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Entrepreneur vs Social Media Influencer: Which Side Are You On?

Are you getting tired of the news about the #bloggergate news lately after the post of what’s supposed to be a ‘business e-mail’ sent by a blogger getting viral on a business’s fanpage?

Yup, this time I’m gonna talk about the phenomenon of The White Moose Cafe vs Elle Darby, and I know that I’m a little too late to the party because it was really hectic yesterday as my cat Disco got sick and I had to take him to the vet and cry all day. Now, he seems to get better little by little, so I’ve got some time to write.

Okay, so you’ve probably read the news about them all over the internet and even more, maybe you’ve already picked a┬áside between the hotel owner or the vlogger.

I’m a part of blogging community and a member of so many blogger groups so I’ve read a lot of responses from fellow bloggers, while at the same time I’m also a struggling entrepreneur. I hope my opinion is not bias, but being a bitch as I am, my sour ass could only tell you that both are wrong.

Why? Because I’m a brat who judges everyone just the same.

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Stop Calling Me A Whore… Or Don’t Stop At All.

It’s so hard to be a horny Indonesian woman.

I mean, throughout my life I get judged way too many times. Back when I was a teenager and I didn’t show any interests to any guys, one of my friends asked me whether I was lesbian.

Nowadays, when I’m 29 and open to any sex talk because I’m sexually active (well, sort of!), some people start eyeing me and calling me names. I’m totally okay with them calling me names, because I’m too old to get offended by snowflakes.

What I am not okay is someone who would play a ‘nice guy’ and tell me to ‘have some respect for myself.”

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Thou Shalt Not Followeth Thy Fuck Buddy On Social Media. Here’s Why!

I’ve never been the kind of person who would accept everyone’s friend request on Facebook. Let alone some random strangers who add me on Facebook, sometimes I even avoid being friends with some guys from work.

I like to keep my privacy so much in a way that sometimes my friends who added me on Facebook had to follow up in order for me to accept their request. I’ve got nothing to hide on my Facebook account, but I also don’t want some random people to know what kind of memes that I like, what issues that I care about and all that.

So then whenever I meet someone new either organically or through dating apps, despite the fact that I’m quite (if not very) active on my Facebook and any other social media account like Instagram etc, I never really wanted to connect with any of them through social media.

That’s why I made a big deal out of some random guy I slept with who suddenly messaged me on Facebook after like 1.5 years.

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