About The BeauTravel Blog

What is The BeauTraveler?

BeauTravel is a concept I've created prior to the launching of this blog, in which I want a platform where I can share stories focusing on 3 topics: beau, beauty, and travel.

Apart from those three topics, I occasionally write some stuff outside the scope just for the sake of sharing it to my audience... and of course, personal rants!

The contents in this blog are written by me, unless otherwise stated under collaboration tag. As my blog has grown, I occasionally collaborate with other fellow bloggers as well as brands through collab and sponsored posts.

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BEAU is referring to the dating stories that I’ve experienced as the attempts to find the love of my life. In case you’re curious, so far it wasn’t a big success as I’ve been single for quite some time.

BEAUTY, because I am personally interested in skincare and makeup. Those things are my must-haves in daily basis, and it would be cool if I could also share and maybe brainstorm about the products that I’ve tried. Not only beauty from outside, as I also occasionally write about how to accept our own beauty from other aspects.

TRAVEL will be the main focus on this blog, as I try to always visit a new place at least once a year for the soul purpose of experience it on my own.

UNCATEGORIZED is the category used for the contents outside the three main topics. In here, you can find some posts written about random topics, from my love of football to some of blogging tips. 

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