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Beauty on Borneo Trip: What I’ve Packed Beyond the Clothes to Borneo

Hello, everyone! 😀

So, today marks the first week I’ve been on the road in Borneo. I’m currently in Kuching, a city in Sarawak, the eastern part of Malaysia. My trip has been great so far, despite I had to deal with the heavy raining in some places that I visited. But overall, everything has been great for me.

As I made a poll a few weeks ago about whether I should post something about what I’ve packed for a month trip in Borneo and the response was positive, and now that I’ve got some time to kill after strolling around the city… Let me share with you what I’ve got!

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Cousins’ Short Getaway to Garut, West Java

Earlier this week, my cousins and I had a short getaway to Garut, a small town located around 1.5 hours from Bandung, my hometown.

There’s a saying that cousins are the very first friends we make, and they’re the only friends guaranteed to be there for the rest of our lives. Well, in my case, I’ve got Heri, the cousin that is closest to me as we practically grew up together.

Even nowadays when he lives at my parents’ house, I often joke that he will be the second in line when somebody need to dig my graveyard right after my brother. Yeah, my joke is that dark but well…

It was a real bummer that just a day before the day we planned out the trip to Garut, my cat has gone missing. I got mental breakdown but then the show must go on so I still went for the trip anyway.

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Travel Fashionably From Head To Toe Around South East Asia

In case you’re not familiar with my traveling style, my traveling style is something in-between a budget traveler and not-so luxurious one.

I mean, I’m totally fine with the idea of staying at a cheap motel with a small room as long as I could get a quality time through doing my makeup without any disruption. I’m not exactly the kind of person who would ask for a pic anytime I see a good stop for the ‘gram, but clothes and makeup are the essential things for me to travel comfortably.

I’m not exactly fashionable, as I’m kind of a sucker when it comes to the idea of mix and match things I’ve got in my clothes. However, I’m not exactly a t-shirt and jeans kind of person either.

So, if you could relate to the situation and you’re planning to travel around South East Asia, let me share with you the tips and trick on how to travel fashionably in this part of the world! 😉

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