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Christmas Gift That Are Suitable For Anyone

Sometimes it can be hard to find a gift that has a personal touch, especially during the holidays.

Your list of people to find a Christmas gift for may seem endless. When you need some help to get through your list, read through this list of Christmas gifts suitable for anyone.

Whether it’s your neighbor, co-worker, mother or husband, these Christmas gift ideas will fit every relationship and age.

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What You Could Get In Vancouver For $10 – A Transit Day Pass to Explore the City!

Hello everyone! 😀

It’s the first week of October, how has October treated you so far?!

You see, as it’s the first week of October, I’m happy to tell you that the first series of this month would also be the first post covering a city in… Canada!

Yup, in case you haven’t noticed by now, ever since I started the series in February, I didn’t get a chance to collaborate with anyone to cover any city in Canada. So, I was really excited when Adelina from YVR Bucketlist approached me to cover Vancouver. 😉

I know, right?! How could I cover a local beauty product from Canada, yet never talk about any city in the country of beloved Justin Trudeau?

So, what’s up, British Columbia?!

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Some Things I’ve Learned from Being Almost 30 and Still Single

5 years ago, I would have pictured myself being someone’s wife and mother, boy was I wrong!

Last weekend, I went out for a drink with my girls. It was the three of us, and all of us are approaching the age of 30 and we’re all single too. We had a good time together, from going for some grocery to talking some random things about life.

That, until one of them, burst out the mystery that she has kept for years. It was about the end of her relationship with her long-term partner. She’s the kind of person who could have kept everything for herself forever, so I’m glad that she could open up even though it took years for her to move on and tell us what happened.

But then a wise person would tell you not to cry because it’s over. Instead, smile because it happened. And it’s true.

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