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Fast To Slow-Mo Travel a la Arimo

I hope you don’t start getting sick of reading my Wander Lover series. Because in the contrary, the more I have to write on the series, the more excited I am for a chance to travel more into other blogs and bloggers. 😉

And it’s 2018 already, so this post is gonna be the first series in 2018. Aren’t you excited?! *no with flat-faced*

Anyway, from all bloggers that I have featured, you know what kind of travel blogger that I haven’t featured on the series? Yup, a long-term solo traveler!

So, I am glad to get connected with Arimo, a full-time traveler who started his journey since May 2016. He is currently managing Arimo Travels with travel slightly combined with psychology niche. Sounds interesting, right?  Continue reading “Fast To Slow-Mo Travel a la Arimo”

Two Uniqorns Who Travel: Traveling With Pride Through LGBTQ!

Hello, beautravelers! 😀

I hope you’re not bored of my weekly feature on The Wander Lover Series: Worry. Story. Glory. Now that you’ve probably read some stories about those who like traveling in a group, as well as solo travelers and couple travelers.

But there’s something that I am still yet to talk about, and something I am going to talk about in this post: couple travelers from LGBTQ community.

That’s why, I was so excited that I found their blog by chance! 😀

I was initially contacting Michaela, one of the two traveling uniqorns to ask whether they would be interested to get featured on The Wander Lover Series. Lucky for me, because she’s up for it! 😀

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9 Gift Ideas For A Woman Who Loves To Travel (That I Wouldn’t Mind To Receive This Christmas)

I see that tomorrow is Black Friday, while at the same time it’s only a month before Christmas.

If anything, I think a lot of guys would have a hard time picking up gifts for the woman they love or care about if not they would be in a rush buying some necessary stuff before Christmas party just to disappoint their women later because they thought that these guys could have tried harder.

That, or I watch The Simpsons a little way too much that my example is only Homer. 😛

Are you that typical man who would make a change this year to actually give something that is rather thoughtful this Christmas? Is your lady into traveling like I do? Have you got a name that you’re not so close to for Secret Santa and you know for sure she’s always excited to travel to some new place? Or are you someone I know and considering to buy me gifts for either Christmas or my next birthday?

No worries, cause I have listed some gift ideas that you can find online so you don’t have to! 😉

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