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Some Things That People Don’t Tell You About Gaining Weight

“Oh my God, I’m getting fat.”

That’s the phrase that I heard way too many times as one fit lady from my previous work always complained about this every day.

Not that I’m being a sour ass lady as I’ve always been, but she was being a bitch for saying that when clearly I was a whole lot thicker than she was and she said it during lunch when she only had salad and I tried to enjoy the full course of Indonesian meals.

I mean, there should be a law to make this action illegal because not only it’s hurtful for┬áthose who are on my shoes, but it seems like this action is still supported by so many. Why? Because this kind of conversation is usually followed by some random skinny girl who would say, “Yes, I also need to get on diet.”

I was either surrounded by some ungrateful women, or it was just me being a sour bitch as I’ve always been.

Just like a mature lady, I never really talked back when this conversation came up? Not because I didn’t want to, but because I was secretly hoping these ladies could shut up so I could enjoy my food without this kind of obstacles.

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