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4 Steps To Take When You Consider Using Anti-Aging Products

In case you don’t know, despite the fact that I’m almost 30, people often think I’m way younger than my age. However, it’s not like I’m immune to anti-aging products, because like most women in my age, I also use it in the daily basis because that’s the best thing I could do to my face.

Also, apparently when people mistaking you to be younger, most of the time you just want to take it as a compliment and you just can’t help but grin. 😀

As I’ve joined some forum and groups where people mostly discuss about beauty and skincare, I figure there are some people who legit started using anti-aging products when they were teenagers.

Well, while some of you probably try to figure out when is the best time to start or consider using anti-aging products, I suppose I can share a bit of my beauty journey here.

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What You Could Get In Queenstown For $10 – How to Explore an Overpriced City on a Budget

Back again at $10, yay… Happy Wednesday, everyone! 😀

So, if you asked me one of the countries that’s on top 10 bucket list to visit before I die, without hesitation I’d say New Zealand is one of them. Being a broke Indonesian myself, New Zealand sounds a little too dreamy. Like so close, yet so far…

I mean, geographically, the map of New Zealand is only a few centimeters away from here. But to get there for real though, with the necessity of visa application because of my weak passport and the idea of it being so expensive despite its beauty… God knows at what point in my life that I could afford to visit the country.

So, when Bailey from Destinationless Travel sent her piece on Queenstown for the $10 series, I was so ecstatic!

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Travel Fashionably From Head To Toe Around South East Asia

In case you’re not familiar with my traveling style, my traveling style is something in-between a budget traveler and not-so luxurious one.

I mean, I’m totally fine with the idea of staying at a cheap motel with a small room as long as I could get a quality time through doing my makeup without any disruption. I’m not exactly the kind of person who would ask for a pic anytime I see a good stop for the ‘gram, but clothes and makeup are the essential things for me to travel comfortably.

I’m not exactly fashionable, as I’m kind of a sucker when it comes to the idea of mix and match things I’ve got in my clothes. However, I’m not exactly a t-shirt and jeans kind of person either.

So, if you could relate to the situation and you’re planning to travel around South East Asia, let me share with you the tips and trick on how to travel fashionably in this part of the world! 😉

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