7 Types of Guys That I’ve Met While Trying to Date in My Late 20s

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Well, as you may probably know, I've got plenty of experiences in terms of dating, in which none of them worked to the point I'm still single until this very day.

I mean, I've never been out of the dating scene in the past few years, but then again that never comes up with a legit relationship. Some things just don't work, or simply some people are just a no for me.

So, in this post I'm trying to sum up what some types of guys that I've met while trying to date in my late 20s. Both online or organically. Hmm.

7 Types of Guys that I've Met While Trying to Date in My Late 20s - The BeauTraveler

Online Dating vs Dating Organically

Well, at this time of the day, I think online dating has been the most convenient way for most people. I don't know about you, when I'm not traveling, I barely connect with strangers. And me working remotely from home doesn't even help it, so yessss… Most of the time, I still rely on online dating and I'm a proud member of several dating apps.

It's like, if I were in Shropshire, I might as well create an account on Shropshire dating site.

But now, I'm not gonna talk about the pros or cons of online dating against dating organically. Rather, I want to talk about the guys I've met in general. Be it those who I've met through online dating apps or those who I actually met somewhere and got connected later.

I tell you what, dating in the late 20s isn't easy, apparently.

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The Types of Guys that I've Met on My Dating Scene in the Late 20s

Well, I once wrote something about dating the ‘nice guy' and ‘bad guy' in our 20s, and just like what I wrote there, there are some things that I like and dislike about dating each of category.

Well, when it comes to the whole types of guys that I've met in my late 20s when I actually try to date genuinely, those guys are the mix of those two. Sometimes, they even have two totally different personalities both when you're alone or in a public.

1. The ‘Mr. Perfect' Who Lives Way Too Far Away to Actually Commit

Well, I guess that's why the local app like dating sites in Shropshire is more reliable in terms of the possibility to actually meet the person face-to-face in almost no second. As long as both parties are willing to just try.

The thing is, I've met some great guys who were just too good to be true only to know that it's almost impossible to meet them in person anytime soon.

I mean, let alone to actually have a wishful thinking about wanting to commit to each other, I'm the kind of person who wouldn't even dig to the idea, to begin with. I don't know, maybe it's just my own problem to not believe that something like that doesn't work.

But then again, I'm just being realistic. Like, I couldn't commit to anyone that I never even got a chance to meet. Especially when neither of us put some efforts to actually come to see each other in person.

2. The Guy Who Wants to Move Too Fast

See, I understand that I'm actually on the age range where people start to take a relationship seriously, if not they're already married themselves.

But then it's such a turn off when you are approached by some guy and he shows the signs about wanting to move way too fast and busy talking about marriage or the future.

I mean, don't make it too hard for me to at least try to like you in the first place. I want someone to marry me, but not this way. 🙁

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3. The One Who Just Blatantly Wants Sex

This type of guys is one that you could find easily on some dating sites. But then again, I'm not gonna blame them since sometimes it's exactly the reason why dating sites exist in the first place. You could meet someone for the sake of your mutual benefits.

I suppose I need to admit that there are times when I'm on it just looking for sex too. There's nothing wrong with it as long as you gain consents from one and another.

Well, I also have to confess that most people I've met who were like that, I didn't even feel a strong connection with them. Like I could only thank them for the mediocre sex we had and that was all about it.

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4. The Guy Who Sees the Best in You… But Also in Someone Else Too

Talking about the opportunist here. *lol*

Especially these days when people try to make up some kind of fancy terms to negate the monogamous relationship. Polyamorous, anyone?!

I mean, it might work on someone who actually accepts that term too, but if you're someone like me who's a hopeless romantic and dreaming of someone who would see me as one and the only, meeting a person like that could be a huge problem.

If there's anything I've learned the hard way about the kind of guys like this, it is not to bother wasting my time on this one.

5. The Guy Who Wants to Be Friends After Things Don't Work Between Us

I, personally, don't see any reason why we have to be friends after a few hookups. But then I've met some guy like this, who thought that we should remain civil after realizing that I'm not the kind of woman he was looking for.

Well, maybe the friendship could turn out to be such an investment if he's a nice person who never had to cover up some stories about his actual girlfriend. But then I had to deal with the latter, so really it's all about some guys that I want to bid farewell as soon as possible.

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6. The ‘Ghost'

Yes, I'm talking about those random guys that I had a date somewhere who would just ghost after the first date. Some even only ghosted on me after we hooked up.

The first, I could understand. The latter though was just an ass.

7. The Person Who's Not Sure What He Wants

He's clueless about where I am in his life. He's not ready for a relationship, but he wants to keep talking on a daily basis. Things start getting boring with this one, but there's no way out because he keeps reaching out.

I mean, I'm more than ready to take a relationship seriously in the slowest way possible with the guy, but then when he made it clear that he currently likes the way it is right now, you kinda want you to stop talking all at once without having him to reach out ever again.

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Dating in My Late 20s Kinda Sucks for Me

But then again, I don't want to give up. Maybe it's just not the right time for me, or maybe the person is not the right one for me. Better have it now than feel sorry later, eh?

Next year, I'll be 30 and then in a decade I'll be 40. I'm not sure whether I'll get to the point when I have to experience senior dating one day, but I wish things would work out for me someday.

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