr too.

Until recently, I only use my tumblr account for whenever and whatever I want to write.

Started with my frustration towards my 9-to-6 job, I decided to create another blog with a more vivid concept that could help me to focus on the content while hopefully enable me to get opportunities to work on some projects more related to my passion.

The BeauTraveler is a combination of personal and professional contents.

Mostly, I will share what I have experienced through my traveling story or the review of products and/or services that I have used. You can click here for the disclosure of affiliate and newsletter.

In the process, I also collaborate with some fellow bloggers under ‘collaboration’ category in this blog.

In addition, I may accept some free products and write an article about it. I only do this if I endorse the product 100%. My opinion will always be truthful and will never be influenced by receiving a product for free. If you are a company and would like to work on a project with me, feel free to contact me.

Earning a little money allows me to maintain this blog, although as I write these lines, my income is always in the red and I never realized a net profit. If you want to know more details about this blog to consider collaboration with me, please do check my site’s analytics here.

For any collaboration or correspondence with The BeauTraveler, you can contact me directly here or send me an e-mail to contact@thebeautraveler.com

Media Kit (updated as per June 2018):

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