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Similarities and Differences of Dating in Our 20s vs 30s

It’s been a few months since my 30th birthday. Recently, I got a message from Shi Hui asking me for details on my dating life since she found out that I’m dating a Singaporean guy. And at the time, she suggested me to start writing on a post about what makes dating in my early 30s different than my 20s.

I figure it’s actually a brilliant idea. There are so many things to talk about when it comes to the differences, either from within or the external situation. So, now that I’m honestly running out of the ideas what to write next now that I’ve finished my Borneo trip post… Here comes the post about dating in our 20s vs 30s!

So, what are the similarities? And what things that make one different than the other?!

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Please Stay Single If You Can’t Be Open and Honest to Your Partner!

If there’s an event in my life that I wish I could just skip, I suppose that would be the part when I got cheated on. Back when I was in high school. Funny how it’s been years since it happened, yet I still find it hard to forget the feeling of getting betrayed by the person I trusted back in the days.

Fast forward to today, I’m 30 and not as naive as my 15-year-old self. These days, I often think that monogamy is overrated. But still, I think cheating is still unforgivable.

After all, I still think that an ugly truth is still way better than a beautiful lie.

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