5 Passengers That I Would Never Forget From The Time When I Worked In The Airline Industry

If you’re a frequent visitor of my blog, I think most of you know that I used to work in the airline industry for quite some time before I decided to come back home.

In total, I worked in the airline industry for around 2.5 years. One year as a ground staff, with 1.5 years as a flight attendant.

During my time working in the airline industry, I have encountered so many types of people to the point that I hate most people. But then among them, there are at least 5 passengers that I would probably never forget.

So, who are they and why are they so memorable?

5 Passengers that I Would Never Forget From the Time when I Worked in the Airline Industry - The BeauTraveler

1. The passenger who’s got a heart of gold.

Anyone who has ever heard of me complaining about Pakistan flight the hardest route that I have ever operated, despite everything that I have ever ranted about the flight, there was actually a sweet memory behind one of my first flights to Islamabad.

It was only my second flight after my familiarization flight when I served this passenger. She was a mother with a kid who was sick on that day. She asked for a glass of water and a painkiller on board, and I practically just did my job when I gave them what they asked.

The next thing I knew, when they were about to leave the aircraft after landing, her kid came to me and gave me a piece of paper. She whispered, “It’s for you. Please open it later.”

So I did. And I got this.

Always be happy. Always wear a smile. Not because life is full of reasons to smile, but because your smile itself is a reason for many others to smile.

I’m not really into some mushy stuff, but this piece of paper touched my shattered soul a little. You see, you don’t have to do a big thing in order to make someone’s day. All you have to do is just be nice and rest assured, everything will be just fine.

4 years later, I’ve still got this piece of paper on my traveling purse as a lucky charm. It is to remind me that somebody could rely on me for their happiness. And if being nice is the way to make them happy, then we all deserve that. 🙂

2. The frequent flyer who’s got my head over heels.

I met this guy when I worked as a ground staff for AirAsia. He’s a frequent flyer for the route Kuala Lumpur-Semarang. He flies at least once in every month to Semarang for business.

And one time, he got a delayed flight that turned to get cancelled. I remember it was some time around March when we just started the route to Kuala Lumpur from Semarang. From so many passengers who would come and complain about the incident, this guy would just look bored for waiting too long.

A month after this incident, I was waiting in the boarding lounge and he approached me asking whether there would be another delay. He decided to sit beside me and then started a small talk. He’s a Chinese-Malaysian and he was kind of rude. But good rude.

Since then, I had a really huge crush on him to the point that I would check on his next departure literally every month. And then I would check whether his departure/arrival matched with my roster. And I would totally get disappointed if he came when I was off. Which happened a lot of times.

I thought it was just me. But a few months later he asked my colleague about me. He was wondering why he had not seen the girl with glasses. It would be me.

That, until I finally decided to quit my job. A month before my resignation date, I had never really met him again, but he approached one of my friends and gave him his business card to hand over to me.

I’ve still got it now but never really contacted him. I think this guy would be the one that I’d call ‘the one that got lost’.

3. The passenger who loves flying for a little too much.

Believe it or not, I couldn’t hide my surprised face when I met this passenger.

He was an expat flying from Semarang to Jakarta. And he was flying with his colleague who asked me whether 3 hours-gap would be fine as they would have to catch another flight after that.

First, I asked whether they were catching the flight with our company and they said yes. So I asked again, “Oh yeah? Which flight are you gonna take after this?”

And he was like, “Yogyakarta.”

I just had to make sure so, “Excuse me?”

The map of Java to show the distance between Semarang-Yogyakarta and Semarang-Jakarta.

His colleague grinned and he started talking to me in Bahasa Indonesia, “Yeah… This guy prefers flight to anything. So he would rather take an hour flight from here to Jakarta and wait for another 3-hour to take another hour by flight to Yogyakarta. He’s too tall. He doesn’t think it’s comfortable to take the couch to Yogyakarta.”

Like, why would someone choose 5 hours to get to Yogyakarta when he could totally just sit back and relax on a 2-hour road trip?

4. The newlyweds who thought they were so special, they shamelessly asked for a private room.

Okay, so this was so weird but it was actually happening. These newlyweds, the wife approached me and whispered whether we had any private room as her husband and I are on the way for their honeymoon.

So I was like, what? Is the gossip about high mile club so strong to the point that they think it’s normal to ask such question?

When you just got married and you just couldn’t help to live to the fullest.

I tried so hard not to judge them as I took a breath deeply and whispered, “No, we do not have such area. In fact, we do have a crew bunk upstairs but we’ll use it from time to time.”

5. The passenger who’s got a little too much money, they don’t know the concept of air conditioner.

One time, I served a passenger for a flight to Riyadh when I asked him where he was heading. He told me that he’s got a connecting flight to Toronto. Being a fake bitch as I was, I asked him whether it was for business or leisure although I didn’t give a fuck.

Surprisingly, his answer was a little unexpected as he told me that it was too hot in Saudi so he was going to Toronto where it was colder.

Like, why? Didn’t he know the concept of air conditioner? 🙁

Air conditioning is the process of removing heat from the interior of an occupied space, to improve the comfort of occupants. Air conditioning can be used in both domestic and commercial environments. -Wikipedia

So by the time I landed, I turned on my phone and texted my then-boyfriend telling him this story and asked, “How could life be so unfair? When I have to hide at the ATM center to avoid the heat here despite the fact that I was so close to broke, then there’s this guy telling me that he’s flying a long way to Toronto as it’s too hot in here?”

Okay, so those are the 5 passengers that I will have in mind from when I was working in the airline industry. If you think you know one of these 5 passengers, please send my best regards to them and tell them not to worry about oblivion as I’m definitely one that will remember them for the rest of my life.

Cheerio! 😀

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