8 Types of Traveler That I’ve Encountered During My Travel

Hello beautravelers!

It’s been awhile since the last time I traveled, hence the absence of posting travel-related contents. However, I’m planning for my next travel since it’s gonna be my first leisure/business travel due to the fact that I recently quit my job to start my own business. Yeay for me!

Anyway, after quite some time getting a bit deadlock when it comes to write a content about traveling, today I got this idea to talk about 8 types of traveler that I’ve met during my travel so far thanks to being partly-unemployed that I got a little too much time to check out the old pics and reminisce the good ol’ traveling days.

Well, so which one of these traveler categories are you? 😉

That one picture that inspired me to write this post.

See that picture above? Okay, to be honest with you, this picture is the reason why I’m writing this post right now. Why? This picture was taken when Max and I went to Yangon a couple of years ago and it captured how different we are as travelers. Max with just that backpack and me with that luggage and some other stuff inside.

1. That traveler who can just pack one bag and flee.

Obviously, Max falls into this category because it took only 5 minutes for him to pack his bag and off he went. He could totally put everything he needs in that backpack.

I kid you not, even the toiletries!

For someone like me, it’s still a mystery how everything could fit in just one bag. But this kind of travelers for some reason could do the trick.

2. Those who can’t just leave everything behind. Hence, a lot of baggage.

I mean, if you fall into this category then you’ll feel me right? Like when you start packing, you’ve got these urges to pack everything inside your luggage. The clothes, the toiletries, the hairbands, the brushes, those underwear just in case…

Honestly, when we were in Yangon, I took at least 3/4 space in the bathroom for my own toiletries. But then again, that’s how you get when dealing with a strong and independent woman like me. *denial*

3. The jetsetters.

Money is not a big issue for the people in this category. Because this type of travelers will choose anything as long as it has the most comfort, even though they have to spend the highest cost. It doesn’t matter who they are.

They could be those billionaire slash digital nomad who have gained more than 6 digits through Instagram or Youtube, or that random girl in high school who keeps you wondering what kind of sugar daddy behind those luxuries. 😛

Well, I was once a jetsetter when I was flying as a flight attendant. Which will take you to the next category.

4. The freeloaders.

Once they stepped in the hotel room, they will take every free stuff just because they’re free. They will be behind the “it’s complimentary” mask and take everything without guilt. Just like me.

Well, I don’t have enough money to buy L’Occitane from their outlet at the mall. So when I’ve got these as freebies, then God forbid, I want to take it.

Body wash. Shampoo. Mineral water. Teabags. Cookies. You name it.

My favorite freebie from DoubleTree.

If you’re pretty much like me who would totally take the TWG teabags from a hotel just because it’s freaking expensive out there, then yes… You’re in this category. 😀

5. Those who have been everywhere, but not really.

So far, I have dated at least 2 guys under this category. If you don’t quite get the term, then let me explain it to you.

So, this type of travelers are usually those people who get a lot of chances to travel. And they actually go places. Be it because of work matters, or just because they can.

But then when they go places, they are usually the staycationer kind of people. They’ve never really gone places, because they are totally happy only with a view from their hotel room.

Maybe they’re too busy with work to the point they have no time to actually explore the city. Maybe they just want to chill. They exist.

So if you think everyone who’s been to Kuala Lumpur must have already visited the Petronas Twin Tower, think again. 😛

6. That person who would question every penny they spent during their travel.

This is the most annoying kind, especially if you were pretty much like me who wouldn’t mind to spend extra as long as the price makes sense.

I’ve traveled with one in this category, and I think it’s enough for me to decide not to travel with this type anymore.

The gas costs 1 USD per litre? Why? What’s the reason behind it? This kind of traveler would ask for an explanation even though he had to pay 5 Euro in his home country.

I mean, seriously dude? We’re both on budget, but please don’t be stingy.

7. Those self-proclaimed travelers who only eat McDonald’s in the foreign place.

I mean, sure… I’m the woman behind ‘when in doubt, choose McDonald’s’ motto, but not all the time.

Remember, the motto “When in doubt, choose McDonald’s” is not there to be applied all the time you travel.

But then I’ve encountered these people who refuse to eat anything but McDonald’s when they’re in the foreign place. And it’s annoying for people like me who are so ready for an adventure.

Surprisingly, I’ve met so many people in this category back in my flying time. Okay, so I understand that their concern is to ensure that everything they eat is halal. But when they go to a country like mine, Indonesia, where it is obviously a country with the biggest Muslim population in the world and they still refuse to go elsewhere to eat, then we’ve got a problem.

I mean, come on dude, live a little! :/

8. That traveler who seems to know how to use Capacious extremis or the Extension Charms like Hermione Granger.

With me being the traveler in the second category, sometimes it’s pretty much surprising how I could fit everything I pack in one luggage with 18″ dimension. It surprised me a little back when I had a limit to bring stuff during my flight. Honestly, my room was always a mess when I was flying because of the stuff I brought or bought.

Ever wonder how I could put 8 novels with all my stuff there in just one 18″ luggage? Welcome to my life.

Just know that we do exist. It’s no rocket science. 😉

Well, those are the 8 types of traveler that I have encountered during my travel. I’m sure you could fall into one or more categories above.

So, which one are you?

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