3 Li(v)es I’ve Enjoyed Living on Social Media to Fool My Followers

Hello everyone! 😀

April Fools is approaching. And before you skip the post because you think I’ll fool you with some pranks, then nope… I’ve been fooling you for way too long that I don’t think I need to fool you one more time in what’s supposed to be a special day to fool people. *laughing high and dry*

Anyway, I suppose we have probably watched the video about InstaLie. You know, the video that has gone viral on Youtube where the content is pretty much about reality vs social media.

Well, I will talk about this on this post, although mind you… This would be a little personal, only for me and you! 😉

Don’t get me wrong, I think if anything, I’m not trying too hard to live an InstaLie. If you’re friends with me on Facebook or Instagram, you could see that I’ve been sharing meme jokes or my cats’ pictures most of the time. It’s not a lie, I love my cats more than life itself and meme has saved me from frustration. 😛

3 Live(s) I've Enjoyed Living on Social Media to Fool My Followers

Also, I’m not the kind of person who would put hashtag like #IWokeUpLikeThis or #RelationshipGoals. However, it doesn’t make me immune to the kind of things that I have to secretly hide from my friends or followers in order for them to perceive me in social media.

So here, I’ll come clean about the lies I’ve made on my social media li(f)e.

1. Selfie

I’m not a big fan of selfie culture, and that’s exactly why I don’t have a selfie stick right now. I mean, I bought it probably 3 times in the past but the careless me always left it somewhere because I rarely ever used it.

Although I’m not a big selfie fan, it doesn’t mean that I’ve never posted any selfie at all because seriously, nowadays you haven’t taken any selfie? Which era are you living in? Dark ages? 😛

One of the hundred pics I took that could only work for me on social media.

I don’t always post a selfie on social media, but when I do, it will be the one that makes me look effortlessly beautiful like this one.

I know, some of you would probably say things like, “But that’s what we all do… We take a hundred of selfies only to post one that we look the best.”

But my case is different. I’ve got Bell’s Palsy since a few years ago, and done some therapy since I quit my job last year.

My face is not always like this. It’s often twitching when I want to take some selfie, and when I realized that my face can’t stop twitching, it kills the mood because the pic that I see myself on the camera is just me looking ugly with half normal face and the other one twitching.

You see me on this picture? It was me with my moderate twitching face. It could be worse. And when it got worse, normally you wouldn’t even see my real face in one side. And the reason why I uploaded this picture was because I always deleted all pictures of mine when my face was twitching.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m effortlessly beautiful without this Bell’s Palsy. I mean, there is no way I could get that on-point selfie if I’m not a natural beauty, right? 😛

But anyway, a lot of people think that smile reveals your beauty. In my case, not really… Whenever I try to smile, my Bell’s Palsy will come in and ruin my face. And that’s why I’ve got the resting bitch face since a few years ago when I got this the first time.

And that will take us to the second lie that I’ve enjoyed living on social media.

2. Being a Happy Single Lady

Have you ever seen a pic of me with a special someone? No, right?!

Well, it’s because I’m single. Surprise. But not really, because to be honest, I’ve gone out with so many guys, be it who I met organically or through online dating apps. Nothing has ever worked. At least, none to the point that I want to post a pic of them.

Sometimes I think it would have worked better if it wasn’t because of my Bell’s Palsy. I could be wrong.

Well, she could only look elegant like this after some shopping time because the bags are empty. I tried a pose like this with stuff inside the bag and my arm got sore. (Source: Pexels)

And despite looking like a happy single lady, I’m actually longing to settle in. Like I’m not sure if I’m ready, but I think it’s always good to have someone to share the life with you.

Also, because I’m too tired carrying groceries alone. Or taking the trash out by myself only to find out that no one was there to open the damn door for me. 😐

3. The Joyous Traveling Pictures that I Have Uploaded to Instagram

Frankly speaking, it’s been awhile since the last time I traveled far away from home.

Since I quit my job, I really don’t have much steady income. Let alone to travel, sometimes I could only afford to pay my bills from my freelance job as a copywriter in some e-commerce based in Jakarta. Not that I’m complaining, because that way, I even have more opportunities to explore the city that I actually live in. 🙂

Lucky that I’ve traveled well in the past and I just started my blog and Instagram page for the blog last year, and mind you I’ve taken a lot of pictures when I traveled so it’s been a year and I never ran out of pics to upload on my Instagram account. 🙂

Me whenever I upload a photo of me in some fancy place on Instagram: laying down on my bed, wearing pajamas that is currently way too small but too broke to buy a new one. (Source: Pexels)

I’m so glad that I came up with an idea to bring out the 3 topics – beau, beauty and travel – on this blog so I still can write about something when I’m not traveling.

But, anyway…

So, yeah… My life is not pretty much like what I’ve been showing you on my social media handles. However, I think it’s still important to stay true to yourself in the process. And it’s even more important to actually have some people who know you and love you because of who you are in real life.

I mean, at least I still troll my friends occasionally no matter how they know that I’ve been down because of Bell’s Palsy nowadays. Why? Because they know that trolling them is what makes me happy. 😛

Okay, so happy Easter and enjoy April Fools’ Day, everyone… Just a friendly reminder that the pregnant prank isn’t really legit nowaday. Unless you’re really pregnant, in which case, joke’s on you so cheerio! 😀

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8 thoughts on “3 Li(v)es I’ve Enjoyed Living on Social Media to Fool My Followers”

  1. I’m not much of the persons for selfies. I love be more behind the camera. =) But, when you are somewhere on travel it is nice to have a lot of photos. I forgot to take more photos of me and at the end sometimes I regret that.

  2. I love the post. We all post so much on social media that people think we live such fun interesting lives, but in reality we spend as much time sitting on our couch doing nothing as everyone else. I know as a blogger, my friends are always asking me how I go to so many interesting places and do so many interesting things. In reality I’m saving money to do those things in order to write about them and hopefully make back some of that money.

    1. yes, jeff.. that’s what i do to travel too. while some friends of mine like to hang out to some random cafe in town, i’d rather spend my money later for a nice holiday somewhere far away just so i could have something to write on later. 🙂

  3. Marya, l loved how real this is, l think we need more people telling thruths like this, because at the end is the same for all of us, I think it helps to put into persperctive thos days when you dont feel so great LOL anyhow l really enjoyed reading your post not only because it is filled with a good reality check but also it made me laugh 🙂

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