5 Ways to Make the Best Coffee When Working From Home

Working from home is just a reality for everyone these days. That doesn’t mean you have to suffer from mediocre coffee. There are a number of great ways to ensure that you’ve got awesome coffee right from the outset. Are you ready for a better cup at home? Read on!

1. It Starts With the Beans

Most people know to skip the Folger’s if they’re going for a great cup of coffee. The savvier may even avoid pre-ground beans altogether.

You should always select good beans. For decent results, you can have them ground in the store, and really enjoy that first batch when you get home. That’s not the key to great coffee, however. In that case, you should grind it shortly before making your coffee.

A coffee grinder is a necessary investment for anyone who is planning on making their coffee better. Grind your coffee immediately before you make it, it’s one part of the process you’ll never regret.

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2. Try a New Machine

There are a lot of ways to make coffee, but most people resort to a drip machine at home. They’re convenient, easy, and cheap. If you’re trying to make excellent coffee, however, then you should consider investing in something a bit different.

Like your coffee strong? Are you looking for a racing heartbeat and higher productivity? Try an espresso machine with the proper grinds. If you don’t want to make that big of an investment, a Moka pot will give you a much stronger than average brew.

To truly bring out the flavor, you’re looking for a French Press. It’s still stronger than drip coffee, but you’ll get the best flavor possible. They’re simple to use as well.

And, of course, you can make pour-over coffee. It’s easier to prep than you’d think, and it works much better than a drip machine.

3. Use the Right Grind

You can’t just throw your beans into the grinder and hope for the best. Depending on how you’re making your coffee… well, you have to find the perfect grind.

Espresso grinds are much finer than others. They’re used primarily in espresso machines, of course, but they also find a good spot in Moka pots if you decided to go that route.

A slightly coarser grind, but still finer than drip coffee, is the way to go for that route. Medium is used for pour-over and drip coffee.

The grinder matters as well. Blade grinders are the most common, but they’re often inconsistent and harder to adjust.

Burr coffee grinders are recommended. The electric ones are very expensive, but manual burr grinders are consistent and easily found. If you opt to use one, you’ll be amazed, but they require a lot more effort than just scooping from the can.

But, the grind can be everything when you’re working with good beans. Experiment a bit and you’ll find the right combo for your preferred method.

Of course, you should also make sure to put a good grinder on your list for your next birthday!

4. Weigh Your Grounds

Your grounds are essential, but there are a lot of problems with measuring by volume. Air pockets can form from slight inconsistencies in the grind, for instance.

What does that mean? Well, you have different amounts of coffee in the filter or basket each time.

The key to great coffee is consistency. Without it, you’re never going to be able to thoroughly experiment to get the perfect cup of coffee at home.

By weighing out the grounds, you can make sure that the variable is controlled. It also makes it much easier to approach your coffee like science… which allows you to make the best as you learn!

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5. Use Infusion

Infusion is a time-intensive step… but it’s also one of the biggest things people miss.

You want to pour hot water over the coffee you’re going to use before it goes into the machine. This removes any carbon dioxide gas which may have been left behind after the roasting process is completed.

Carbon dioxide is very hydrophobic, creating a repellent barrier against the water. That means less flavor comes out of the grounds over the course of the brewing process.

All you have to do is rinse the ground coffee with hot water. Get the grounds nice and wet, then wait for 45 seconds. After that, you’re good to go and you’ll be able to get the most out of your coffee.

If you neglect this crucial step, you’ll often find that the brew is weaker. With cheap, commercial coffee that doesn’t matter, but with a special, expensive blend? You can make every gram count.

No Need for the Cafe!

When you’re willing to invest serious time into creating the coffee of your dreams, you can do it. No need to pay five bucks a cup at the local artisan when you can do it right in the comfort of your kitchen. Working from home doesn’t seem so bad once you realize that it can also be a workday filled with the best possible coffee!

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