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10 Inspiring Women Travelers and Stories Behind Their Journey

Happy International Women’s Day!

As you may have probably noticed from my blog, I’m trying to infuse my girly touch on my blog. And I’d love to cover stories from other women just so I could show you that everyone has their own battle. Not just that, but also to show you their fighting spirits.

Honestly, now that I think about it… If you want to fight effectively, instead of telling yourself to man up, you should tell yourself to fight like a girl.

So, in celebrating the women’s day today, I decided to connect with some other fellow women travelers to get to know them. To find out what’s the story behind their journey. And I’m super excited to share this to you all, in the hope their stories could inspire you the way they do me.

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MASWings Review from Miri to Bario: Flying with Twin Otter for the First Time

Hi everyone!

I really overestimated my ability to finish the rest of my Borneo trip series. It’s been almost 4 months ever since I came back, and I only finished up to my Miri journey so far.

But no worries, because sooner or later, I’m committed to sharing everything with you. I hope the complete series of my Borneo trip would be able to help anyone who’s keen to start their journey on the island. One big island, with three different countries that are definitely worth to explore.

And this time, I’m gonna write about my experience to fly with MASWings for the first time. MASWings is the regional community airline which provides services throughout East Malaysia states, Sabah and Sarawak in Borneo.

I flew with them when I departed from Miri, heading to Bario. Not only was it my first time to fly with them, but also it marked the first time I flew with a small aircraft like Twin Otter. And therefore, I’m so keen to share it with you. 🙂

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What You Could Get in Krakow for $10 – When in Poland, Would You Choose Milk or Vodka?

If I looked back to when I got the first exposure of Poland, I think it was the fact that our flags are similar in terms of colors. The only difference is that Polish flag is basically the upside down version of Indonesian flag. No kidding, there was some antic happening during some sports event in the past few years about these flags.

Started in Kuala Lumpur 2017, where SEA Games 2017 was held and the host produced a booklet with Polish flag instead of Indonesian one in the content. Fast forward to 2018, during IAAF World U20 in Finland, no one predicted our sprinter Zohri would win to the point no one prepared our flag. And guess whose flag was used in the end? Of course, Polish flag it was!

Well, enough with the Indo-Polish flag similarity, because now on the $10 series this week, I’m going to cover one of the cities in Poland: Krakow. Now, now… Thanks to Deeptha and Bhavin from The Globe Trotter.

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