4 Types of Blog That I Find Annoying While Blogwalking

So, earlier this morning I checked my WordPress when I found out that Alyne herself left a comment on my Social Media Influencer post. I was so surprised. Like, wow dude… Even an influencer with such a big number of followers like Alyne spared some time to do blogwalking. In that case, she probably googled herself and found my post there.

I mean, it's such a good coincidence as I was already planning to write some rants about blogwalking tonight. For those of you who have been in the blogsphere for quite some time, I think you're already familiar with the term.

For those who don't, according to Answer.com, blogwalking is mutual blog promoting between bloggers through their individual blogs. Basically, it's the kind of activity when you check out other people's blogs to see what they have for various reasons.

4 Types of Blog That I Find Annoying While Blogwalking - The BeauTraveler

Pros and Cons of Blogwalking

Maybe you want to check out what other bloggers have for the post that might be aligned to yours. Maybe you join some ‘comment4comment' thread. Or maybe you just do it to kill the time. The point is, you check out other blogs.

While it sometimes gives me some inspiration on what to write next, there are times when I get really annoyed from visiting some blogs.

It has nothing to do with their contents, cause I believe that each blogger has their own characteristics to deliver their message. Well, unless you're the kind of bloggers who actually blog some clickbait then I wish you burned in hell. 😛

So, anyway… Let's jump into the kind of blogs that annoy me when I do the blogwalking! 😉

Some Annoying Blogs that I Find While Blogwalking

So, in case you didn't know, I'm a narcissist. Like, honestly… The blog that I visit the most is mine. I mean, I'm not sure if it's just me, but you've got the point.

However, in my spare time, I enjoy blogwalking as it gives me some ideas about what kind of blog I want to have. From a reader's point of view.

That way, I could learn to apply it on my blog so it's gonna be more friendly-user. I'm not a tech expert, but I suppose the UX (user experiment) plays a vital role in whether they will come back to your blog or they've learned a lesson.

So, these are the kind of blogs that I find really annoying while blogwalking. Some of them, sometimes they make me wish I never opened their URL, to begin with. I mean, if I had to name a blogging pet peeves, then they would be these things on the list.

But anyway…

Source: Pxhere.

1. Blogs that Take Forever to Load.

You know, I have to admit that when it comes to the blogs that take forever to load, I actually have a few blogs in mind that I always hope I never have to come across their blogs ever again.

First of all, I use a really old laptop. That's probably my problem alone, but then it works well enough to access a lot of blogs and websites.

So whenever I come across the blogs that take forever to load, I'm quite sure the problem is not exactly with my laptop. But rather to their blogs.

Not sure if it has something to do with their hosting, or they just use way too many plugins on their blog, but I really don't have enough patience for those blogs that take more than 2 minutes to load. And since I use a really old laptop, chances are my laptop would get freeze when it tried to load so I had to restart.

So freaking annoying.

2. Blogs with Ads Scattered All Over the Page.

For some of us who don't claim to earn a 6-figure paycheck from blogging, I understand that getting as many impressions and clicks on ads kinda help us to get by.

But, for the love of God, never turn on the auto ads on Adsense. Or simply don't put too many ads on your page to the point it gets annoying.

Like, seriously… I'd rather read the whole advertorial post without any ads appeared on the page than see some interesting post but with the page scattered with ads.

Source: Pxhere.

3. Blogs with Popups.

Well, I know there are so many bloggers out there who would suggest popups as it's statistically effective to trigger your readers to get into your mailing list. But just so you know, popups on your blogs are extremely annoying!

Please refer to #1 on the list because more often than not, popups are also the main reason why one's blog takes forever to load.

And it's even worse when I thought I wouldn't have to face the popups, and in the middle of my reading session in one page, popups suddenly make their appearance. And as if it's not bad enough, I couldn't find the (x) symbol to close it and continue to read.

Sometimes I just want to scream things like, “Just give me a chance to freaking read without popups, please!!!”

4. Blogs with No “Read More” Option on Their Homepage.

You know, the kind of blogs that actually show the whole content on their homepage so you have to scroll far down to see what other posts they've got on the page.

While this might be the case of the bloggers in beginner level, I could only rely on the contents they have in that case. Like if it's interesting, then I wouldn't mind scrolling down to explore their blog and read everything one by one. 

It might help if their blog menu accommodates what we need in a way that it's well-organized so I could check specifically on the topics that I'm interested in. So, while I find this sometimes annoying, it really depends on what the blog brings to the table.

Source: Pxhere.

Do You Have Any Blogwalking Pet Peeves on Your Own?

Well, I want to hear your opinions! 🙂

I mean, I've designed my blog as per what I find works or otherwise from my point of view as a reader.

Let me know what you think, and if you have some input on my blog's layout… Please do let me know so I could fix it, and cheerio! 🙂

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