7 Best Apple Watch Travel Apps of 2019

Technology is increasingly transforming every sector of our lives. With the growth of AI, everything is becoming increasingly simple, from medicine to business, among many other areas.

The same can be said about travel. With everything getting smarter, why should traveling get left behind? With the help of smartphones, smartwatches and apps, travel has never been as easy as it is today.

7 Best Apple Watch Travel Apps of 2019 - The BeauTraveler

Apple Watches aren't just about tracking your workouts and measuring your heart rate anymore. iPhone app developers are making companion apps for Apple Watch, meaning you can have many of the features of these popular apps right on your wrist to, making travel much easier.

Apple Watches also come in many different colors with many different band designs these days, including custom straps from third-party manufacturers like Mobile Mob. This means that you can customize your watch to match whatever outfit you are wearing, whether you are going to the beach for the day or going into a business meeting, your Apple Watch can be your travel guide wherever you go.

In this guide, I will take you through my list of the 7 best Apple Watch travel apps. We have compiled this selection of apps by looking at which apps are popular among travelers, and which apps will help to make your trip more enjoyable whilst also reducing stress.

1. Trip Advisor

This is undeniably one of the world's best Apple Watch travel apps. It helps travelers to find places to visit at your travel destination, whether it be hotels, restaurants or places of entertainment. It also tells you what others have to say about it and give you the opportunity to quickly book if it's a place you are interested in.

With TripAdvisor, you won't have to worry about the new city you are visiting which you have very little information about. TripAdvisor unearths lots of valuable information about your new destination.

TripAdvisor continually updates you on the best iconic points nearby according to your preferred parameters, whether it's one mile, five miles, or ten miles away.

2. Cleartrip

Travelers are loving Cleartrip due to its reliability and easy to navigate interface. You can search for international flights, make fare comparisons and quickly book the flight that fits your needs. The app features different payment options such as online banking, credit cards, and other popular online wallets. It also allows you to cancel or amend your booking with ease.

You can use Cleartrip to unearth and compare the best deals on hotels and restaurants in more than 15,000 cities around the world. You can make well-informed decisions on different spots from previous user reviews. Moreover, keep up-to-date with the most popular events in the city you wish to visit.

3. Citymapper

Citymapper is another app that lends itself to be a companion in public transport for the safest and fastest routes to your destinations. You will be offered step by step details on how to catch the nearest bus or train in your locality.

The app will provide you with at least three upcoming trips at any given time, giving travelers the freedom to choose and book the most appropriate means of transport whether it be bus or train. It also provides step-by-step instructions on how, where, and when to board.

The developers of this app have designed it so it knows when travelers are mostly unfamiliar with their destinations. As such, the app features a soft tap that notifies you when you've hit your destination. It is currently working in two-dozen cities and in six languages.

4. Uber

Uber's popularity has been spreading like a wildfire over the last few years. This app is transforming every city in the world with its fast and reasonably priced taxis. Most travelers love the idea of paying by a card, especially for business trips.

Just like the smartphone app, its Apple Watch counterpart will allow users to quickly summon an Uber taxi with just a tap of a button.

Amazingly, this app will then display all the information about the car you have booked, together with the driver's photo, estimated arrival time, rating and license plate. With the majority of city dwellers making use of Uber, their taxi services have made city rides so affordable and convenient; the days of trying to locate a taxi rank in a foreign country is a thing of the past.

Source: Pexels.

5. Hotels.com

Hotels.com is another great Apple Watch that helps travelers to find and book last minute deals on nearby hotels and restaurants, as well as locating your reserved room through GPS.

With this app, you will get timely notifications on your booking details, check in and check out information.

6. Foursquare City Guide

Once you reach your preferred destination, you will want to know which direction to take from there. Most likely, you will want to know the best food joints, shopping centers and classy bars within the locality.

The Foursquare City Guide on your Apple Watch can practically guide your steps across the big, humanly populated streets of your destination city. All you need to do is to tell the app what you need, whether it be a cold beer, fried chicken, romantic spots, and so on, and it will display the ones close to your location.

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7. FlightStats

With FlightStats for Apple Watch, you can track your flight's information in real time. It also gives you much-needed details for on arrival times, terminals or gates right on your wrist.

Get a worldwide coverage or track your flight via your flight number, or type in the flight's details to get information about airports and flights.

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