4 First Dates That Failed Me (Because When Meghan Markle Got Engaged to Prince Harry, I Can’t Even Get a Text Back!)

So now we all know that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged. I mean, I’m sure I couldn’t be the only one who gets my heart broken for having this wild dream to be the bride in the next royal wedding for the ginger prince.

And now that we know their relationship was started out with a set-up, I’m sure for those who are like me, we are certain that we need better friends to do such thing like that. Setting us up with a prince.

Well, I’m not gonna really talk about the engagement, as I’m more gonna talk about the first date(s) that failed me as a single woman.

As a serial dater myself, I think the value I’ve got is quite obvious.

Look, when you’re kind of comfortable for being alone, I think at some point you’ll be more selective when it comes to spending some time with people.

Especially those who you think will have a potential to be the ‘one’, but only turn out to another man that kind of wasted your time before you met another one who’s pretty much the same. Ugh.


And lately, I’m getting more familiar with this kind of event.

At first, it seems like we could totally connect. We texted each other everyday, and we joked around with some kind of flirtations in-between.

And then we decided to meet up and bam! Despite the date went quite well, the next thing you know is that they just disappeared. 

1. That time when he couldn’t just shut up.

I met this guy through Tinder if I’m not mistaken, so we met up in Hoi An to have some late dinner only for me to find out that he was chatty. And by chatty, it’s the bad kind of chatty. Like he’s so negative to the point he can actually find anything to complain about.

As long as I could remember, this guy has complained about the company that I used to work for since his flight once got cancelled. Okay. Like I was no longer a part of the company when he told me this but I got slightly offended.

And then he ordered orange juice only to complain that it’s not a legit orange juice because it’s actually some kind of Tang with lower quality.

I just wished I could shut him up pronto and finished the whole thing. 

2. That time when we were planning out a date and I suggested McDonald’s but he thought I was kidding.


If you think about asking me out, there’s something that you need to tell: I’m not the kind of person who will tell you ‘whatever’ when you ask me where we’re gonna eat. When it comes to food, I always have something in mind. 

I mean, some girls claim themselves an alpha-female. When it comes to being an eater, I am totally an alpha-eater.

So then we were planning out a date and I was actually craving for McDonald’s cheeseburger. His response? “No, lah.”

Because he thought it was ridiculous and besides since I’ve gained weight, he thought that I might want to watch what I eat. Duh.

If only some people understand that it’s only a sign that when I love something, I can’t just give up easily.

And I wanted McDonald’s cheeseburger, I wanted it that day.

3. That time when I casually invited him to a dinner along with my friends that I thought he would refuse but he didn’t.

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t actually his fault. If anything, maybe it was mine.

Like I was bluffing when I invited him to come with me for a dinner with my friends because I low key expected a ‘no’ as an answer. But he didn’t say no. He said yes and he actually came to the dinner and met me for the first time as we met through OKCupid.

After the dinner, we had a drink and we went to the movie as well. Honestly, I thought the date was quite nice and he seems like a good guy as well.

But then, after a few days, he stopped texting me completely and didn’t even text me back when I initially sent him a ‘how are you’ message.

I mean, that wouldn’t be a problem if only he hasn’t met my friends. But he has. 


4. That time when you thought he was the one, but turned out he was pretty much the same as everybody else.

I mean, he’s quite hot and if there’s anyone who actually knows how to handle meme like I do, then it’s him. It sounds perfect, right?

Especially when we casually joked around about being together for real despite the distance we’ve got. And we shamelessly told each other that despite we would end up together, we still had some hook-up stories with other people due to the distance.

But then you met, you spent some real good time together and a month later he texted you that he couldn’t speak to you any longer since he would try to work things out with this girl he told you about.

So you put on silence treatment just to get back to online dating apps all over again, while the girl roasted you on facebook messenger so you had to tell her that I didn’t need this and flee.


Months later, the guy found my profile on OKCupid again telling people that I’m there again because of him. And he told me that I should have told the girl the real thing despite lying to myself.

That, only to realize that you kind of regret that you wasted 1.5 years for having such an expectation only to get disappointed in the end.

Okay, I know it’s now getting personal but you know what I’m saying right? I am in a love-and-hate relationship with first date. Like I love how every first date is kind of like a new hope, but then I hate how we could ruin things in a glimpse of eyes.

So, like a wise woman say, should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements even if it leads nowhere? 😛

4 First Dates That Failed Me (Because When Meghan Markle Got Engaged to Prince Harry, I Can't Even Get a Text Back!) - The BeauTraveler

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6 thoughts on “4 First Dates That Failed Me (Because When Meghan Markle Got Engaged to Prince Harry, I Can’t Even Get a Text Back!)”

  1. Dating is a bad word in my book, but I’m much older than you LOL! I was married for 19 years and with him for 21, so believe me when I tell you that dating at 47 is way, way worse than what you’ve experience so far…at least in my experience. I love, though, that you refer to yourself as a “serial dater” haha. I think the fact that you have the courage to keep trying is only a good thing. Thanks for sharing!

    1. hey kristi, thank you for your comment.. it’s great to hear a comment from a different perspective. 😉

      i mean, like i don’t want to date too often but then again if i didn’t try it in the first place, i would never know right so yeah.. we’ll see! 😀

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