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Europe at a Glance with INSIDR.CO

It’s always such a delight whenever I come across another blog or website whom I share the same goals with. Though we share the same purpose, it’s always as if getting fresh eyes and seeing things from a different perspective!

One of those platforms is INSIDR.co, a travel website aimed at publishing useful and up-to-date content on traveling in Europe. I’m excited to be sharing some articles of theirs that I think might be useful to my followers too!

So I’ve linked them all up for you to see them easily and like always, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts, or suggest content that you’d like to see covered. Anyway, here goes!

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Please Stay Single If You Can’t Be Open and Honest to Your Partner!

If there’s an event in my life that I wish I could just skip, I suppose that would be the part when I got cheated on. Back when I was in high school. Funny how it’s been years since it happened, yet I still find it hard to forget the feeling of getting betrayed by the person I trusted back in the days.

Fast forward to today, I’m 30 and not as naive as my 15-year-old self. These days, I often think that monogamy is overrated. But still, I think cheating is still unforgivable.

After all, I still think that an ugly truth is still way better than a beautiful lie.

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4 Steps To Take When You Consider Using Anti-Aging Products

In case you don’t know, despite the fact that I’m almost 30, people often think I’m way younger than my age. However, it’s not like I’m immune to anti-aging products, because like most women in my age, I also use it in the daily basis because that’s the best thing I could do to my face.

Also, apparently when people mistaking you to be younger, most of the time you just want to take it as a compliment and you just can’t help but grin. 😀

As I’ve joined some forum and groups where people mostly discuss about beauty and skincare, I figure there are some people who legit started using anti-aging products when they were teenagers.

Well, while some of you probably try to figure out when is the best time to start or consider using anti-aging products, I suppose I can share a bit of my beauty journey here.

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You Don’t Have to Force Yourself Into A Relationship Just Because Everyone Is In It

As you all probably know, I’m the frequent user of online dating sites. It’s been a couple of years ever since I first signed up on some sites that I’m a member of.

My take on dating sites has been fluctuating too, as in at first I was super excited to meet some new people and hang out. And then only use it for the sake of hooking up, until nowadays I basically just have it to see what I can get from it.

To be fair, the only reason why I feel like I need to keep it is simply that I, at some point, hope that I will meet somebody soon through those sites. Someone that is good enough with whom I can get along, and maybe create a future together.

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Review: Beautycounter Rejuvenating Set Skincare & No. 3 Balancing Facial Mask

Hi everyone! 😀

If you follow me on Instagram, perhaps you’re already familiar with Beautycounter as I’ve mentioned about it several times. So yessss, it’s about time to introduce you to this brand and the products through a complete review! 😉

I received the sample products from Crystal last month, but as I was also in the process to try on some new products from a local skincare, it took time for me to finally try out the Rejuvenating set skincare from Beautycounter that she sent me. As it turned out, the skincare that I tried out didn’t work so well on my skin and I had some breakout a few weeks ago from using it.

So after that, I decided to get back to the previous skincare set that I normally used just to neutralize the breakout before trying on the set from Beautycounter. Thank God it actually worked! 😀

And the reason why I finally tried the rejuvenating set recently was that as you probably know, I was traveling to Singapore last week. The sample size is so travel-friendly, so I figured that’d be easier to try on while traveling and so I did!

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