7 Country Songs From Women For Women To Make Them Feel Good About Themselves

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I suppose some of you may already know that I'm a weird Indonesian girl who mostly listens to country songs. Like, seriously, I barely have any other kind of music on my playlist. So, since I have already shared with you 8 country songs to listen to whenever you travel, I feel like sharing with you some other country songs that I love.

This time, I think I would share with you the list of the songs that could make you feel good about yourself as a woman. I mean, there are times when our estrogen is acting up and you feel so low and demotivated. Maybe you get upset over something that happened recently. Or maybe you're just in the bad mood for no reason.

And I remember one scene from my favorite sitcom That 70s Show when Hyde, the most rock and roll guy on the show, had his heart broken and he listened to Anne Murray. And yes, sometimes when you feel so bad, the only way to do is to listen to some sad songs. More often than not, country songs are some good way to go!

7 Country Songs from Women for Women to Make Them Feel Good About Themselves - The BeauTraveler

It doesn't always guarantee to make you feel great again like America, but for sure you'll always feel better to know that you're not the only person in the world who gets through the same thing.

1. Jessica Andrews – Who I Am

“If I live to be a hundred and never see the seven wonders, that'll be alright. If I don't make it to the big leagues, if I never win a Grammy, I'm gonna be just fine. Cause I know exactly who I am.” 

This is a song that I've had on my playlist ever since I was in high school.

It really motivates me to be who I really am, to feel good about myself despite all the circumstances. Like, it actually helps me to stop comparing myself to the others. Because by the end of the day, I've still got my own blessings of people that I love and love me back.

Like, maybe other people could achieve more than we did, but it's alright. You don't always have to see all the things other people see, because you're not everyone's cup of tea and neither are they for you. 🙂

2. RaeLynn – God Made Girls

“He needed something soft and loud and sweet and proud, but tough enough to break a heart. Something beautiful and breakable that lights up in the dark.”

The first time I listened to this song, I was actually touched despite my tough ass attitude as a girl myself.

I mean, growing up as a tomboy, I think I have probably complained a million times about how I really didn't ask to deal with Aunt Flo every month. I'm too broke to buy a tampon, or to even have to deal with the cramps. You name whatever you find annoying as for being a girl, I think I've complained about it already.

But then, maybe there's a purpose for me being the one with most estrogen for some reason. Maybe I'm here to break a heart for being soft and loud. Or maybe I'm just here to flirt and sing in the front seat. Who knows? 😉

3. Lady Antebellum – The Stars

“Life is a beautiful messed up mystery. Yeah it's true, it can make you laugh, it can cut you deep. Sometimes you're gonna feel like a million bucks, sometimes a burned out cigarette. But whatever comes your way, no matter what, don't you ever forget…”

Technically, this song was inspired by the children of the band members. So, it's pretty much like a song dedicated from parents to their kids. But the message is so strong for you to remember what's beyond the hard days.

Because despite how beautiful the life is, sometimes it feels so hard to bear that you feel lost and broken for some reason.

But then always remember that it's not always like that, because despite all difficult things that happen to your life, there are times when you feel like the stars shining on you. And you need to see the light even in the darkest light to go on.

4. Martina McBride – This One's For The Girls

“This is for all you girls about twenty five, in little apartments just trying to get by. Living on, on dreams and spaghetti-o's, wondering where your life is gonna go.”

Whoever says that Martina McBride is the goddess of country songs, I'd totally agree.

I think she's got a song for every situation. And this one is one of her songs that hit the most, especially for women. The song is definitely a definition a song from women for women.

Martina actually tells the story of the phases that women had to get through in their lives, be it when they're only 13 or 99. And I'm so thankful for that, because I think all women and mail-order brides would be able to relate to this song.

And it's always great to understand that you're not the only who had to deal with such problem in this world. Because despite everything, we're pretty much the same. We're just trying to get by.

5. Kacey Musgraves – Merry Go Round

“If you ain't got two kids by 21, you're probably gonna die alone. At least that's what tradition told you. And it don't matter if you don't believe, come Sunday morning, you best be there in the front row, like you're supposed to. Same hurt in every heart. Same trailer, different park.”

Not sure if you could relate, but despite the fact that I'm not a girl coming from the South with the pressure of getting married in such a young age or being religious, being a woman in late 20s and not married is no different here.

A lot of times, people see me being single as a downside. Even my own Mom.

Most of them don't understand that everyone's got their own problem, despite living in the same world. Maybe my problem is just being single, but there's no guarantee when people in my age are married and genuinely happy in their marriage.

So many people forget about it, and instead they focus on the chance of me being lonely. They just don't want to put some understanding that I may be alone, but definitely never lonely.

6. Kelsea Ballerini – Square Pegs

“Everybody gotta be themselves, everybody gotta dream out loud. Everybody gotta be themselves, square pegs make the world go' round.”

At least once in our life, you have experienced having people around your life who try to ‘fix' you for a betterment.

Maybe you need to get adjusted with the tradition while you're a rebel. They think you're a bad person just because you have your own opinion about something taboo. And they think you're crazy for thinking that way. And that's alright.

You weren't born to please everybody, and there's no way to change yourself just to make other people happy. Be content with who you are, because that's what makes you unique no matter what. And the way you see things differently, or the way you act differently, that's what makes the world go round.

And if anyone can't appreciate it, then again… Not everyone is your cup of tea. Leave them for your own good. 🙂

7. Kellie Pickler – If It Wasn't For A Woman

“If it wasn't for a woman, leading me by the hand, helping me understand. If it wasn't for a woman, teaching me wrong from right, praying for me at night. I'd be half the woman I am, if it wasn't for a woman.”

I love Kellie Pickler ever since she was in American Idol. And I know the story of her Mom abandoning her since she was a kid was really overhyped back in the show, but the story of it that has been transformed into songs a few years later is really something that fascinates me for some reason.

You know the kind of songs that could make you cry for no reason? Kellie's songs about her Mom and her beloved grandma are the kind of songs that could get me. No kidding, I think I've cried a couple of times just by listening to her song “I Wonder” or “Mother's Day”. And I can't even relate to her story because my Mom has raised me well and full of love. 🙂

When I heard this song for the first time, it was during PMS that I got so emotional and cried again. It's the song she wrote for her late grandma who has made the woman she is today.

And I watched her performance on Pickler and Ben when she told the story behind the song, and it touched my vulnerable side that yessss, every woman, in fact everyone despite the gender, always has a woman who has led them into someone they are today. For me, for sure it's my Mom.

Mom has always been there to give us strength when we were struggling to move forward and to support us through one difficult situation after another. Maybe today is just an ordinary day, but why not give her a unique gift? For example, we can customize Metal Pins just for her. This is a practical and beautiful gift that mum will love!

So yeah, those are the 7 songs that come up in mind whenever I feel down. Like I said, while there is no guarantee that they could make you feel much better, it's always good to know that someone somewhere has ever been through the same thing. And that's what the songs are all about.

Do you have any song that works like a magic in a bad day? Maybe from other genre? Tell me your song and I'll check it out… Cheerio! 😀

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