9 Gift Ideas For A Woman Who Loves To Travel (That I Wouldn’t Mind To Receive This Christmas)

I see that tomorrow is Black Friday, while at the same time it's only a month before Christmas.

If anything, I think a lot of guys would have a hard time picking up gifts for the woman they love or care about if not they would be in a rush buying some necessary stuff before Christmas party just to disappoint their women later because they thought that these guys could have tried harder.

That, or I watch The Simpsons a little way too much that my example is only Homer. 😛

Are you that typical man who would make a change this year to actually give something that is rather thoughtful this Christmas? Is your lady into traveling like I do? Have you got a name that you're not so close to for Secret Santa and you know for sure she's always excited to travel to some new place? Or are you someone I know and considering to buy me gifts for either Christmas or my next birthday?

No worries, cause I have listed some gift ideas that you can find online so you don't have to! 😉

9 Gift Ideas For A Woman Who Loves To Travel (That I Wouldn’t Mind To Receive This Christmas) - The BeauTraveler

1. Travel Organizers Essential (Bags-In-Bag Travel)



The travel organizer consists of 6 bags in different sizes, which suits the best for not only traveling, but also for any other activities like gym, sports or even camping. This helps us to get organized better when it comes to packing. Especially when your lady is pretty much like me, as I like traveling with a trolly bag.

Comes in different sizes, the bags can be used for any kind of stuff they would like to bring along during their travel, be it their clothes, underwear, toiletries or even make-up and medicines. So yes, this thing is quite handy! 😀


I always pack my stuff on the travel organizer whenever I travel, and it really helps me to get less messy as I am the kind of person who would get my stuff all over the place once I arrive in my destination.

How Much?

You can find this travel organizer here for only $11.99.

2. Classic Paperback Planner



I mean, if the lady that you aim to present a gift to is like me, she may need to plan out her next travel somewhere, as long as write everything that happens during her journey somewhere.

For me, I always bring along my agenda with me because I'm not really a kind of person who could document everything on my smartphone.

Plus, I always have to start everything from a scratch whenever I plan out an itinerary, and I always do it through writing it on my agenda. So really this thing really works for me! 🙂


Not only that it is affordable, but you can also get this almost everywhere! Be it online or in the supermarket where will be your last option at the last minute before you get home to present this to the lady you are giving this to. 😛

Also, this one can do for you who's on the budget but still want to give something that seems like thoughtful. 😛

How Much?

The 2018 Planner Weekly And Monthly above costs only $7.19. Pretty decent if you think that she can use it the whole year next year! 😀

3. International Travel Power Adapter



In this digital era, we all sure need all of our electronic devices to get fully-charged whenever we travel. But then again, for us who regularly travel, especially abroad, sometimes we face a different problem when it comes to charging our phone or laptop: different socket with the one we have at home.

So, this international travel power adapter is available different types of plug (USA, UK, Europe, Australia and Asia) which cover 150 countries for worldwide traveling. Not only that, this also provides both wall plug and dual USB slots to allow you charge more devices simultaneously.


I've always got one in my trolley bag because I usually travel in budget. And despite the fact that I carry more than one device for my travel (for example, I have 3 smartphones in total!), more often than not, the accommodation that I book only provides one wall socket.

This will come handy so that I can use wall plug for one device and USB slots for the others. Besides, this has always been a problem solver whenever I find myself in the country whose wall socket is different with my home country. 😀

How Much?

This Maxracy International Travel Power Adapter costs for only $15.89, and it's available in 2 colors: blue and lime green. Just FYI, the lime green one costs even less because it's only $14.99! 😀

4. Toiletries Traveling Kit



Not only that it comes with a carry-on bag with handle, but also this kit includes 19 piece travel ‘necessities' kit from toothbrush to deodorant!

This will come handy for anyone who frequently travels like I do.


Because I frequently travel, I usually get way too lazy to unpack. I think I've got this habit ever since I was still flying as a flight attendant. So, this travel necessities kit has been quite useful as it has everything that I need whenever I travel somewhere.

I mean, I call myself a beautraveler for a reason, because I bring everything from shower cream to razor. And all is included in this kit, so yeah! 😀

How Much?

You can get this Woman's Premium 19-piece Necessities Travel Kit for only $18.56.

Otherwise, if you want to have one for yourself or you want to give the similar travel kit for a man traveler, you can also buy the Men's Premium 20-piece Necessities Travel Kit for only $17.21 here.

5. Bananagrams Party Edition



According to Wikipedia page of Bananagrams here, it is a word game invented by Abraham Nathanson, wherein lettered tiles are used to spell words.

I got introduced to this game by Zooey and Melisa when I traveled to Vietnam, as before I met them, I always thought that Scrabbles is the only game that I could play to enhance my reading skill.

Apparently, Bananagrams is quite fun to play with too. Not to mention that you can even play it on your own. So suitable for someone who doesn't mind to travel solo like me! 😀


Not like scrabbles, the tiles of this Bananagrams can be easily carried as they provide a banana-shaped pouch that you can easily bring along. The game could be fun, especially if you want to sharpen your reading/writing skills.

I mean, you can never get too old to win the spelling bee contest! And you can improve your skill while waiting for your next train to arrive. 😉

How Much?

The BANANAGRAMS Party Edition only costs $13.99.

6. Dual Time Zone Watch



Not only that it has genuine leather strap, it's also water resistant up to 33 feet. Plus, it has this vintage look that enable you to show dual time zone, so you can set up one to your home country and the other for the time zone you're currently in.

I've got one ever since I was working as a flight attendant and it came as super handy, especially when I travel somewhere with different time zone. 😀


Punctuality is the key if you're an organized traveler. And well, if you have to be in a long distance relationship, this will help you to match the time so you can talk on Skype or something. 😉

How Much?

The price for this TKO Dual Time Zone Gold Watch is as low as $39.32. I mean, it's nothing as time is money right? 😛

7. Polaroid Camera



From everything on the list, this is the first thing that I've always wanted but never got. 🙁 *hints wink wink

Sure, there are smartphones or gopro to capture the moments when you travel. But polaroid camera actually makes sure that not only we capture it, but also we print it for the sake of your memory.

I mean, you can take a million photos on your iPhone, but once taken, you may not print the pictures just because you've already got them saved in your digital trace.


I think the philosophy of traveling is quite clear: it satisfies your curiosity in the past, gives yourself joy in the present, and definitely gets you a lot of memories in the future.

And for the memories to be reflected in the real physical way, the polaroid photos could give you this classic flashback. 🙂

How Much?

You can get this Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera for discounted price of only $88. It's nothing compared the memories that you can bring along with your future journey, right? 😀

8. Kindle



Despite the fact that I actually prefer the paperback over anything digital whatsoever, there are times where I realize that the book that I love can take so much space if I take it with me during traveling. So nowadays, for this situation Kindle is probably the best thing that I or anyone who loves reading and traveling can get.

It allows you to bring as many books as you want, and it's also built-in audible so when you get too lazy to read when you commute or something, you could also get that glorious feeling of having your own story teller by listening to your audiobook collection. 😀


Again, although I still think the paperback is more classy, if you want to travel easy then Kindle is your go-to.

How Much?

You can get this Kindle for only $49.99 while at the same time you'll get a compliment of unlimited free for 30 days once you get it connected. Not so bad if you're always thirsty for something you can read, right? 😀

If you want to find out more about it, please do check this out.

 9. Plan Out a Surprise Vacation/Staycation For Her!



I mean, what's better than planning out something that she loves as her gift?

It doesn't have to be a fancy vacation (unless she's really into a luxury kind of travel!), it only has to be thoughtful.

You can find out what kind of traveling she likes, or whether she has a city or a country she's longing to visit and why. After you get your own research, go arrange a surprise vacation for her (and you too if you're together or fuck buddies!) and print the whole itineraries and put it inside an envelope so you can give her on the Christmas day!

If you can't afford to go out of town, you can still book a hotel room just for the sake of her to get out of her routine. Trust me, it's worth the effort and money! 😀


Look, the women who love to travel, normally they're not so demanding. Sometimes they're quite happy as long as they can get out of routine. So, even when you can't afford to give her a fancy vacation to Bahamas, chances are she'll be happy enough to get a voucher to the nearest hotel or even motel just for the sake of passing a day in a different way!

How Much?

Honestly, you can even adjust your what you'll give to your budget. If you've got more budget, you can always book a 5-star hotel. If she's an adventurous lady who loves to do anything that is close to nature, you can even opt some of the treehouse hotels for her. But if not, then like I say, a motel can do the magic because it's the thoughts that count! 😀

For the hotel, you can find something that is suitable for you here on Agoda. If you think about giving them a flight ticket, you can also compare the price of flights through Jetradar. Easy peasy, right? 😀

Well, now that I've listed the whole gift ideas for the woman who travels, I suppose there's no reason for you to not know what to give her anymore!

Pssst, in case you're thinking to give ME one of those gifts for Christmas or my next birthday gift, just now that I specifically want to go to Laos or Cambodia some time next year. Haha.

Happy (almost) Black Friday and cheerio! 😀

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    1. yup, it doesn’t have to be the whole fancy vacation. as long as you could stay some place nice that is different to your routine, doesn’t matter if it’s only like 3km away from home! 😉

    1. i personally prefer the paperback, but yessss.. the idea of it’s easier to bring along wherever you go without having to put on extra weight because of the thickness of the book sounds like a good idea. 😀

  1. I have to send your post to my boyfriend :p I would love to get a planner or a short stay somewhere (but this is what I always buy for him AND ME!). I heard many good things about those travel organizes but personally for me it would not work as I never travel with a suitcase,

    1. i know, right? hahaha. there’s something about boyfriends that make them kinda get no clue about the necessity of what we want like a short stay somewhere. 😛

      and about the travel organizer, it actually depends on how you usually travel. for me since i usually travel with a suitcase, this comes quite handy and it’s become like one of my necessities whenever i travel. 😀

    1. yessss, i love doing gifts as well. not the kind of person who’s kinda good at personalizing gift or anything, but i enjoy to think through what’s the best gift for someone. 😀

    1. haha. thank you! 😀

      i honestly wrote this only for the sake of my friends and beloved ones so that they can take the hints on what i want for christmas and birthday. i’m such a bad person! 😛

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