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I’ve Never Been More Anxious Than When I Got A Sudden Call From An Old Acquaintance

In the midst of my Borneo trip, I got a few messages that got me slightly anxious. I often cringed hard to read when I suddenly saw the name of some old acquaintance on various messaging platforms. From the classic ol’ Whatsapp to Instagram Direct Message.

Frankly speaking, I’m not a big fan of getting in touch with an old acquaintance. I may come across as rude, but I feel like it’s not really necessary to keep in touch, especially when their life is no longer relevant.

Not just that, I’ve experienced some rather annoying experiences when it comes to trying to be nice with some people from the past.

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Christmas Travels: The Best Places for You to Spend the Holidays

In recent years, Christmas has become a global celebration, regardless of location or religion. Because of this, more people, including families, couples, and solo travelers alike, are choosing to spend the holidays away from home and somewhere new in the world.

The only issue with this plan is deciding on a destination. With so many beautiful towns and cities out there, all with their own traditions, events, and decorations, narrowing down your options can be tricky. To help you out a little, here are sixteen of the best places you could spend the holidays this year.

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Traveling with Friends: Will It Work?

If you are a seasoned solo traveler or you have spent every vacation as part of a couple or organized group tour, the thought of traveling with a group of friends can be daunting.

These are people who you have chosen to get to know, forge close relationships with and enjoy experiences with. However, as yet, you have never lived in one another’s pockets. Traveling allows you to get to know an individual on a whole new level.

You’ll see what your pals are like first thing in the morning, you’ll find out if they snore, what their eating habits are, if they are whiny or if they become bossy or stressed.

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