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Social Media Doesn’t Have to Ruin Your Travel Experience

People often point fingers at smartphones and social media for ruining travel experiences.

While it’s understandable that focusing too heavily on social media can introduce some negative effects in traveling, it’s important to understand that there are also many unique advantages to using websites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram when you’re out in the world.

So in this article, we’re going to explain some of the advantages of social media and why it doesn’t need to ruin your travel experience.

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3 Li(v)es I’ve Enjoyed Living on Social Media to Fool My Followers

Hello everyone! 😀

April Fools is approaching. And before you skip the post because you think I’ll fool you with some pranks, then nope… I’ve been fooling you for way too long that I don’t think I need to fool you one more time in what’s supposed to be a special day to fool people. *laughing high and dry*

Anyway, I suppose we have probably watched the video about InstaLie. You know, the video that has gone viral on Youtube where the content is pretty much about reality vs social media.

Well, I will talk about this on this post, although mind you… This would be a little personal, only for me and you! 😉

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Hail Facebook and Internet that Make Stalking Possible!

I just finished getting my eyebrow done when I checked my Facebook messenger and got a notification that there was some message request from a name that I had never heard before.

As I have joined a lot of groups on Facebook recently, at first I thought that this message was just from some creep on the group where we are members. But then when I decided to open a message, I was a bit confused because although I’ve never heard the name of the sender, his message makes it sound that he actually knows me.

He even wrote his Whatsapp number, which is Singaporean and asked me to hit him up.

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