6 Dresses To Reveal Your Beauty Even On The Worst Kind Of The Day

Anyone who knows me closely in real life, they normally know how much I’m obsessed with Golden Girls series.

Well, yes… The pilot of the series aired loooooong before I was even born. But I got introduced to the series a few years ago when there was a rerun of the series in a cable TV channel that I subscribed to. I was surprised at how progressive the series is. Way ahead of time.

Speaking of the series, if one character of Golden Girls could represent myself, there is no doubt that it would be Blanche Devereaux. I mean really, from her sassiness to her sluttiness, she’s definitely just me in another generation.

And one of her quotes that I follow religiously is this: “Crying is for plain women. Pretty women go shopping.”

I don’t know about you, but I think life is too short to feel sad for way too long. And as superficial as it sounds, more often than not shopping could heal a bit of the pain. Let’s put aside the possibility of being sad and broke at the same time, because honestly… Most problems come when you’ve got no money.

I could be wrong, but I know what I’m talking about because it was simply based on my experience. 😛

And so, still a part of the collaboration with Zaful, in this opportunity, I will talk about the dresses that could reveal my beauty even on the worst kind of the days. I mean, sure you can feel bad, but let’s practice like a strong, independent woman like Blanche, feeling bad doesn’t always mean you need to look bad too.

Because on the contrary, you might feel better if you look great in a beautiful dress. And you definitely would feel better if you could spend some money on shopping some cute dresses like these.

6 Dresses to Reveal Your Beauty Even on the Worst Kind of the Day - The BeauTraveler

“Clothes can transform your mood and confidence.” -Alice Temperley

Do you believe that? I personally believe that clothes can transform your behavior.

Maybe not your sassy attitude, but it definitely could improve the mood. Like there’s no better therapy than staring at yourself looking good in the mirror. I mean, I could be just narcissistic for thinking that way, but I think some of you will feel me.

For me, dresses are something to boost my mood and gain my confidence. I look good in dresses, and for exactly the same reason, I get a rather good mood when wearing a dress. Especially my favorite dress.

6 Zaful Dresses to Reveal Your Beauty Even on the Worst Kind of the Day

If you haven’t heard about Zaful before, you can check my introduction to Zaful in the previous post. They’ve got various kinds of dress in their collection, from tie-dye to even kaftan. And like I mentioned before, they give free shipping cost for any purchase over $49 USD. Worldwide! 😀

1. Dip Dye V Neck OndadeMar Maxi Dress ($20.54 USD)
Dip Dye V Neck OndadeMar Maxi Dress - Zaful
Tie Dye Maxi Dress by Zaful.

I’m personally not a big fan of tie-dye clothes, but this maxi dress might be an exception. I love the ombre on the dress, as well as the V-neck that could somehow reveal a bit part of my cleavage. 😛

Also, despite being a maxi dress, the cut on one leg looks so hot. Partly, maybe the kind of hot that some people may find seductive. But then if anything, I think my legs are one of my best body parts.

If your body looks pretty much like me, like I’m not too tall, but I’ve got a pair of okayish legs that look great in a mini dress, I think this dress will look stunning on you! 😀

I could imagine this would go well with high heels. Or if you want to get some bohemian chic look, I think flat sandals will do the work as well. And maybe go with a headband for details.

If that couldn’t improve your mood that way, just imagine you wearing this dress, looking stunning. And then you meet the ex that cheated on you. If that doesn’t make you feel good on the worst kind of the day, I don’t know what does. Hmm.

2. Ombre Color V Neck Half Sleeve Dress ($25.49 USD)
Ombre Color V Neck Half Sleeve Dress - Zaful
When in doubt, wear anything pink.

As you probably know, if I could choose either mini dress or maxi dress, I’d totally choose the former because it looks better on me.

I love the cut-out finish on the sleeve that makes this dress look more casual. Not to mention that it looks very comfortable as well. You know, the kind of clothes that you want to wear in the summer to avoid the heat when it’s too bad.

I don’t know about you, I hate the heat. Like I get cranky whenever it’s too hot. Like seriously, you’ll see the worst version of me during summer. Especially when I gotta work.

I mean, beach will do the magic to this hater of the sun but then again I’ve got responsibilities since I’ve got no sugar daddy. *lol*

These two are not the only tie-dresses in Zaful collections as they’ve still got some more, although unfortunately some cute ones were already sold out. However, to take a look at more tie-dye dresses collection at Zaful, feel free to click here for details.

3. Cut Out Back Checked Mini Dress ($26.49 USD)
Cut Out Back Checked Mini Dress - Zaful
Checked pattern never dies for me.

I am a big fan of checked patterns since as long as I could remember. Be it in the shirt, in the dress, or anything really. I mean, not so many people find tartan great, but I think tartan is a bomb!

Looking at this mini dress is like a love at the first sight because not only that I love the pattern, but this is the type of the dress that I will often wear. I mean, once I love clothes, you can see me wearing it so often. And this dress looks like one.

The only problem is that this is a spaghetti strap kind of the dress. And I don’t think I’ll feel comfortable showing off my arms like that. Thanks to the weight gained in a few months back. 😐

However, I think cardigan will look great with this dress to make me feel even better. And you know what I think I need to purchase if I have this dress? Sneakers. The plain white sneakers to be exact.

I mean, I’m probably not the kind of person who would have sneakers in her shoe collections. But this dress definitely will look bomb with sneakers!

4. Sleeveless Pineapple Watermelon Dress ($21.99 USD)
Sleeveless Pineapple Watermelon Dress - Zaful
I’m sorry, but Pineapple and Watermelon? So much yes!

This dress looks vintage, but the patterns are so cute combining pineapple and watermelon. I mean, so much yes from me!

Okay, so I don’t wanna make things awkward, but my boobies are big like watermelon and jizz tends to taste sweeter whenever the producer ate pineapple beforehand and therefore those fruits are my favorite.

Also, the flare on the skirt is definitely what I love about it. Do you think it will look exaggerating if I genuinely use some petticoat for this dress?!

And the great thing about this kind of the dress is that you can just add some flat shoes and sunglasses, then you’ll be totally ready to break someone’s heart. Hahaha. 😛

Okay, so maybe I hate summer, but I definitely love summer dresses because it makes me feel good about myself. Life is so confusing that way, but then again I’m just telling the truth.

5. Polka Dot Puffer Midi Dress ($24.99 USD)
Polka Dot Puffer Midi Dress - Zaful
I love everything about this dress.

I love polka dot and the combination of black, red, and white. And this dress simply has everything that I love. It’s a red dress with a 20s model with a little polka dot accent on the chest and thighs.

Honestly, I’ve actually got a bikini with pretty much similar things. And it’s definitely my favorite. So I know I love this when I see it on the page of Zaful collections.

The best part is even the reviews left by the precious buyers for this dress were amazing. Sounds like it’s the one that’s worth to buy. 🙂

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s interested to do a little bit of shopping now, right? Well, I could totally see myself wearing this, so yeah…

If you’re getting in the dark side pretty much like I am right now towards this dress, you can just browse the dresses matching to your personal fashion taste and shop now.

I mean, not only does this look good to wear in the summer, but put some leggings and cardigan or coat, I think it could also last during winter! 😉

6. Porcelain Print V Neck Midi Kaftan Dress ($30.99)
Porcelain Print V Neck Midi Kaftan Dress
Not only it comes with V-neck, it’s a midi dress too!

Having to live in Saudi Arabia for a couple of years, the kaftan type of dress is not really my favorite.

I mean, I’ve probably mentioned it a million times that I’d prefer mini over a maxi dress. And most kaftan dresses are just maxi dress, so it’s totally not my favorite.

Also, as someone with big boobies (which is both a blessing and a disaster for me), my chest often looks like a huge ball with kaftan.

The V-neck on this dress sounds like a fresh air as it could manipulate my big boobies to look a bit like it’s ‘breathable’ or whatever. Plus, it’s a midi dress so it allows me to show off my beautiful legs for a bit. Which sounds like something that I would love.

There are some other options for kaftan dresses on Zaful website. However, this one is probably the only thing available that I love the most. If you want to look up to more of their collections, you can also check out the rest of the option and see more details on their website before shopping. 🙂

So, yes… These are the 6 dresses that might be effective to reveal my beauty, even when I’m in the worst mood ever. I think, if you’re currently in a bad mood, you better do a little bit of shopping to purchase clothes that make you feel good about yourself. And this might be the answer to your problems. 😀

Do you have any dress in your closet that could transform your bad mood into a good one? What is it like? Drop me a comment, and see you tomorrow for the last post with Zaful collaboration! 😀


This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. 

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  1. I’m so glad you blogged about Zaful! It’s a go to for me. Because of how complex clothing size in korea is. Zaful has offered me quality clothing in my size and I appreciate that. Also they are decently priced 😉

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