11 Underdog Football Players In Early 2000s That Made My Girlhood Tremble

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Earlier today, there was a shocking news that honestly made me cry: Arsene Wenger is leaving Arsenal by the end of season.

I mean, I’m one of gooners who truly believe that some changes are needed in the team. That includes the head coach himself. But, hearing the news that it’s become real and he’d end his status quo this season, it is somehow heartbreaking.

Looking back in early 2000s when I just started following football, if it wasn’t because of Arsene Wenger and Arsenal’s golden era, I think I might not become a gooner years ago. And the news got to my vulnerable side to make me think that it’s gonna be the end of history by the end of the season. Merci beaucoup, monsieur!

But then the news gave me an idea of writing some new posts related to football. I started watching football when I was a teenager. It was in early 2000s, and that marked the new era for me because not only I started to understand what offside really is, but also that was the beginning of my adolescence. That includes my interest in the opposite sex.

I can’t remember the first guy that I had a crush on when I was a teenager, but I remember the time when my best friend asked me whether I was interested in guys and I said, “I am definitely interested in Matteo Brighi.”

Being a girl who somehow has faith in astrology myself Aquarius, I have always loved anything odd. That includes when we talk about football players that I liked during my adolescence.

Yes, Michael Owen is my very own reason why I could speak English today, but more than just Owen, I’ve got more less popular footballers that I had in mind.

I remember in the early 2000s, when I just found out how the world wide web worked, I had this imagination to create a website to talk about ‘hot football players’ from women’s point of view. I mean, I’ve been quite delusional at such an early age so yeah… But despite I got connected to the internet back in the days, I definitely didn’t know how to create a website.

Now that I’ve got my own blog, I think I could totally write about it. About the hot football players that I liked in early 2000s. Those that made me feel grateful that I knew them just so I could ensure people that I’m not asexual. Those footballers that made my girlhood tremble. 😛

So on this post, I’ll talk about these 11 players. Who are they?

1. Matteo Brighi

Matteo Brighi

If anything, I think everyone who knows me would know who Matteo Brighi is. Even those who don’t even like football. Why? Because I’ve been obsessed with this guy since the day 1.

Yes, he’s not even a big player. But he got the time of his life in early 2000s when he got transferred to Juventus from the club in his hometown, Rimini.

Not only that, I remember he won the award as the best Italian Young Footballer in 2001. And I remember the day when I actually stayed the night just so I could wish him playing for Parma back then.

That happened until he changed clubs several times, from Brescia to Roma and then Torino etc.

I even know that now he’s playing for Empoli. Definitely not the greatest player in Italian history, but then he’s that one player that made me so close to getting delusional like those K-Pop fans. 😛

2. Dario Simic

Dario Simic

Okay, so now you probably know by now that I’m obsessed with anything Croatian. And it’s fair to say that Dario Simic was probably the first Croatian guy that I genuinely I had a crush on.

Well, he’s not exactly an underdog player as if anything, he’s one of the legends in Croatian football history. He was a part of the squad when Croatia got in the third place of the World Cup 1998 in France. That was for international matches with the national football team.

At the club, he was a regular at AC Milan along with legends like Paolo Maldini and Clarence Seedorf during their golden age, though his name wasn’t in the lineup on the final of Champion’s League against AC Milan.

But all in all, he played some significant roles in the teams he played with. But then again, he’s not as legendary as… Luis Figo, for example. Hmm.

3. Brett Emerton

Brett Emerton

So, I know nothing about Socceroos, but I surely know about Brett Emerton.

I remember when Feyenoord won UEFA cup with Jon Dahl Tomasson, Shinji Ono and Van Persie as a part of the team, and also this very Australian. Van Persie and Emerton are still considered as potential young players, and I still found Brett Emerton quite hot despite his ugly hairstyle back in the days. Haha.

And since I didn’t have any access to Eredivisie, I was a little too excited when he got transferred to Blackburn Rovers. It was great because their apparel was often a little too tight to reveal the sexiness.

Despite the fact that I watched less football matches when he was playing for Blackburn, but I remember that I got really excited watching him in the Socceroos playing against Indonesian national football team. Didn’t make it to watch in the stadium though.

4. Gokhan Inler

Gokhan Inler

Despite the fact that I have stayed in Turkey several years ago, I was never really interested in Turkmen. And although he’s Swiss by nationality, his parents were originally from Turkey. So, maybe he’s the first Turk that I’m actually interested in?

Plus, he’s been always bald for as long as I could remember. It’s not everyday I could actually take some interest in some guys with no hair. Not that he’s gonna be interested in me, but you know what I mean… Haha.

Anyway, I got really excited when he later on had become the captain of Switzerland. Especially with the set of young players. I mean, it was so hard not to love Swiss team in Brazil 4 years ago, eh?! 😉

5. Niko Kranjcar

Niko Kranjcar

Matteo Brighi might have been the only one that got me delusional to the point of thinking raising a family and all that, but I have to admit that the hottest man of all is the one and only Niko Kranjcar.

The second Croatian on the list, because I can’t help my desire to Balkan men. 😛

I remember in the early 2000s, I actually subscribed to some football magazine and the first time I read about him was in this feature ‘rising stars’, his name was along with some names that you may be familiar nowadays: Robin Van Persie and Cristiano Ronaldo.

If you compare where he is right now compared to the former two, maybe you couldn’t just compare them apple to apple, but still he used to be one of the main key players for Croatian football team.

Also, seeing him and his dad during World Cup 2006 in Germany got me wonder how his mom looked like as Zlatko didn’t even look hot. Maybe it’s because he’s old? Anyway, I have no idea.

6. Diego Ribas da Cunha

Diego Ribas da Cunha

So I didn’t put Kaka on the list because despite what happened to him in Real, he’s still considered as a legend. And I caught an eye on him during World Cup 2002. That’s how fast my eyes react to hot guys. 😛

Plus, Kaka is the last human-being who won Balon d’or because after him, those two people are unreal. Haha.

But after Kaka era, I really thought Diego would make it big in Europe, because in his initial career for Santos, he looked so promising. He was indeed one of the rising stars.

Throughout the time, he didn’t even make it to the Brazilian national football team. And I think if Diego read this, despite being sorry for himself, I think he’s supposed to feel thankful for not being a part of 1-7 team against Germany as a host. 😛

7. Kim Kallstrom

Kim Kallstrom

I started to pay attention to Swedish National Team long before Zlatan made it to the starting line-up. I think I should be thankful for Fredrik Ljungberg, as being a Gooner myself, I just couldn’t help to pay attention to the whole team.

Not to mention that there are some Swedish players that I found hot back in the era like Magnus Hedman or Anders Svensson. HAHA.

In the mid-2000s, there’s another Swede that I found cute, and it was Kim Kallstrom.

You didn’t know how happy I was when he got transferred to Arsenal. Like, when 2 things that you love combined, that’s how ecstatic you would feel and that’s exactly how I felt when Kim Kallstrom left to Arsenal from Spartak Moscow.

That, after not so long before then I saw his picture on 9gag trying to summon a kid with Williams syndrome. I’m like, you can’t be both cute with a good heart but you are!!!

8. Eidur Gudjohnsen

Eidur Gudjohnsen

Call me lame, but I once found Eidur Gudjohnsen hot when he was playing for Chelsea along with Zola long before Abramovic came to the Blues. HAHA.

It’s very rare for me to think a blonde guy hot, but I think he was back in the days. And that happened long before Icelandic national team gained their popularity in the last Euro. Long before I even worked for an Icelandic company.

In fact, I was a little surprised when he came to play in the last Euro. I thought he was already retired, but as it turned out, nope…

He was still there, and I’m not sure if it’s because he’s still passionate about the game or it’s simply because Iceland lacks youth who’s interested in football. 😛

9. Helder Postiga

Helder Postiga

I think the last time I saw Helder Postiga was in Euro or some international competition, I can’t remember. And that was when my sister told me that I’ve got some kind of ‘patterns’ in term of men.

Yeah, they call ‘hot genes’, dumbass! 😛

But just like Brett Emerton and Blackburn Rovers, the first time I got my eyes on Helder Postiga was long long looooong before then. It was when he was partnered with Teddy Sheringham in Tottenham Hotspur.

Despite being a gooner, being a woman didn’t stop me from crushing on the Spurs players. I mean, to be fair, besides Helder Postiga, I totally think that Michael Carrick is a hottie. So I’m a fair lady! 😀

10. Ahmed Hossam Mido


In case you’re not familiar with this guy, Ahmed Hossam, known as Mido was an Egyptian player long before Salah came to help Liverpool raise from the almost-death.

Also, long before Zlatan was known with his sassiness, he’s got a partner-in-crime in Ajax: this guy.

A few years ago, I watch this Youtube video and I was actually laughing when I heard him trolling Van Der Meyde. But yes, I think Zlatan and Mido during Ajax golden era with Van Der Vaart cs, these two are the naughtiest.

And when Zlatan could call himself god nowadays, Mido was pretty much invisible. Hmm.

11. Marco Amelia

Marco Amelia

He was also the main goalkeeper of Azzurini, or the youth team of Italian National Football Team when they won the bronze Olympics in 2004. And he’s definitely good looking!

The competition in Italian time when you were in the shadow of a legend like Buffon might be harder for Amelia to actually break the wall.

And now that Buffon is retired, he isn’t anywhere in the main choice to replace Buffon’s spot. So, yeah… Bummer!

I know he used to play for AC Milan, but by then I didn’t watch football that often anymore so I’m not really sure whether his position at the team matter much.

11 Underdog Football Players in Early 2000s That Made My Girlhood Tremble - The BeauTraveler

So yeah, those are the 11 underdog football players that made me realize that I hit the puberty despite the fact that I wasn’t even interested in any of my boy friends back in the days.

Because when people were busy hitting puberty and hitting on their classmates, I was too busy being delusional imagining stuff like to change my name into Marya Brighi. 😛

How about you? If you love football, do you remember any of these players? Or do you even have any underdog football players that you found hot back when you were younger?! Let me know the name on the comment section, and cheerio! 😀

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