4 Cute Tops to Pack in Your Travel So You Can Enjoy The Sun of A Beach (Or Even More!)

If you gotta choose between beach and mountain, where would you go for vacation?

Growing up in a mountainous area, I think it’s not a shocking news to find myself answering the first for the question. So, yes… I’m like a vampire as I hate the sun. But it’s probably because I’m more like a nocturnal person.

However, I wouldn’t mind going to the beach just for swimming a bit or even to just be present and think about life. Ever since I visited Bangka, I could actually see myself going there just to chill with a book. Just put my favorite sunglasses and I’ll be set.

Anyway, I think another reason to choose beach over mountain is also the fact that in terms of packing things for the journey, going to a beach is definitely easier (and lighter!) because more often than not, you don’t need any hoodie (too hot!) or even gloves to get to the beach.

All you need to bring with yourself is just maybe some skirts or hot pants, maybe legging if like most Asian girls I know, you’re too scared to get tanned. And get some of your favorite tops and be ready for some fun time! 😐

After I wrote a fashion feature about beau and beauty before, it’s time to talk about travel… Still in collaboration with Zaful, on this post I’m gonna talk about the cute tops that you need to pack so you can enjoy your time at the beach.

Be it as an outer so you could look great before you show your sexy self in the bikini, or some cute top to wear to enjoy the breeze and the sun around the beach so you can people-watch and enjoy your book.  4 Cute Tops to Pack in Your Travel So You Can Enjoy The Sun of A Beach (Or Even More!)

What to Pack if You’re Planning to Go to the Beach

There are a few things associated with beaches, I suppose… It will be a perfect place to either for you to chill and drink some coconut, or party hard.

Which one of these beachgoers are you? I’m more like the one who likes to chill and drink some coconut though.

Too old to enjoy the music, I suppose. Never really enjoyed during my youth either. Honestly, I’ve always been an old soul at heart. I don’t know how to fun. 😛

4 Cute Tops to Pack for Your Vacation at the Beach

However, it’s fair to say in order to look good at the beach you need to wear something comfortable. Some love summer dresses, some like to combine hot pants and t-shirt.

Both are great, but honestly in some place like Bali or Lombok, for example, summer dress is so hard to find with such an affordable price. You might as well want to bring the cute tops while maybe pick up some new summer dresses along the way.

1. Off Shoulder Smocked Lace Panel Blouse ($21.49)
Off Shoulder Smocked Lace Panel Blouse - Zaful
You can check more lace collections from Zaful here.

Who says you can’t wear lace around the beach? If there’s anyone telling you otherwise, show them this cute off-shoulder top.

Well, my opinion might be a little bias. But sure enough, this off-shoulder blouse is wearable for any occasions. Like you could wear it to a mall, but you totally would rock it around the beach as well.

Just combine it with your favorite hot pants or maybe denim skirts, this one would do the magic. Plus, it’s white.

I mean, if you remember a chapter from your Physics class, I suppose wearing white top in a place where it’s too hot like a beach could give you more comfort than dying pretty in a black blouse, right?!

Believe me, if you’re someone like me who would get cranky and turn into a complete bitch around the heat, you’d understand that the least thing you could do is wearing something comfortable around it.

2. Batwing Plus Size Lace Trim Top ($16.55 USD)
Batwing Plus Size Lace Trim Top - Zaful
Batwing Lace Blouse

The thing I love about batwing blouse is that it’s a bit loose like myself, and I love it when I can find a top that’s a bit loose in the arm area because despite being not so tall myself, my arm is quite big for my height. 😐

The good thing about this batwing lace collection from Zaful is that it’s available for plus size as well. And the color is so pretty, so summer-ish. So suitable to wear around the beach. Like it’s pretty calm, but still colorful.

And not only does it look good to stroll around the beach, this blouse is also cute to wear just in case you’re planning to have a family holiday with your boyfriend’s family for example. Like, I have a lot of friends who would take their girlfriend to Bali with his family so maybe you’re one of the girlfriends who got lucky like that.

I mean, when it comes to family holiday, you definitely need some clothes that not only look good, but also look modest. You know, for the sake of his mother’s sanity. You don’t want to be her biggest enemy before you even get married, do you?! 😛

You can click here for more plus size collections at Zaful.

3. Retro Print Long Sleeve Wrap Peasant Blouse ($24.49 USD)
Retro Print Long Sleeve Wrap Peasant Blouse - Zaful
Could you see yourself wearing this at the beach?

I think this one would look great as an outer if you’re planning to go for actually swimming at the beach.

If that’s the case, you want a cute top that is light to wear, and maybe show a bit of your bikini or swimsuit under it. You just need to combine it with maybe your favorite black skirt so it will be easy to remove once you reach the beach.

Well, I know the feeling when you just can’t wait to get in the water once you see it in front of you. In fact, I miss it right now. I feel like going to a beach actually.

I need to check my bank account, and if it’s sufficient for me to actually have a short getaway somewhere like Bali, I think I’d genuinely consider it now that I don’t have to go for the physiotherapy everyday.

If you were me, would you go to Bali for a short getaway since you’re an Indonesian who has never been to Bali and actually have it on one of your bucket list?

I want to go to Bali, but I think my account now is only enough for the flight ticket. Hmm. Okay, next!

4. Bell Sleeve Off The Shoulder Smocked Blouse ($19.49 USD)
Bell Sleeve Off The Shoulder Smocked Blouse
Yet another off-shoulder top on my list.

Apologies for my huge obsession with anything off-shoulder. 😛

But I just can’t help it, first of all when I see this top, I just love it because first of all, it’s black. You can never look bad in black.

Second of all, it’s off-shoulder. My favorite! And the last but not least, it has ruffles on it. 😀

Although this is not the kind of top that I would wear on a very sunny day at the beach, I could totally wear this at the party at night. Like, maybe I could just mix this with a denim skirt and flip-flops and off I go… Ready to break someone’s heart. Hahaha.

If we’re on the same page, thinking to wear this at the beach party you’re planning to go on your next vacation, then yessss.. You can shop now at Zaful.

So, what do you think? Do you think these cute tops are good to wear around the beach? Would you wear it to either stroll around, or just get some baywatch moment somewhere around the beach, or maybe to party hard like crazy?

Tell me what you think and cheerio! 😀


This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. 


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2 thoughts on “4 Cute Tops to Pack in Your Travel So You Can Enjoy The Sun of A Beach (Or Even More!)”

  1. Haha I honestly love both the beach aaaaand the mountains. It is really hard to choose lol. But thanks alot for the cool clothing ideas especially around going to the beach as I normally just throw on a t body fit tee and a cute shorts. I think I need to start wearing dresses as well. .

    1. i love dresses more than anything normally, as i’m the kind of person who would be too lazy to wear shorts, skirts or trousers. hahaha. but shorts are my go-to clothes when i have no dresses. especially since i’m from a tropical country like indonesia. 🙂

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