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What You Could Get In Singapore For $10 – Fill Your Tummy in Southeast Asia’s Most Expensive City!

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If you’re a frequent reader of my blog, I suppose you know one city-state that I’ve got a love-and-hate relationship with. Yup, Singapore it is!

You’re probably familiar with the nickname ‘singlepoor’ that I give to the city-state as it is the way Singapore makes me feel everytime I pay for a visit, be it for holiday or work. There are two airports in Southeast Asia that I cannot avoid when I travel around the region with budget airlines: SIN in Changi Airport, Singapore or KLIA/KLIA2 in Kuala Lumpur.

And frankly speaking, I would always focus on the flight through KLIA/KLIA2 for a transit as I consider it to be more budget-friendly for me. Being a price sensitive kind of traveler is hard, it’s especially harder when you have to deal with Indonesian Rupiahs as your main source of income.

From my point of view, $10 would get me far in Kuala Lumpur for a short overnight. But Singapore?! Not so much.

So, I’m glad that I got reconnected with Shi Hui from IreviewUread who has shared with us the Singaporean local beauty product Que Potion Lotion a few months ago. This time, instead of talking about beauty product, she will recommend how to spend your $10 USD in the city from a local point of view. So, off we go! 😀

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Here’s My Two Cents, But I Don’t Think You Should Pay For a Dating Site!

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Could you get the oxymoron part on the title of this post?!

Like I’m actually mentioning two cents, but then my suggestion is not to pay for something. I mean, isn’t it a genius?! #punintended

But anyway, my post today will be back to the dating scheme since I just realized that it’s been awhile since the last time I posted anything related to dating or any beau topic in general. Not gonna blame you though, it’s been months since the last time I went out for a date with some random strangers that I met through a free dating site.

In fact, it’s been awhile since the last time I checked some of dating site accounts that I’ve got on several platforms. But one thing that they’ve got in common: I don’t bother to pay extra for a dating site.

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How To Travel Smart in ASEAN Countries

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As you know, it’s pretty rare to find me writing a post with such a short title like this, but here I am. This time, I want to share some tips about how to travel smart in ASEAN countries because, who’s a better person to tell you if not me, someone who’s a part of the tribes?

And for those who are not familiar with ASEAN, then let me tell you a piece of my knowledge. ASEAN stands for the Association of South East Asian Nation, an intergovernmental organization in this part of the world. And no matter how our people say otherwise, we’re pretty much similar from one and another.

I mean, if we’re so different, then why the heck people looked at me as if I was a trashy Filipino who could barely speak Tagalog in Manila?

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