5 Clothes To Impress Your Potential Beau On The First Date

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By now, for those who occasionally visit my blog, I suppose you’re probably familiar with the three topics that I mainly write about: beau-beauty-travel.

Right now, I’m so glad to announce that starting today until the next couple of days, I am collaborating with Zaful to write specifically about fashion related to those three topics. Not only am I aiming to introduce Zaful store to those who probably have never heard it before, but also to give you some ideas in case you’re going through the same situation.

And just like the classy lady as you are, more often than not, you usually feel like you have nothing to wear despite there’s so many clothes to wear in your closet. 😛

5 Clothes To Impress Your Potential Beau On The First Date - The BeauTraveler

About Zaful

Zaful is a one-stop online shop owned by Hong Kong Bi’an Information Technology Co.limited. They provide a lot of affordable collections that are all about redefining trends, design excellence and exceptional quality to satisfy the needs of every aspiring fashionista.

Despite the original idea of Zaful is o share the latest news and fashion trends on women’s clothing with fashion-forward and free-thinking girls, Zaful has been growing to also provide men’s collections as well.

If that’s not enough, worldwide shipping is also available with free shipping for any purchase over $49 USD! 😀

Clothes to Wear on the First Date

As someone who’s kind of unlucky in love, I lost count how many first dates that I have been through in the total of 29 years living in this world, with half of it trying to look good in front of the guys that I was interested in.

If you ask me what kind of clothes that I usually wear on the first date, without hesitation I will answer “dresses”.

To be fair, I’m the kind of woman who looks really feminine judging from the clothes that I usually wear. The reason why I love dresses is not only because I feel most comfortable wearing them, but also I just look good in dresses.

Plus, I’m kind of a sucker to mix and match clothes so when I have a dress, I think all I need is just some shoes that go well with the dress. Maybe some accessories like earrings or necklace, and off you go! 😀

Wearing a dress on the first date for someone like me who loves dresses by nature, not only is comfortable but also functional.

Not only that it’s more practical than a jumpsuit (you don’t want to get through the hassle to remove everything just because you want to pee out of the nerves!), but in case of hooking up possibilities emergency, dresses are easier to be taken off. 😛

Sure, that only applies to some fierce lady like me, but even if you’re not, dresses could help you get a good first impression for your potential beau anyway!

5 Zaful Dresses to Impress Your Potential Beau

In terms of dating, there are some dresses from Zaful that I could imagine wearing on the first date. All are dresses that vary from the casual ones to a semi-formal one.

I think you could pick any dress below for your first date, all depend on what kind of the first date you’re gonna have. Are you just going to a movie, or maybe you agree to spend some time for a dinner in some fancy restaurant?!

1. Lapel Collar Belted Mini Dress – Peacock Blue ($23.49 USD)
Zaful Peacock Dress
To check out more options for peacock dress at Zaful, click here.

I think for anyone who knows my personal style, they would agree that this dress is just totally me with the collar and the belt.

I love mini dresses. I think if I could choose mini dresses or maxi dresses, being a short girl as I am, a mini dress is definitely a good to go.

What makes me love this lapel collar belted mini dress from Zaful is that the dress looks pretty casual, but with the collar and the belt, at the same time it still looks sophisticated.

I could imagine that the dress is quite versatile, as in I could wear pretty much anywhere that is not required a very formal look like a ball.

Besides, who’s going to a ball for the first date nowadays? Even the royal like Prince William or Prince Harry didn’t set up the first date at a ball with Kate and Meghan, don’t you think?! I could be wrong, but then again, I’m not anywhere close to a royal family.

2. Baroque Print Tunic Dress With Tassel ($17.49 USD)
Shop now at Zaful for this tunic dress.

The first date doesn’t have to be all glitters and dresses that make you look stunning like a sophisticated lady.

Sometimes you can also wear a dress that reveals your personality. Maybe you’re an easy-going lady who doesn’t really understand the value of high-fashion. And that’s okay to wear the most comfortable clothes in your first date.

I mean, sure you wouldn’t want to go out with a guy for the first time looking exactly like a garbage. But you can still wear something simple like this baroque print tunic dress.

Well, you see it’s good to get someone impressed by what you wear. But if a body-fit dress is not really your thing, then you might as well not wear it on the date. 🙂

Besides, he’s not really a potential beau if he doesn’t like the way you look when you wear something that you find comfortable, right?!

Although again, if you want to wear something like this, maybe choose some casual place to go out, like a park or a concert of bands that you both like?! I’m sure that would do the magic. 😀

3. High Contrast Cut Out Valentine Mini Dress ($21.49 USD)
Valentine Mini Dress

I could totally see myself in this dress. 🙂

It doesn’t even have to be something that I wear on the first date, this is the kind of dress that I want to wear anywhere because not only does it look so cute with the ribbon accent on the back, but also the simple model that could go with any kind of shoes or bag.

You see, if you’re someone who wouldn’t mind having your first date to get some chit-chat about recent issues like the grief of Avicii’s death or even how it’s been so long since you’ve been waiting for the sequel of The Incredibles at McDonald’s, this dress is suitable for it.

Like, it still looks stylish for a McDonald’s date, but in case he’s interested to take you to the pub after Mac’s, it still does the work as well.

All you need is just this dress and a pair of proper shoes that could steal his heart. Right?! 😉

4. Multi Stripes Off the Shoulder Dress ($35.99 USD)
Zaful multi stripes off shoulder dress.
Off shoulder dress with stripes.

I love anything off the shoulder. Not only that I look incredibly sexy in anything off the shoulder, be it a top or a dress. But also, most of the times, off shoulder clothes are really comfortable.

The good thing about this off the shoulder dress is that it’s a midi dress, and it has stripes on it. I mean, I do have an off the shoulder midi jumpsuit and despite it looks really great on me, it’s less practical when it comes to my bladder’s urges.

LIke, I don’t want to remove all the clothes just because I want to pee. And with this multi stripes off the shoulder dress, I don’t need to face the same problem with the jumpsuit that I’ve got in my closet. You can see more details here.

And the off shoulder clothes can be worn for any occasion. Like it looks good to wear for some casual activities like movies or concert, but it also looks stunning for more formal occasions like a wedding or a casual dinner.

To be fair, all women need this kind of clothes. Something to wear that looks great in various occasions.

5. Plus Size Slit Asymmetrical Dress ($30.99 USD)
Zaful Plus Size Slit Asymmetrical Dress.
Plus Size Slit Asymmetrical Dress from Zaful.

I’m really in love with this dress, however, I’m not sure whether it comes in my size as I checked that it’s a plus size dress that comes with XL++ size.

It might be way too big for me, but seeing how it looks in the picture, it’s just something that I want in my closet.

First of all, the model is unique as it’s asymmetric. But also, it’s black. You can never go wrong with a little black dress, and this one is just too great to be true!

And it’s so functional too. I can even see myself wearing this to have a dinner in some fancy restaurant. Maybe add some high heels and we’re gonna have a good time trying to look as classy yet in a more sophisticated way. It’s just too great! 😀

I don’t know, I’m pretty sure some of you will think of a little black dress for the first date not only to impress the potential guy but also to impress yourself in the mirror. And this dress looks like something that gives you such impression.

I could guarantee you that I’m not the only girl who gets this urgency to have this in my closet, and you’re probably on the same page as me right now. Are you?

So, yeah… Those are 5 Zaful clothes that I’ve got in mind to wear on the first date.

Do you have any kind of favorite clothes that you like to wear for a date? Maybe if you’re not a dress junky like me, you’ve got your own favorite, like blouse and t-shirt maybe? Tell me what it is, and have a nice date! 😀


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  1. I highly recommend adopting the f yes rule. Don’t waste your precious time going through bad dates. Waste all your time slaying in these awesome outfits like the queen you are. 😉 These are great outfit ideas and remember, you are lovely inside and out. Since I have a booty on me, I would definitely wear the plus size asymmetrical dress. That dress is killer.

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