Abhay Kumar: Not Really A Blogger, More Like A Content Writer on Asian Tours & Holidays!

Back at it again with the wander lover series! 😀

So far, you’ve seen various kind of travelers that I have covered in the series. Solo travelers, couple travelers, you name it… All of them have their blog under their pen name or brand. But this time, I’d cover some traveler with a little bit of twist.

Why? Because this time I will not talk about a blog maintained by the traveler that I am going to cover today.

Today, I got a chance to speak to Abhay Kumar, the content writer for one of tour and travel agency based in Kerala, Asian Tours & Holidays.

The reason why Abhay was interested to get featured in the series is that he wants the official website of Asian Tours & Holidays to get more exposure in the content, especially for those interested to visit Kerala for your next trip. 🙂

In addition, being a content writer himself while traveling, he is also open to any kind of opportunities to work freelance as both writer and graphic designer.

Getting To Know Abhay! 

Abhay has been traveling around the world for more than 5 years, as he has also done traveling across India as well. With his experience, he is excited now as a part of Asian Tours & Holidays as their content writer, in which he mainly writes about his experiences around India, specifically Kerala.

abhay (1)
Abhay Kumar, the content writer. 😉

As I checked on Asian Tours & Holidays’ website, their blog actually consists of a lot of articles about travel in general, with also a lot of articles focusing on contents specifically for traveling and tourism industry in Kerala, India.

On their blog page, the blog was divided into two sections in which one was the selected travel stories about Allepey, and the other one was the collection of blog posts written by Abhay.

Despite him being the content writer of Asian Tours & Holidays, we’ll do a little bit of twist this time because now I’m not going to focus on the blog posts written by him, but rather the experience he has had during his travel so far. 😀

Japan, The Place Where Everything Happens

Well, not literally everything… Or maybe it is? 😛

But anyway, Abhay went to Japan for the first time when he was a teenager for a student exchange program sponsored by the Japanese government.

abhay (2)
Tokyo Tower. Apart from Abhay, my ex used to live in Tokyo and I know for sure he took a pic in front of this tower, and here I am being butthurt by a picture. 😛

Even since his first time visiting Japan, the country left marks as he has answered almost every question I had with ‘Japan’. The most memorable experience? Japan. The country that you’d recommend the most to everyone? Japan. The best porn? Japan. Oh, okay. Maybe not the last one. 😛

According to Abhay, Japan is definitely a crazy country as it is the perfect fusion of tradition and technology to the point no one would believe how the two extremes coexist in such a perfect harmony!

Plus, the people there are super nice and polite. And because of this experience, Abhay would totally call Japan as the biggest culture shock that he has experienced in his life… So far.

abhay (1)
Japan, the perfect harmony of culture and technology.

Akihabara Market, Where A Mature Man Acts Like A Little Girl

Abhay then told me a story about his first time visiting Japan when he was a teenager. He said that he was a tech nerd back then and for some reason didn’t want to admit he still is even until today. 😛

So when in Japan, he got to visit the largest electronic market in Asia, Akihabara Market. He admits that this place gave him an experience feeling like a little girl walking into the barbie kingdom because he couldn’t even describe the excitement he’s got when he entered the market!

abhay (2)
Akihabara Market, the biggest electronic market in Asia.

Half joking, he said that he remembers the sight of countless of mobile phones, laptops, headphones sitting in front of him and calling him by his name to try them out. And everything happened so fast, without him trying LSD or something! 😛

One word that sums up what travel means to Abhay: HUMILITY

That’s just how exciting it was to visit the market for a tech nerd like he was back then. I mean, sure Japan would be such a heaven for those who are really into technology.

Probably that’s exactly the reason why I’m not (yet) interested to visit Japan? Because I’m not really into technology? Well, we’ll see… Maybe the next thing you know, I prepare myself for Japan to be a porn actress or something. *lol*

A Bit About Abhay’s Travel Story

Being a vegetarian himself, the one thing that often worries him about the place he goes to is the food. He finds it difficult to fill his tummy adequately as most countries, especially South East Asian countries serve non-vegetarian food.

I kind of smiled reading this part. I mean, I’m from Indonesia, a country in South East Asia. And despite there are some vegetarians that I know in person who live in the country, I have to agree that people are not really aware of the vegetarian existence as a term.

The funny thing is that, sometimes in Indonesia when you say that you don’t eat meat, people will smile and say something like this casually, “Nah, don’t worry if you don’t eat meat… We actually have fish.”

I mean, that happens. Some people are just not familiar with the concept of being a vegetarian. Let alone vegan.

However, Abhay said that he has never been disappointed in his travel, because each new place has always something different to offer. And when some people call it a culture shock, for him it is the beautiful thing about the place. 😀

Such a wise word from a wise man! 😉

An Overview of Asian Tours & Holidays

Now that we’ve talked about Abhay and his experience, let’s take a look on the website of Asian Tours & Holidays itself.

There’s still not so many contents on the blog, but then the first time I got introduced by Abhay to Asian Tours & Holidays, knowing that the content is focusing on Kerala, it actually reminds me of Deepak, my boss in the previous company. 😀

I mean, I’ve heard about the city despite the fact that I’ve never been there. But from Deepak, I know that Kerala is worth to visit because this may be the most beautiful city in India. Of course, the opinion is a bit bias as he’s a Kerala origin. But anyway…

That, until I see Alleppey Houseboat!

You see, I’m pretty sure Deepak has mentioned about this houseboat, but I never really imagined how it looks like in real life, or just googled how it was until I actually checked out Asian Tours & Holidays website. 😀

This looks totally awesome, and being as single as I am, it’s kind of traumatic after getting charged more for Ha Long Bay cruise due to the fact that I travel alone. And for this Alleppey Houseboat though, I honestly have a weird feeling that they will charge me extra if I go there solo. Hmmm.

Otherwise, I still have to pay for two even though I go there alone. But well…

So, are you planning to go to Kerala and have a houseboat tour in a low price? Or you simply look forward to more writing pieces from Abhay? Please check out Asian Tours & Holidays here!

Okay, I think that’s a wrap for today. If you’re a blogger interested to get featured on the wander lover series, please do not hesitate to give me a shout!

Take care and safe travel, everyone… Cheerio! 😀

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