5 Dresses to Avoid the “When’s Your Turn?” Question on the Next Wedding You’re Going to Attend

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Did you manage to watch the Royal Wedding on this gloomy Saturday? By gloomy, it wasn’t really referring to my broken heart knowing that Prince Harry is no longer available, but it is actually gloomy in this part of the world. Although to be fair, I’m not complaining as the weather is quite nice to stay in and take a nap like there’s no tomorrow. 😛

Did any of you get invited to the Royal Wedding? If so, you need to hit me up because I heard even the now-Duke and Duchess of Sussex got introduced through a mutual friend. If you got invited to the wedding, it only means that you probably know some other royal family members and who knows? Maybe the bride for the next Royal Wedding would be me?! *lol*

Anyway, speaking of the wedding, if you’re like me and in the age of everyone around you getting married if not getting pregnant, then rest assured you’re probably familiar with this very question: “When’s your turn?”

Well, I suppose if you’ve got a partner already, you’ll get on that question together, you know… Get awkward together.

But, if you’re single like me, it’s not rare to get such response in a way they feel sorry for you or some other kind of negativity just because you’ve got no man beside you. You think I’m exaggerating? Try living in an Asian country for once, being almost 30 and unmarried.

5 Dresses to Avoid the “When’s Your Turn?” Question on the Next Wedding You’re Going to Attend - The BeauTraveler

On this post, I am collaborating with Dresslily to present to you some lovely dresses they’ve got in store. And since we’re now talking about the dresses to avoid the annoying question on the wedding that you might or might not receive, let’s start talking about the rule of dresses to wear on a wedding party.

Do’s and Don’ts Choosing a Dress to Attend A Wedding Party

The first thing that you gotta keep in mind when it comes to attending a wedding party is to know the theme of the wedding.

Well, it’s not a rocket science to find out what the theme is. Whether it is a garden party, a church wedding or even a beach wedding… I’m sure you’ll have it figured out once you get the invitation.

Source: Pexels.

In terms of what to wear in a wedding dress, I think most of you already know about this major rule: don’t wear white, unless stated otherwise. For example, once I received a wedding invitation with white as the dress code. That, you can wear white.

Also, it won’t hurt to ask the bride or groom-to-be about the theme and what they expect you to wear if you don’t quite understand the invitation. I mean, better ask than dressing like a clown at someone’s wedding right?!

Common sense is also needed before you choose what to wear. For example, I don’t care how comfortable you are with your favorite dress that looks more like a lingerie, you can wear it anywhere but not if you’re going to attend a church wedding. You know what I mean? 😉

So, I’m trying to give you some insights on some versatile dresses that you can opt to wear on the next wedding you’re going to attend.

Ones that not only are comfortable, but also so stunning that make people focus on how beautiful you look that day instead of asking some annoying question like when’s your turn or where’s your plus one.

5 Stunning Dresses to Wear on the Next Wedding You’re Going

If anything, the rule #2 on the dress option is to not wearing something that might intimidate the bride. Like, seriously girl, it’s her day… Respect her for once, unless she deserves it.

I mean, sure… One could also hold the grudge, maybe you found her beauty intimidating on your own wedding? Time to revenge! 😛

But all in all, I’m going to cover some dresses that look stunning, get your pretty look in it, but still simple compared to the dress that the bride would probably wear. So, what are those?!

1. Floral Sleeveless Plus Size Tea Length Dress – $24.43 USD

Seriously girls, floral dress never dies. And this one is included because it looks so great with the flower patterns as well as the bow belt. It looks so cute, and I’m sure it looks great on you too. 😀

And never worry about the fact that you’ve probably gained weight that your current size exceeds XL because this dress is actually dedicated for plus size ladies like you.

The size is available from 2XL, and it’s definitely wearable for a wedding.

Especially a summer wedding! Just add flat shoes or even your favorite pump heels, do your hair and you can shut them up when they start to get noisy about who your plus one is when really you’re only present at the wedding for the open bar. 😛

Also, if you already see the price of this dress, I think we all agree that it definitely is a good bargain. Less than $25 with looking amazing at someone’s wedding? I mean, that’s priceless right?! 😀

2. Rhinestone One-Shoulder Sleeveless Ombre Prom Pleated Dress – $38.17

I love this dress!!!

The ombre color combining blue and black that reminds me a bit of Backstreet Boys. *lol*

And if you don’t know the reference, I’m sorry… but it looks like I’m too old for you. 🙁

But anyway, I particularly love the color and I think it’s gonna look great for those who have got long legs, because it’s a maxi dress. However, if you ask me whether I’m gonna buy this, I don’t think so because the one-shoulder model is definitely not for me.

Not to brag, but I’ve got a pair of huge boobs that I would probably get paranoid they might fall out if I wore this kind of dress.

I mean, seriously guys… I think those of you who have big chests will understand my struggle. It’s not like I don’t want to buy this, especially with such an affordable price like this. However, I just don’t want to challenge myself with the feeling of paranoia that I may flash something out of the blue. 😐

3. Floral Applique Sleeveless Evening Dress – $66.43

I know the title of this dress is an evening dress. However, I think this one still looks great if you’re planning to attend a semi-formal afternoon party as it looks elegant and not that heavy either to wear at such kind of wedding party.

I mean, this still looks proper to wear at a wedding church as well. So, why don’t you give it a try, right?! 😉

Just add some heels and maybe get some updo hair to show the accent details on the shoulder area. Combine with your favorite clutch, honestly you’ll look great on it.

And also, this dress is such an investment. I mean, sure some of you are probably the kind of girls who religiously avoid wearing the same dress at any party you’re invited.

But you see, this dress can also be a go-to dress for a fancy dinner or even a night out with your someone special. If any. 😛

4. Multiway Hollow Out Dress – $23.69 USD

Where do I start? Should I start from the fact that I love the pattern, the fact that it’s so affordable that it’s less than $25, or how it comes in the color that everyone loves: black?

I’m not sure about some other culture, but in Indonesia, black is totally fine to wear in a wedding. So it’s like a safe color to wear. Not to mention that it’s quite easy to mix the color black with some others.

I also love that it’s a body-fit dress that could reflect my beautiful curves. I think it’ll look great to combine the dress with my favorite heels. And since the dress is black, I can actually match the shoes with my bag.

Like, maybe I can opt to wear some gold shoes with a sling bag in the same dominant color? That sounds like a way to go. 😀

5. Floral Lace Rhinestone Evening Dress – $74.79 USD

This may be a little too much for a garden party, but this looks perfect for an evening party.

The electric blue color is bold, but then no one would question how the model looks as elegant. I think it’s gonna be so suitable for you fearless ladies who are not too shy to reveal their boldness in a way that is still elegant.

Unfortunately, the size available for this dress only starts from L. So for those who are tiny by size, I don’t think you’re gonna find the size for this dress.

With this dress, I think the best way to get your hair done is to get an updo so you can show off the rhinestone in the front.

Add your favorite clutch, and maybe some high heels (or even flat if you’re confident with your height!) and you’re off to break some people’s heart. Or even steal any. Whichever you like. 😉

So yeah… Those are 5 kind of dresses that I would suggest to wear on the next wedding you’re going to attend, unless (1) you think you’ve got nothing to wear. (2) you want to look stunning or (3) you want to break/steal someone else’s heart.

As I mentioned before, this post is powered by Dresslily and yes, they’ve still got plenty of dresses for you to choose on their website. You can click here, take a look at their collection, and even make a purchase on it.

Now that we’re talking about this topic, I’m curious whether you’ve experience this “When’s your turn?” question? If so, do you have any smartass answer that I could use the next time I get in the situation? Let me know on the comment section, and cheerio!


This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. 

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  1. I love floral dresses—and really almost ANY kind of floral apparel. 🙂 I’m in my mid thirties, and am still single, and have felt your pain of being unmarried. Occasionally, some people will bug me about when are you going to date, get a boyfriend, etc….I just smile and tell them that marriage isn’t in the cards for me right now, so to speak. I may never get married, but I am happy and content with my life.

    1. i know, right? i think for you, maybe it’s easier since most people would understand. but since i live in indonesia, people would bug me all the time just because i’m a single woman. they think like i’m less of a woman just because i’m not married. it’s kind of annoying sometimes. 🙁

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