2020 New Year’s Resolution: My Goals to Embrace the New Decade

Merry Christmas, everyone! 😀

As you may already know, I don’t really celebrate Christmas. But spiritually, I definitely love the holiday seasons as well as the season’s greeting that always comes up with gifts and cookies. Anyway, since I don’t really follow Christmas tradition as I grew up mostly in a Muslim household… I’ll take some time to write about my new year’s resolution for 2020 instead.

It’s gonna be exciting. New year, a new decade, and some more new place(s) to explore in the future… My new year’s resolution for next year definitely marks my adulting life. Why? Well, let’s see!

2020 New Year's Resolution: My Goals to Embrace the New Decade - The BeauTraveler

The Overview: My 2019

You’ve probably read my post about this decade of mine, and you may know by now that this has been basically my year. This is the first year that I finally feel like I slowly get my shit together. 2019 is the first year when I couldn’t care less about payday because I always have a little something in my bank account. I can live comfortably, with some plans in the future that could fulfill my basic needs to live independently.

This morning, Facebook reminds me of the conversation I had with my brother 6 years ago when we traveled together around Joglosemar (Jogja-Solo-Semarang). It was the conversation we had during dinner when my brother said his stomach was going to explode after spending hours of being so hungry before.

My smartmouth was like, “Well, youngman… Life lesson #37, we humans will never get enough in life. Either we have less, or a little too much.”

Well, my hope is just that I’d rather have a little too much in life so I could maybe share a little with my surroundings. As simple as that.

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New Year’s Resolution in 2020

So, let’s start with my new year’s resolution…

Well, to be fair it’s Christmas day and I don’t even have any plan for the new year. Yep, my life is THAT boring. But then again, I’m not complaining. I know some people who would see a new year as the new milestone, I’m not really that kind of person.

However, I’m still excited to embrace the new year and decade because I have a lot of plans in my head that I just can’t wait to see the progress along with time. So, what are those?

1. Buying a property to make my crazy cat lady dreams come true.

Some of my close friends or those who follow me on Twitter probably know the drama between me and my mom lately. She kept nagging about me taking care of my cats, to the point that I started considering to move out of my parents’ house. The drama kinda gave me an epiphany to buy a property.

I figure since now I have somewhat a stable income that is enough for me to save up, why not spending it to something that is more long-term like a house? I’ve been checking out the housing options around my hometown, and the mortgage isn’t too expensive.

Look, I grew up in an Asian family household and there’s no such thing as moving out of our parent’s house unless you either get married or get a job out of town. So of course, my decision to look into housing options was kind of controversial for my parents.

At first, my mom was like, “Why would you move out when our house is big enough to afford you living comfortably in it? You should move out when you get married.”

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As much as the comfort I have while living in my parents’ house (no utilities responsibility or whatever!), I just can’t stand with the traditional pressure that my parents, particularly my mom, when it comes to me being single in my 30s. It’s not healthy for me mentally.

And I realize that I haven’t committed to anything for way too long. My last relationship could only last a few months before we broke up, and the only commitment I have now is my cats. And if this becomes a problem for my mom under her roof, then maybe I should have my own roof for a start.

Hopefully, I could get a suitable house soon. I’m not planning to move out as soon as possible, since did you know that furniture is freaking expensive?!

But maybe, I will move to my own house in 2-3 years. At the time, who knows what will happen? Maybe I’ll move out with just my cats. Maybe I’ll move along with my better half. Anything is possible. Never say never.

2. Growing as an individual.

To be honest with you, solitary has become my best strength these days. While some people envy me for the ability to work from home, you have no idea how little I interact with any other person except for during meals’ time with my family.

I’ve had arguments plenty of times, especially with my mom when it comes to her expectation of me finding my better half and shit. And I realized that maybe 5 years ago, I prioritized this aspect way too much. My goal was to get married before I turned 30, and maybe have kids like everybody else. At this point, I’ve come to realize that my life should be different than most of the people I know in life.

I’m embracing the possibility of having to live on my own, if it’s my destiny. But in the meantime, I also want to grow as an individual because it’s worth the effort to be able to stand on my own feet. And I’m okay to get through that process.

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After all, I saw a video somewhere in which this interviewee said something that hits me perfectly. She’s got this airplane emergency analogy when it comes to coliving or taking into a new step like a marriage. She said, “When the cabin pressure failed in the airplane, you have to wear your oxygen mask first before helping others. You can’t help others if you’re not done with yourself. The same goes for coliving and marriage.”

So my goal for next year is to just grow myself as an individual. I want to have the income stable enough to support me (and my cats). I want to have the knowledge broad enough to learn a little more each day. I want to have a house that I could call home.

That way, if one day a person comes along into my life, I’ll just add him (or her? I’m open-minded! LOL) into my complete life.

3. Focus on my current job, and do it a little better.

For now, I enjoy my job entirely.

I have no problem with my clients, and if I want to… In fact, I still have some slots to accept more clients too. But for now, I don’t think it’s my objective right now since I’m happy with handling some for my clients while still have some time to manage my blog.

But of course, I want to develop myself a little better. Skill-wise, I think I can keep myself updated with the rapid changes in terms of my tasks. You know, things like Instagram algorithm for my client, or even the new features that we could benefit to leverage their business whatsoever.

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The good thing about doing it for my clients is that I can also learn and apply it for my blog as well. I want to develop this blog as a business in the future.

Right now, I’ve hired 2 relatives to be my virtual assistants with the hope that maybe they could learn something about being a professional since they’re still in school right now. In the future, I want to give them more benefits as a reward for working hard.

And who knows? Maybe I’ll hire more people and treat the blog as my side biz as well. A girl can hope.

4. Be savvy, financially.

If you know me well, then you probably know that I’m not so good with money. I’m the kind of person who would spend my money as long as I get it. This is one of the considerations that lead me to buy a house. Maybe I will get a bit better financially if I have some adult responsibilities like a house.

I’m not sure if you could relate, but as a freelance worker, I’ll either feel prosperous or so poor depends on the project done at the time. But then with the situation, I realize that maybe I should start tracking my earning as well as spending. This is important, especially if I want to grow my blog into a business.

For this, I’m currently using the app “Money Manager” on my phone. So for all the money I earn or spend, I will add it there. That way, I can easily track the money I have and how I spend it. And you know what? You’ll be surprised by how I spend my money mostly on “social life” when really I rarely even go out.

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This, my friends, is to remind you that maybe you’ll be able to save a little if only you don’t go out every Friday night. I barely go out and still my spending is mostly flown through social life. What is life if not spending money? So being savvy financially sounds quite tempting for me these days. 😉

5. No pressure in terms of timeline, but getting the top of my bucket list checked: Balkan trip!

Before I strongly consider to buy a house, I’ve been actually saving up for some other reason. It is to get the top of my bucket list checked: a trip to the Balkans!

As you probably heard a lot of times from my previous posts about having an Indonesian passport, I definitely can’t just quit the job and travel because of the requirements I have to enter a lot of countries in the world. However, just recently Serbia grants free-visa for Indonesian tourists.

And that gives me an idea to make it happen. But with all the visa regulations, I definitely couldn’t just buy the ticket and fly. If I get to Serbia, there is no way I will miss Croatia and other countries in the Balkans. And to do that, I need to apply for a Schengen visa first. And to apply for a Schengen visa, first and foremost I need to have money first. So that’s one motivation that I have starting this year to save up.

But now that I’m leaning into buying a house, I’m not sure if I could go for the Balkan trip this year. If anything, I already have some plans for this. First, I want to take a short Serbian course in Belgrade for maybe 2 weeks before traveling to the rest of Serbia. After that, I’ll start exploring the countries in their surroundings. Including Croatia!

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That way, I will finally meet my long-time internet friend Dora. We’ve been friends through Myspace in early 2000s, from the time when I was a virgin and now she’s the mother of 2. Could you imagine? This meeting has to happen, sooner or later. And no pressure for the timeline, but I’m confident that this may happen sometime in the next decade.

Although to be fair, earlier is better and I’m so looking forward to it!

6. Life alone could be a little lonely, but even if it has to be like that… I guess I’m ready.

You see, I don’t know how many new year’s resolutions that include finding my better half in it. And at the same time, it always failed. Earlier this year, I really thought that this point had been finally answered but nope… We broke up around July. So this time, I wouldn’t put any pressure into that. As I said, I think I’ll just focus on myself now.

Of course, ideally, I want to have someone to share all the good and the bads in life. But then again, I’m not done with myself yet. It would be a bit selfish to force myself to be a part of someone when I’m not ready for myself.

One day I may be ready to share it with someone special. I don’t know when. But even if I just have to live alone, I’m okay too as long as I’m happy.

I’m trying not to think too much about it. Everything will come into place on time, so let’s see!

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What I’m Looking Forward in 2020

I will finally get my target done earlier next year, and that is to visit all the 10 ASEAN country members. Sure, it would be a little too late since I initially want to get it checked before I turned 30. But hey, life happens… The most important thing is how to respond to it.

Well, I get to the point that I understand if I can’t have everything I want in life. But the process and the effort to make my dreams come true is still important. It gives me a reason to do well, and it motivates me in life. And what’s better than that?

So, what’s the resolution you have on the list for 2020? Share it in the comment, and cheerio! 🙂

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