A Guide to Find an Online Job: Things You Need to Know Before You Start Applying

I’ve been on some kind of writer’s block lately. I mean, I want to write a review of some new skincare products that I’ve purchased recently, but then I got too lazy to even take a proper pic for the post. I have a new project going on, and I’m so excited to publish this later, but it’s still in the planning phase.

Due to those excuses, I decided to write about working remotely again… And this time, I want to write a simple guide to find an online job. While there are so many free online resources about working remotely, I still occasionally get questions about where and how to find opportunities to work online.

So in this post, I’d share some things I know about online job based on my experience. Especially those things you need to know and do before you start applying for that job.

Now that I’ve been both in the position where I was a job-seeker as well as an employer, I’ll share my insights on how to land your first online gigs.

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What You Need to Know Before Applying for an Online Job

Finding a great online job opportunity could be a bit tricky. Not only because nowadays more and more people are interested in remote work position, but also because there’s a chance for you to encounter some scammy opportunities.

If you’ve been in industry for quite some time, you’d probably recognize this kind of opportunities so easily. But if you just get started, be vigilant.

So, what do we need to know before we start applying for a job online? Here we go!

1. When it sounds too good to be true, chances are it IS too good to be true.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes got some spam comment on Instagram about earning like $1000 in a few hours or so. Tempting, isn’t it?

While most people already know the comment itself sounds like a red flag, it doesn’t stop those scammers from getting people fallen into their games. So, if you’re one of those people, it’s best for you just to delete the comment and move on… Find something more legit than something that sells a dream like that.

It seems that the pyramid scheme is also trending for online job opportunities. I mean, I’m not gonna forbid you to join MLM or anything… But if you’re not into that, then be aware! 😉

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2. It’s okay to send as many applications as you can, but always remember… Quality over quantity!

If you ask me how many applications that I’ve sent for potential clients ever since I quit my 9-5, the answer would be plenty. I can’t even remember how many job opportunities that I’ve applied so far.

Some I got a rejection letter, while I never heard anything from the others. Some are even sneaky enough to never get back to me, only to get my e-mail address added to their mailing list. But one thing that I know is that I know I’ve applied for the position that I am genuinely interested in.

Despite having a few years experience in both customer service and sales, I know that I no longer want a job in those areas. So I tried to apply for the positions that not only sound legit, but also those that I’m genuinely interested in. Some works that I know I’ll be excited if I happen to get the position.

Lucky for me, the mindset led me a lot of opportunities that are absolutely less stressful for my life in general. So it doesn’t matter what kind of job you’re aiming for, the quality in a job you need is something that will get you excited when you get it.

3. You’ll never know how far you get from helping people.

Never underestimate the magic of trying to help people. I got more working opportunities simply by trying to help, and it’s been absolutely wonderful!

Whatever you do, whichever working area you’re seeking, helping someone in need could be fruitful in the long-term.

Not only that you will be able to showcase your skill and put yourself out there, you can also get some testimonial from those people you helped in case you’re looking to start a business later on.

All of my local clients, I got the opportunities to work with them as I decided to help my friend on her brother’s business. I helped them and they referred me to their fellow business owners as a copywriter.

I also have a client with whom I initially work for them as a ghostwriter, but they end up trusting me to work on some design tasks as well after I helped them create the design for their e-book.

So yes… I’ll encourage you to help people when you can. Even if it won’t benefit you financially, you’ll still find the benefits in any kind of form. Whatever happens, it’s worth it.

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What You Need to Do Before Applying for an Online Job

Now that you know what you need to know before applying for an online job, next you need to do some stuff that will be beneficial for your application. I mean, applying for a job opportunity could be exhausting. Especially when you keep getting the rejection letters, right?

But that’s the point. Avoid the rejection letter and start proving your future clients that you have the ability to help them with your expertise.

Whenever I met some people who casually asked me the tips to start working from home, they always cringed a little when I shared what I’ve done before applying for an online job. Some were like, “But it’s a lot of efforts…”

Honestly, it really depends on how you see it. Sure it takes a lot of efforts to get your dream job. Not necessarily the remote work, but even if you’re aiming for some corporate job, it’s not easy either is it?

Plus, you need to see the bigger picture. While it may sound like it’s too much effort to do these… Ask yourself this: Do you prefer to do more but convince your future clients to work with you or do you prefer to have it easy but it takes longer for you to find clients because your capability isn’t convincing enough through your applications? The choice is yours.

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1. Revamp Your Resume or Portfolio.

Yes, revamping your resume or portfolio could be so overwhelming. But it’s one of the necessities to have when you want to showcase your capability to the potential clients.

I did my latest resume on Canva, and I landed a few gigs by sending the resume to some potential clients. As for the portfolio, since I mostly work with clients for copywriting and social media management, I usually just share this blog and some of my social media accounts to showcase what I’ve done. 

Some clients also need the reassurance by giving me some trial task. As long as it won’t consume too much time, I’d be happy to help doing it the best I can.

If you don’t know where to start about creating a portfolio, you can always maximize your Google Drive or any similar platform. It’s free, and you can easily share it with your potential clients.

2. Avoid using template-based cover letter(s).

I know, I know… Creating a template to send as a cover letter whenever you apply for a job opportunity is actually easier. However, I wouldn’t recommend you do it unless you’re willing to double-check and proofread the applications that you’d send.

I used to create a cover letter template only to realize that there were times when I forgot to change the name of client or company. And I feel like it would give me a bad name if I kept doing it so I stopped using the template.

Instead, I always try to create a personal cover letter whenever I’m interested in some opportunity. It gives me the sense of personality, and I can even show them how and why I’m personally interested in working them. It works quite well, as I’ve gained more and more clients that way.

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3. When you see a job opportunity that you’re interested to apply, read the requirements carefully and do as they say.

I don’t know how many job opportunities that I’ve read where the employers/clients added some irrelevant requirement like asking the applicants to mention their favorite TV shows or just adding some random e-mail subject for the application they send.

You may wonder why they would even care about how you love binge-watching Golden Girls when your job would be just sorting their e-mails. Or maybe you can’t help to figure out what “FROZEN” has anything to do with the potential web designing gig.

Guess what? When it sounds so random, it’s actually your first test. They want to see how much you pay attention in detail. So yeah, if you’re really interested in the opportunity, always follow their requirements, no matter how bizarre it sounds like.

4. Try to keep it professional.

When I was hiring and got so many applications sent to my e-mail, there is one thing that seems to be the habit of most Indonesian job-seekers: using Assalamualaikum wr.wb as the greeting on the e-mail.

As an Indonesian myself, I know this would be seen as proper and polite for the majority of our people. However, from an employer’s point of view, I’d avoid hiring the people who take their religious identity to an application e-mail. Religion for me is very personal, and I’d prefer to hire people who are professional and know that they may have to work in a diverse community.

Especially if you’re seeking for an online job gigs where your clients could be from anywhere in the world. Some things could be taken in the wrong way, so it’s important for you to keep it professional on your first e-mail.

And that, my friends, is why it’s necessary for you to get to know the brand image of your potential clients. Obviously, my brand image is far from religion. But maybe using Assalamualaikum wr.wb will be beneficial for you if you’re looking out some sharia companies to work for.

So yeah… Those are the tips I have for you to land your first online gigs. Are you ready to start your semi-nomad slash work-from-home lifestyle? Share your comment below, and cheerio! 🙂

Things You Need to Know Before Applying for an Online Job - The BeauTraveler
What You Need to Do Before Applying for an Online Job - The BeauTraveler

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