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4 Steps To Take When You Consider Using Anti-Aging Products

In case you don’t know, despite the fact that I’m almost 30, people often think I’m way younger than my age. However, it’s not like I’m immune to anti-aging products, because like most women in my age, I also use it in the daily basis because that’s the best thing I could do to my face.

Also, apparently when people mistaking you to be younger, most of the time you just want to take it as a compliment and you just can’t help but grin. 😀

As I’ve joined some forum and groups where people mostly discuss about beauty and skincare, I figure there are some people who legit started using anti-aging products when they were teenagers.

Well, while some of you probably try to figure out when is the best time to start or consider using anti-aging products, I suppose I can share a bit of my beauty journey here.

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11 Most Awesome Airlines’ Flight Safety Videos (According to Some Cool Bloggers and Me)

Hi everyone! 😀

So, now you know that I used to work as a flight attendant at some point in my life, there’s one thing that has become my pet peeve ever since I started flying as one: flight safety demo.

Well, during my tenure as a flight attendant, I had to do all the safety demo since the flights that I operated rarely have the in-flight entertainment that actually worked.

But then it’s not exactly the awkward moment when everyone on the flight actually paid attention to me when I did the demo that got me to talk about it this time. It is the fact that people seem to take more attention when they could see the demo in person instead of the videos. When it comes to the in-flight safety demos, most people ignore it when it’s actually important to look at for the sake of everyone’s safety during the flight.

This got me an idea to collaborate with some other cool bloggers to compile the most interesting flight safety videos from various airlines. Those that are too awesome to ignore, so there we go! 😀

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Review: Spacepod@Com Kallang, Singapore

Hi everyone! 😀

As I mentioned last month about my plan for a short trip to Singapore for Arsenal, I’m back! And yes, I managed to travel light with just one trolley bag that weighed less than 10 kg for 3 days… And I also succeed to stay at a capsule hotel for my 2-night stay there.

While this might be something so normal for you guys, those were all my first times for me. So I’ve done a little progress by completing the mission. *lol*

Anyway, a few days ago I made a poll on my Instastory post and the result was that 80% of the voters chose the review of the capsule hotel where I stayed in Singapore instead of the new train from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. So, as I promised… Here I am writing a review of the capsule hotel, Spacepod@com! 😀

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